The Achievements of Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a renowned Israeli who served as the ambassador to the United Kingdom as from the year 2011 to the year 2014. He was appointed by the Queen of England to represent the country. The queen for sure knew the UK and Israeli would be united as long as they entrusted Daniel Taub to do it.

Taub still remembers when he presented his resume to the queen. He was convinced that he was the best man for the job. Being a staunch Jew and having lived and worked in England gave him the best perspective about both countries.

Therefore, he was even willing to lose his citizenship to a country where his ancestors had immigrated to. Instead of being negative about this, he stated that going back to Israeli gave him an opportunity to expose his children to the rich culture of Jews.

Being very passionate about Israel is one thing that made him an outstanding ambassador. And, even when he was exiting his seat, he still talked of how Israel and Britain could benefit if they fostered a relationship.

His argument is that if Jews have positions in diaspora and within, then it is a win for the country. He also advised for the Labor Parties of both countries to work together. This is because he had noted that they had so much in common and by collaborating, both sides would emerge stronger.

Other than his presentation, Taub was appointed for the ambassador position due to his education qualifications. He is a graduate of University College, Oxford. Also, he holds a degree from University College, London and the renowned Harvard University.

In the year 1989, Taub had moved back, to his motherland, to work in the army. Initially he worked as a combat medic in the Israel Military Forces. This was before President Chim Herzog appointed him to work as his personal speechwriter.

Three years after being in the country, he joined the Israeli foreign ministry. During his tenure in the ministry, he held a number of positions including diplomatic, political and legal posts.

During his time working in the Israeli foreign ministry, he is known to have played a very large role in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Also, he was involved in the Israel-Syrian negotiations. Additionally, he negotiated the entry of Magen David Adom into the International Red cross Community.

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