Meaningful Retirement Plan by David Giertz

Retirement is the other phase of life after employment. David Giertz advises that one needs to have the necessary basics before entering into the retirement. Mr. Giertz asserts that it’s good to have financial stability during retirement. Regardless of the huge paycheck, it’s not easy to estimate how much money one requires to cover the retirement period. Be best idea as David claims is saving one’s income into retirement accounts. This will facilitate a smooth transition from employment to retirement.

Mr. Giertz advices that,viable investment leads to financial dependency. This is because it earns one extra income. What is important is for one to consider the period to invest and how to invest. According to Mr. Giertz, smart investment decision is the foundation of various tips.

The first thing that David advices people is for them to be aware of the approaching retirement. He also claims that for one retire early, one need to save at least 33 times his or her annual income every year. Secondly, the best retirement plan is having a flexible plan. According to him, saving money in an account that does not charge extra penalty for immature withdrawal is the best plan.

David Giertz idea of investing is having a secure financial plan. David Giertz held positions of a senior Vice President of Nationwide Financial Distribution. He also held the position of the president of nationwide distribution agent. When he was the President of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution Organization, he expanded operations from$11 billion to $17.8 billion.

From 2004, he led the Financial Bank Channel and in 2009 it was expanded to include the Warehouse Distribution Channel. Under his leadership, he was able to increase the revenue from $1.5 to $8 billion. He’s also actively involved in various community organizations.

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