How Wireless Containment Systems Help Against Crime

‘They started it, and my goal is to finish it,’ these are the exact words that came out of Robert Johnson’s lips after working for seven long years to ultimately eradicate cellphones being smuggled behind bars.


Being part of the police force, Mr. Johnson made serious efforts in stopping the entrance of cellular phones inside the prison gates. This sheer determination stemmed from an incident that happened to him when several phones were secretly brought in. A simple call from the inside resulted in him receiving six gunshot wounds just because he did his job.


Inmates who were able to have access to cellular phones pose the same safety threat as those who’s outside. A good example of this happened a few years back when a baby from Georgia was killed after a call from three guys inside prison. The baby’s uncle messed up, and the baby paid the price.


It looks like the authorities are relentless in stopping this problem by having a very strict monitoring system. In the past year and a half, 8,300 phones were confiscated. Despite the strong efforts of the police force, there are still some that pass through the cracks. Phones were creatively packaged along goods or transferred during visits.


The breakthrough came in when Securus Technology stepped in and provided a solution. They were able to attack the problem head-on. Being one of the leading providers of civil and criminal justice technology solutions, Securus Technology has released a solution that can block cellular network.


The solution acts as a cell tower to filter incoming and outgoing text messages. What’s amazing about this is it doesn’t only block the network by filtering text messages, it can also totally stop calls from going through. Once an attempt has been made, Securus Technology will be able to detect the call and immediately cut it. The phone number will already be tagged in the system and any call done after is automatically terminated. This solution has not only helped in reducing the in-flow of phones in correctional facilities but also made cellular phones as useless when inside the facility.


Florida alone has already started utilizing this solution on three facilities. The solution is seen as promising since there are plans of using this technology on other facilities. In a recent count, a total of 1.7 million calls has already been stopped.


This proactive stand against one of the largest threat to security, unauthorized communications, has been proven effective. In the long run, the public will not fret about any threat to their safety due to illegal communications.


Now that the solution is out, incidents similar to what happened to Robert Johnson and the baby from Georgia will cease to exist.


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