“Fabletics: Providing Style and Flair to the Fitness Industry”

Fabletics is one of industries biggest front-runners selling trendy fitness apparel. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler teamed up with major performer Kate Hudson when the company was established back in 2013. It has been a tremendous hit ever since. Both men, having had extensive experience in the e-commerce trade, came up with the idea when they realized there was great need for quality affordable exercise apparel. At that time, only expensive workout and leisure wear was being offered that the average middle income families could not afford to invest in. Having the foresight to see an opportunity in the marketplace to meet this need, Ressler and Goldenberg have had enormous success. So big has Fabletics become, the duo has opened up other online sister shops as well that include JustFab, FabKids, ShoeDazzle and Fabletics.


Fabletics is a membership based company. A patron interested in purchasing some of Fabletics many stylish apparel or accessories pays $39.95 each month and this affords the subscriber to accrue credits that can be exchanged for goods. Fabletics has a highly customizable website that saves previously purchased data and preferences that in turn, help the user’s next shopping experience by offering like items. At the time of registration, a person fills out a questionnaire concerning their dislikes, likes and partialities. At the start of each new month, a fashion stylist will hand-pick items that reflect the options the customer chose at sign–up. The customer in return has the choice to approve the suggestion, request more selections or skip without any expense to the patron. Each credit that given to a person’s account can be redeemed for one ensemble and it never expires. Fabletics literally has millions upon millions of patrons from all over the world.


Athletic wear, such as leggings and sports bras, have become the normal standard for day to day wear. No longer does society see formal wear as the traditional apparel of choice. With all of the fantastic styles now available in the fitness industry, such as Fabletics clothes, looking great while still being comfortable is a viable option. Kate Hudson knows this and applies the ideals of comfort and style into the fitness line she designs for Fabletics. Statistics show that over forty five billion dollars is paid every year in the United States on leisure and athletic apparel. The fitness industry is a very large market and Fabletics has grown so large they now have stores in over seven countries including the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, Canada and the United Kingdom. To date, there are 22 locations in America alone with plans of opening up new brick and mortar locations in the near future. Kate Hudson has been very vocal about her passion for Fabletics and how devoted she is to the company’s operations and providing women with exactly what they want within a reasonable price range. Having children of her own has inspired Kate to meet the needs and challenges of women everywhere.

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