How White Shark Media Really Could Help Your Small Business

There’s a lot of debate in the e-commerce community about whether or not a small business should use Google AdWords or other PPC advertising platforms, and one reason it’s often argued against is because it costs small business owners money that they might not see a return on. However, there’s a lot of advantages that PPC and search engine marketing have that you usually won’t find with regular SEO and other marketing. You can target customers easier geographically and if you pay a little extra, you can even retarget them. Also, PPC marketing can get your website to the top of search results within minutes and doesn’t take days or weeks like regular SEO marketing. But White Shark Media can do even more with it that could not only save but actually make more money for you.

White Shark Media has experts who know how much you should bid on specific keywords without overpaying for them. They’ve helped many businesses who were seeing low traffic volumes and sales numbers turn them around by spending less on AdWords and seeing a higher ROI in their budget reports. They know how to track leads, look at campaign performances in-depth and tell you what certain numbers mean. They’re also found in the Google SMB partners directory which is a listing that only companies adhering to strict marketing standards can be listed in.

White Shark Media has also taken previous customer complaints into consideration and used them to improve their services. They no longer look to make customers start from scratch if their current AdWords are doing well, and customers can even choose to keep working on a current AdWords account if it’s easier to do so. To better explain how their system works, White Shark Media offers a free no obligation evaluation where they review your current AdWords and share how they could improve them.

Jeunesse Global Product Review


Jeunesse was founded on the principles of youth. Their mission is to keep both clients and employees young, and using a state of the art Y.E.S. system, this is easily attainable. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis ceased retirement to found Jeunesse, and today, the company has expanded to over twenty nations worldwide. This global movement has received international recognition for a strong basis and a dedicated team of professionals. In the coming years, look for Jeunesse to expand even further and take their vitalizing products to the next level. Learn more about Jeunesse Global at

Instantly Ageless:

Instantly Ageless is a tried and tested anti-wrinkling product. Within minutes of applying the cream, the user will feel and look refreshed. When applied to the face, wrinkles are vanquished and the skin naturally unfolds. When applied to the rest of the body, pores disappear as Instantly Ageless moisturizes the surrounding area. Clients can use Instantly Ageless in the morning and the evening.

Zen Bodi:

Zen Bodi is a system that is truly unique to Jeunesse Global. It reduces your appetite, burns fat, and generates muscle while keeping your ecosystem in balance. This is revolutionary, as other weight-loss products tend to disturb the natural balance of the body. Zen Bodi uses naturally found ingredients to enhance your diet. This is a fantastic supplement to a full program, and it is best taken at night before a wholesome night of sleep. In addition, special measures have been taken to ensure that the individual still maintains an appetite for natural foods. Follow Jeunesse Global on Facebook.


Nevo is Jeunesse’s latest energizer. This 50 calorie drink is perfect on the go, and with a variety of flavors, there is something for everyone. The drink fuels, hydrates, and refreshes your body. If you are tired after a long day of work, grab a bottle of Nevo and set yourself up for an evening jog. It is important to note that Nevo is not oversaturated with sugars, which means you can drink it freely and frequently.


The Secret To Troy McQuagge’s Success In The Insurance Industry

Sales might just be one of the toughest nuts to crack in the world of business. As every business professional that is worth their salt knows it is difficult to have a company that will survive the push and pull nature of the world of business without a strong sales division or a leader who does not appreciate the importance of what salespeople do. It is hard to figure out what exactly will keep a client or a customer returning year after to year to make the decision to purchase a company’s services or products. Because clients can often be very busy it can be hard for a salesperson or their employer to ensure that they stay at the front of a customer’s mind. Sales strategies can never remain static. They must always be reviewed and adjusted so that they can have the maximum impact and desired outcome in the marketplace. There are few executives who understand how important it is to prioritize sales like Troy McQuagge does. Follow Troy McQuagge on Twitter.

Troy McQuagge is currently serving as the president and chief executive officer of the insurance company USHEALTH Group, Inc. In addition to holding senior leadership roles at USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy also serves as as a member of the insurance company’s board of directors. As an insurance executive Troy McQuagge has demonstrated his ability to provide the leadership and management expertise that is necessary to keep a company’s revenues high. Before he became the chief executive officer and president of USHEALTH Group, Inc. he worked as the president of a company that is known as Health Markets.

During his tenure as the president of Health Markets Troy McQuagge would demonstrate his ability to implement a strategy that would yield results for the company he led. When Troy was still serving as Health Markets’ president he was able to lead the company to the milestone of garnering more than $1 billion in sales. The company’s exceptional sales record that year caught the attention of entities such as the Stevie Awards and Selling Power Magazine. According to a report Health Markets was awarded the Sales Organization of the Year Award from these organizations. Troy has led businesses like Health Markets to become recognized by their peers in industry and has also done work that has garnered him awards as well. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge.

