A New Tool in the Fight Against Cancer

Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA), Nanithealth and Allscripts are uniting all their electronic information to create one platform that cancer doctors and patients can access to see the latest information regarding the treatment of cancer. It will be called Clinical Pathways.

Dr. George Daneker, the Chief Medical Officer at CTCA at Southeass tern Regional Medical Center says hat Clinical Pathways will chow cancer patients and doctor all cancer treatment.. When new data is created regarding cancer, it will be entered into this platform. Cancer will be able to choose what is the safest and most efficient treatment for them.

Using Allscripts Sunrise EHR (electronic human record) and NanitHealth’s technology, platform can bring together all the information cancer research,, regimens and complementary therapies. At the touch of a button, an oncologist (cancer doctor) can look up all the cancer protocols that are needed when the patient comes to the hospital.

CTCA is based in Boca Raton, Florida and was created when five hospitals came together to form a network to fight cancer. CTCA believes in an integrated approach to fighting cancer. They want to make while they are treating a patient, they still have a good quality of life. They want to make sure that the patient can physically and emotionally get through the treatments.

Cancer is a harsh disease and the side effects of the treatments are almost as harsh as the disease itself. CTCA wants to make sure that the body and soul of the patient can survive the experience.

A cancer patient can access CTCA hospitals in Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Tulsa and Phoenix. CTCA hospitals are very highly rated US hospitals. These hospitals ensure that the patients and their loved ones with as much information as possible about their cancer treatment and that the patients as well as the loved ones can actively participate in the treatment options.

This new platform from CTCA and other organizations will be a valuable tool in the fight against cancer

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