Equity First Holdings provider of alternatives to shareholder finances in Australia

Equity First Holdings provides alternatives to shareholder finances. Its location is in Sydney Australia. It is an Australian subsidiary. The company is thrilled to announce their transaction with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited. The funds provided are going to be used for new major development projects located in India.

Environmental Clean Technologies is a Melbourne-based company, which specializes in Coal Beneficiation iron creation technologies. Their listing on the Australian Stock Exchange is under ticket symbol ASX;ESI.

Equities First Holdings is a licensed company based out of Sydney. They have a satellite office located in Melbourne and Perth. The company has been providing customers alternative financing since 2002. They lend out capital secured by the public traded stock that helps clients meet their personal financial goals. Equities First Holdings is a provider of capital against shares, which are traded on public exchanges all around the world. They have made over 700 transactions since they started. This has allowed them to offer their customers low fixed interest rates larger loan to value.

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