Troy McQuagge was recently able to take home the Gold CEO of the Year Award at the One Planet Awards. The One Planet Awards is an award-giving body that recognizes excellence in various industries. Among the many professionals that were considered for the Gold CEO of the Year Award Troy McQuagge was able to win because of his work as USHEALTH Group, Inc.’s president and chief executive officer. In a statement he noted that he felt that the award belonged to the entire team at USHEALTH Group, Inc.



Whether It’s For Term Or Permanent Coverage, Freedom Life Insurance Is A Popular Company

When it comes to purchasing life insurance, many people are unsure of the differences between term life insurance and permanent life insurance. An informative article from the Insurance Information Institute explains the differences between the two types of policies, and how to choose the appropriate coverage.

For parents who are concerned with having enough money to cover the costs of their young children’s college educations in the future, term life insurance is recommended by the authors of the article. Because term life insurance allows consumers to purchase insurance for specific amounts of time, a 20-year term policy might be just right in such a situation.

Term life insurance is also recommended for people who are seeking economical plans that offer large amounts of coverage. Although term life insurance has plenty of advantages for the consumer, cash savings through the building of equity is not usually provided.

People that require life insurance for the length of their entire life, are better off with a permanent life insurance policy, say the authors of the I.I.I. article. While it is common for permanent life insurance premiums to be higher-priced than term premiums, the price of these premiums stays the same, regardless of the policy-holder’s age.

Another advantage offered by choosing a permanent life insurance policy is the accumulation of tax-deferred cash savings. These funds can be borrowed upon, using the policy’s death benefit as collateral, and can even be used to pay the premiums for the policy or virtually any other purpose.

A good example of a reputable life insurance company to do business with is Freedom Life Insurance.

Whether it be term or permanent-style coverage that is desired, Freedom Life Insurance is a respected American company that provides consumers with several different types of policies. Founded in 1956, Freedom Life Insurance is a Fort Worth, Texas-based company that is affiliated with the prominent American healthcare company USHEALTH Group, Inc.


Tricks on Choosing the Best USHEALTH Group Insurance

Employees in companies all over the United States open up to numerous emails, fill numerous forms, and sit out to listen to the presentations of Human Resource regarding insurance groups. Whether one is becoming eligible for it for the first time, or given the option for adjustment during the enrollment periods, the information does not really get less painful or more exciting. However, dedicating your time to selecting the best USHEALTH Group insurance is a very important decision. Selecting the insurance group to cater for your health and that of your family represents one of the most sensitive decisions.

Most people spend lots of time reviewing various group health insurance policies, but the most important aspect that is constantly ignored by most people is paying close attention to the policies. Policies vary from one insurance group to another. Selecting the one that you consider most suitable for you is key. After the end of the enrollment period, it is usually difficult for one to effect any changes on the plan. This means that in case of changes in income, one would need to petition in order to make their adjustment.

When selecting the USHEALTH Group insurance to serve your health insurance needs, do not let the prices they offer be the main driver of your choices. Choosing the cheapest price is one of the major mistakes that most people make when it comes to the selection of an insurance group. However, examine the coverage options of the plan as well as how long it lasts. A cheap plan is usually not comprehensive and covers you for only a short term.

Examine Dollar Maximum per lifetime policy prior to making the choice of which insurance group is better placed to meet your needs. Some groups would rather not set limits on the claims of individuals; they, thus, reduce the amount of coverage on each claim that one has for the rest of their life. This means that one would be covered for the rest of their lives, but the amount due at the end of the plan would be less.

Examine your need for worldwide coverage prior to reaching at a decision on health insurance group for you. If you do not travel on a regular basis, this aspect of health insurance would not be appealing to you. However, many jobs have been requiring people to travel across the globe, and this validates the need to have an insurance coverage that will address these needs.

Some insurance groups only provide such services to its client on an emergency basis. However, when you are struck by a foreign flu, you would wish that the plan was not offered to you on an emergency basis. However, if you are traveling on once a year basis, it would be affordable for you to purchase health insurance for only that date that you are traveling.


Meaningful Retirement Plan by David Giertz

Retirement is the other phase of life after employment. David Giertz advises that one needs to have the necessary basics before entering into the retirement. Mr. Giertz asserts that it’s good to have financial stability during retirement. Regardless of the huge paycheck, it’s not easy to estimate how much money one requires to cover the retirement period. Be best idea as David claims is saving one’s income into retirement accounts. This will facilitate a smooth transition from employment to retirement.

Mr. Giertz advices that,viable investment leads to financial dependency. This is because it earns one extra income. What is important is for one to consider the period to invest and how to invest. According to Mr. Giertz, smart investment decision is the foundation of various tips.

The first thing that David advices people is for them to be aware of the approaching retirement. He also claims that for one retire early, one need to save at least 33 times his or her annual income every year. Secondly, the best retirement plan is having a flexible plan. According to him, saving money in an account that does not charge extra penalty for immature withdrawal is the best plan.

