Lime Crime’s New Dye for Dark Hair

Ever since Doe Deere first started Lime Crime, she has been doing what she can to make the extraordinary doable. She doesn’t believe people should be boring just because that’s what society has told them to do. Instead, she wants people to be who they think they are. All of her products match this mission so she can help everyone have an idea of what they can do to make their lives better. She believes the way a person looks is an expression of their personality so her beauty line matches that belief. She does what she can to show people they will be able to be the best person they can be if they are putting their personality out there. It is part of what has made her so successful in the past. She hopes it will continue to make her successful.

All of the things that are in the Lime Crime line are made to be bold. The company focuses on bright colors. From palettes to lipstick and even bright white foundation, Doe Deere knew just what people needed. She even came up with ideas for hair dye so she could help people have the hair they have always dreamed of having based on the things they were doing. She wanted to make sure everyone understood what they were doing to make their own lives better through the hair colors they had. The only problem with this was it only worked on hair that was a light color.

Doe Deere knew Lime Crime needed to offer something for brunettes. The idea came when she decided to include everyone. Now, the hair dye they are offering is the first of its kind. It is made for brunette people who want to have bold and “unnatural” blue colored hair. There is a purple color, a green color, a blue and a pink-hued dye. All of these dyes will work best on dark hair and they provide a rich look to what most people are used to seeing. It is different from the brightly colored dye the company offers to those who have light hair.

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