James Larkin the Irish Workers’ Activists

As an Irish organizer for labor workers, he has become known as an activist amongst the Irish people. He even has a Wiki page about his life. He was born in Liverpool, England in 1876 on the 21st of January.

James Larkin lived as a Marxist helping Irish workers and tried to repeat that in the United States. He ended up getting deported. His beginning was based on knowing what it’s like to be a laborer.

That action didn’t get him down though. It actually made him more determined to continue his work to help other laborers. That’s exactly what he did. He founded the Irish Labor Party after a strike that had gone on for approximately eight months.

By World War 1, he led anti-war demonstrations. So he organized many anti-government protests that he was accused and convicted of criminal anarchy. He was also accused of being a communist. Anyone that studied Marxist papers would easily see that. It finally came to a head.

Seen as a revolutionary and far more important to Irish labor than the Easter Rising, Larkin was a true leader. He was a person that changed the Irish people’s life forever. It changed him too, but you never would have known. It looked like he was simply born to be a revolutionary. It was simply who he always was in his life. Sadly, he passed in Dublin, Ireland on January 30, 1947.

What we can learn from Larkin is the drive of anyone who has goals. Change is only possible with true sacrifice. That sacrifice can be truly life changing because it is all about change.

Nobody wants to admit that things are bad when they are happening. Then one day it becomes unbearable. That natural instinct is what he used. It led him to become what he was and it created a whole new thing. Here’s what he called for.

– Eight hours a day of work for everyone.

– Everyone gets a job.

– Pensions for all works

– Everyone gets some land.

– Everyone has roads that are managed by the state.

These start out pretty normal, but take a deeper look. It’s good for your country to have all of those things. It removed crime significantly, and it helps to make sure that people feel better and work better.

It’s interesting to think about. It really makes you wonder what the United States has been thinking over the last few years with part time employment at three different jobs to even make it in life.

People think that they have the perfect country here in America. Think about the last recession. Now think about who James was. Why was he looked at as a menace? What he wanted for the Irish people was equality and suffrage.

He accomplished that for his people. Like an Irish Moses, he led his people through a battle against the people in charge. His accomplishments were impressive. Few know about him in the United States. They should though after what he accomplished. He changed a lot of lives for the better.

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