Classdojo is an Interactive Application Designed to Make Better Connections Between Parents and Educators

There has been a lot of newsworthy buzz around some new educational apps. One new application is designed to establish better communication between educators and parents. This application is called Classdojo. In light of this, some people might want to know exactly what is Classdojo. The Classdojo application was specifically designed to make use of the type of technology used today by both adults and children. This led to the creation of an application that could be used across various digital platforms including those found on most smartphones. The app also incorporates cute and colorful characters to help engage the interest of school-aged children.

Not only does the Classdojo app allow children to create avatars using an array of animated characters, but it also allows them to earn and track what are referred to as dojo points. This makes the application a more powerful classroom management tool for teachers who want to help their students learn the value of appreciation through empathy. Depending on the classroom objective, a teacher is capable of awarding achievement points to individual students as well as groups. The Classdojo app also provides a better platform for teachers to keep track of each student’s performance and behavior levels.

The Classdojo application increases the communication between teachers and parents through the use of data transfer. The application can remain open all day long, allowing teachers to share information with both students and parents instantaneously. Teachers also have the ability to create detailed reports for parents through the app, which could then be emailed. Parents also have the ability to access the activities going on in the classroom throughout the day, so they feel more connected to their children. They are also able to view their children’s individual accomplishments or interactions through the Class Stories section of the app.

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