Mike Baur: His contribution in supporting technological startups

Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) are two popular companies in Switzerland. Mike Baur is the founder and the managing partner of Swiss Startup Factory. Before starting up the venture he had successfully run a career in the banking sector that saw him work for some of the well-established companies in Switzerland. He has worked for both the Clariden Leu and the UBS. It is after leaving the banking sector that he co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Mike started as a jury member in a startup pitching contest held at the Saint Gallen University. He then became deputy managing director at CTI. During his tenure at CTI, they had a partnership program with the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur has been featured by major publications in the world that have clearly demonstrated his achievements since joining the banking sector.


Today Mike Baur mainly engages mainly in the responsibility of financing and fundraising for start-up ideas. Together with his partners, Mike has seen the company mentor thousands of start-ups through their three-month accelerator program. The participants are mentored and coached on how to grow a startup and see it move to another level of success. It is unfortunate that most startups die from lack of mentorship and requisite knowledge required to run them. This is the reason Mike Baur saw it necessary to offer his knowledge and experience in managing businesses to those who lacked it.


The Swiss Startup Factory gives participants a chance to interact with the investors and big players in the field of technology. From the program, small startups can be able to seek assistance and advice on the steps they should undertake for them to succeed. Also available from the program is the chance for the best ideas to be scrutinized by investors and the best once financed. Therefore it is not only about the theory, participants are taken through the practical experience of managing a business.


Swiss Startup Factory is mainly concerned with start-ups that are based on technological issues. This has therefore seen technology companies come up in large numbers in Switzerland and the effect has been a technologically advanced country that Switzerland is today. Participants of the accelerator program are given a one on one interaction with the experienced entrepreneurs to lay their case. The idea of boosting technological startup has affected the youth in a huge way especially in the creation of jobs and also seen the young generation invest their time into conducting technological research.

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