Getting to Know Felipe Montoro and His Contribution to the Finance Sector

Felipe Montoro lent his expertise to French Tribune where he went to talk about the progress of Brazil’s private industry.The finance world requires a number of skills and experience in order for one to thrive in it. There are different people working in finance, and they are located in different areas of the world. There are different fields in the finance sector including banking, secured lending, investments, and acquisitions. The people working in investment have to ensure that the stocks and money of the investors are secured. In some instances, the clients are large corporations, multi-billion dollar companies, and even business leaders.

In that respect, Montoro is one of the most respected finance professionals. He serves as the chief executive officer of Energizer Captacao. His expertise in finance is in investment. He has also been a director at Santo Antonio Energia. He was appointed to serve as Braskem’s director in 2010 where he served until 2013. He has served on several boards as a member and has been chairman to Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Districto Federal.

His specialty is in infrastructure. This explains why he gave his views on the partnership of the government of Brazil. The national bank for economic and social development His concern has always been on the high waste levels in the state. According to his this is a simple way of taking away the economic wealth in that particular state. It is, therefore, a serious issue that needs to be handled. The basic sanitation enhancement will help stop draining their financial resources.

Felipe Montoro Jens has made a mark in the finance world, especially in Brazil. His ways of living is a life to emulate especially if a business is looking to make strides in the world of investments.Everyone that knows who he is appreciates his skills as they come.

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