David Giertz idea of investing is having a secure financial plan. David Giertz held positions of a senior Vice President of Nationwide Financial Distribution. He also held the position of the president of nationwide distribution agent. When he was the President of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution Organization, he expanded operations from$11 billion to $17.8 billion.

From 2004, he led the Financial Bank Channel and in 2009 it was expanded to include the Warehouse Distribution Channel. Under his leadership, he was able to increase the revenue from $1.5 to $8 billion. He’s also actively involved in various community organizations.

Dr. David Samadi’s Exemplary use of Robotic Surgery to Treat Cancer

Dr. David Samadi, the present chief of Robotic Surgeries at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, was born in 1964 in Iran and brought up in Persia. He attained his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Stony Brook University and later Dr. Samadi joined the Stony Brook School of medicine where he studied his M.D and graduated 1994. Following his graduation, he joined the Montefiore Medical Centre and Albert Einstein College of medicine to pursue his postgraduate training on the same. His strong ambition, determination, and drive is the essence of his desire to help people fight cancer which he started at an early age. When Dr. Samadi finished a proctology fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center in 2001, he started a fellowship in robotic radical prostatectomy at Henri Mondor Hospital in France.

Dr. Samadi has completed more than 7000 prostrate surgeries to date, and through Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment (SMART), 90 percent of the patients he has treated are cancer free. He has performed operations on cancer in over 45 countries. Dr. Samadi has also practiced at numerous esteemed institutions in the US not to mention Columbia Presbyterian hospital and Sinai School of Medicine in 2007; he was appointed the vice chair of the Department of Urology. Dr. Samadi has been a professor of urology at Hofstra Shore-LIJ school of medicine. Ina addition, he is a certified associate of the American Urological Association (AUA) and the American Medical Association (AMA).

Dr. Samadi has intelligently committed his passion to early detecting, diagnosing, and treating of prostate cancer. He doesn’t stop at this; he was the host of a TV show called “Sunday Housecall” on medical advice in 2011 -2016. He also launched a radio show and a website – in order to dispense health advice and information to the whole world. Dr. Samadi’s primary area of interest is research on alternative medicines, new technologies in the medical area, heart diseases and other health issues associated with men.

Dr. Samadi recently answered some questions in an interview. According to him, he always wished to be a doctor; he says that he career was inspired by the new advances in robotic operations which are less aggressive than straight surgical processes and procedures. Dr. Samadi states that he acquired his first patient when he introduced the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment which many men were interested in trying out. According to him, their main aim was to evade the usual side effects of the conventional prostate surgery which includes impotence and incontinence.

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Troy McQuagge’s Unprecedented Leadership at USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group LLC. Before joining USHEALTH Group LLC, he used to serve at Allstate where he participated in many departmental roles including leadership. Besides, this was at the beginning of his career so he had to do what any other young and hardworking employee would do. Additionally, Troy McQuagge also influenced the growth of Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. through his hard work and constant commitment to achieving the firm’s goals.

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His ambitions and endless passions began when he joined college. During his studies, he committed himself to ensuring that his efforts paid off. At the University of Central Florida where Troy McQuagge enrolled, he pursued an undergraduate degree in Legal Studies under the faculty of Arts.

In a recent news publication, Troy McQuagge was named by One Planet Awards as the Gold Winner due to his excellent managerial skills at USHEALTH Group. One Planet Awards was formed with an aim of appreciating business leader across the globe after accessing their performance. The performances of these CEO’s reflect in the profit hat their companies make after annual sales of their products and services. Thus, Troy McQuagge being awarded The Best Chief Executive Officer of the Year.

For organizations and companies to contest for the accolades, they are expected to make applications which are approved through nominations by the officials of One Planet Awards. The laurels can be competed for by any organization in the world regardless of whether they operate as private or public entities. The companies that go for the nomination include both charitable organizations and those that run profitable businesses. For One Planet Awards, it really doesn’t matter if the firms operate as small scale or large scale. Entrepreneurs who are accomplishing success with their start-ups are also free to take part.

During their recent event, Troy McQuagge appreciated One Planet Award for honoring him with the prestigious accolade. He was privileged to be recognized as the world’s CEO. Humility and selflessness being his most valued attributes he took the laurel to USHEALTH Group LLC and celebrated the successful achievement with his employees. Since his first involvement with USHEALTH Group, he has had the support of his employees and USHEALTH Advisors. Thus, it was only fair that their share in the celebrations.

Under his able leadership, USHEALTH Group has realized unmatched successful achievements and he is positive that the company is destined for greater opportunities. Despite the stiff competition in the health insurance industries, Troy McQuagge is confident that the company will make it. One of the profitable approaches that he has invented at USHEALTH Group is the provision of health insurance covers at subsidized prices. With this, the company will excel in providing quality healthcare to the citizens of the United States of America.

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