Benefits of Using Heal N Smooth

Joint pain can severely change your life when it goes unchecked. Many times it is associated with arthritis which is indicated by noticeable aches or pains after a period of inactivity. The joint pain can be caused by inflammation, such as in rheumatoid arthritis, and can be a long term health problem for many people.

No matter what the cause, joint pain can hinder a person’s quality of life. There are many treatments available for pain relief. Cold and heat compresses, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, narcotic drugs, and exercise are some of the most commonly used treatments for joint pain.

However, many people are turning to alternative solutions for their joint pain. The hope is that they can avoid any side-effects from the pharmaceutical products, but still achieve long-lasting relief from their joint pain, and even help repair broken down cartilage that can be a result from joint disease.

Heal N Smooth is a systemic enzyme therapy to help ease joint pain. Systematic means that it treat your whole body, and the enzymes are your body’s first line of defense when it comes to inflammation.

Enzymes are not anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drug. They naturally reduce the levels of bio-chemicals which create and regenerate injured tissue. The reduction can have immediate benefits such as improved heart health, prevention of and recovery from cancer, and prevention of memory loss. Other benefits include faster recovery from injuries such as sprains and bruises, fractures, sprains, surgery, and joint pain.

Though the enzymes are effective, there are more ingredients that help aid the multiple benefits of Heal N Smooth.


This is a natural compound found in pineapple, which besides aiding the enzymes to reduce swelling also get rid of toxins in the blood stream.

Turmeric Extract

Turmeric extract has been used for a millennia to treat a wide variety of ailments. The antioxidant properties serve to reduce pain and swelling.

Boswellia Extract

This ingredient has been widely used in Indian medicine, and has the added benefit of aiding blood circulation as well as fighting against inflammation.

Inflammation isn’t just discomfort, it can be life-changing, and life threatening. New studies show that inflammation is linked to heart attacks and strokes.

Why wait? Heal N Smooth is offered on their website for free for first time buyers. With a money back guarantee, there is no reason to live in discomfort any longer.


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Eric Lefkofsky Fights Cancer with Technology

Tempus wants to be the operating system for cancer care. Co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, the company plans to revolutionize not only how everyday patient data is used and stored, but also what types are being utilized. Tempus wants to do through this by making a person’s genetic information a regularly accessed part of their health care.

At a once extremely prohibitive cost over upwards of one hundred million dollars, the cost is predicted to drop to only a few hundred dollars in the foreseeable future. Currently standing at around five thousand, with the help of companies like Tempus, what once seemed straight out of science fiction could be reality. Care could be determined on a molecular level.

A patient’s genetic information is a potential key to find the best treatments available for a particular person’s case and type of cancer. This could also be utilized on a global scale to compare the information from patients and discover links to possible cures. Preventative medicine will also be a huge part of Tempus’ system. By knowing what someone is predisposed to, care can begin before the disease starts.

Tempus’ software is also designed to optically recognize hand-written notes and convert them into utilizable and searchable data. Eric Lefkofsky observed this was a problem when he noticed how much information was lost during his wife’s breast cancer treatments. Very important data was being lost as it was not being saved.

Eric Lefkofsky, a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Juris Doctor, has both success in business and his philanthropic endeavors. Members of the Giving Pledge and having recently donated millions to cancer initiatives, he and his wife are to donate half or more of their assets. Co-founded the Lefkofsky Foundation, the pair fund and assist initiatives that enhance the lives of those in and around the Chicago area. Lefkofsky acts as a trustee at the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago as well as the Museum of Science and Industry.

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Find Out Why Dr. Mark Holterman Is Amazing

Underdeveloped countries desperately need quality medical care solutions and professional volunteers, especially in the area of pediatric surgery. The support from charities and volunteers in recent years has been incredible. Vietnam joins the list of countries that have greatly benefited from such outreach services (Ideamensch). Mariam Global Health CEO, Dr. Mark Holterman supports numerous charitable organizations focused on innovating healthcare treatment and technology. One of the many organizations he’s partnered with is IPSAC-VN (International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam).


Medical Journey of Dr. Mark Holterman

Hospitals, medical centers, and schools in Vietnam benefit from the latest technological advancements through the group’s outreach. Chicago’s UIC-Med (University of Illinois College of Medicine) distinguished professor of surgery/pediatrics has joined IPSAC-VN in its efforts to innovate pediatric care services. The organization strives to enable healthcare practitioners through training and educational programs. Its top-caliber pediatric surgeons like Dr. Holterman volunteer to undertake cases and perform needed medical procedures. This includes procedures like organ transplants, corrective surgery (brain, spinal, bone malformations, etc.), and tumor removal. He’s encouraging volunteers to join this global mission of change.

At Mariam Global Health, Dr. Mark Holterman focuses on critical research to develop breakthrough medical treatment solutions to innovate health care services. His research primarily explores the areas of cancer treatment, stem cell therapy, obesity and regenerative medicine. Dr. Holterman studied Biology at Yale University. Following graduation, he enrolled at UVA (University of Virginia) and specialized in pediatrics. He received his doctoral degrees from UVA. He’s kept a busy schedule supporting philanthropic endeavors over the years. He’s currently affiliated with over 16 hospitals, including UI Health, St. Francis Medical Center and Illinois Children’s Hospital. With almost 30 years experience practicing general and pediatric surgery, Dr. Mark Holterman has developed an impressive resume.

He’s certified in both areas and received multiple awards. Last year, he won another America’s Top Doctors Award, which makes his 8th win in a decade. This pediatric innovator also received three Vitals Awards for being punctual and compassionate. He also swept the Vitals “People’s Choice Award” for the years 2012, 2014 and 2015. He’s recognized by AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), ACS (American College of Surgeons) and several other professional organizations.

Glen Wakeman Educates Entrepreneurs On Possible Business Failures

Glen Wakeman is a well-known mentor and entrepreneur. He is also a business revolutionary. Glen Wakeman has been actively involved in M&A developments and offering information to startup companies. He has also helped in coming up with new business performance methodologies. In 2015, Glen launched his own company called LaunchPad Holdings LLC. Glen holds a master’s degree in MBA as well as Bachelors degree in economics. Wakeman has previously worked at GE Capital. He is also the founder of Nova Four. He has held different positions in his career life. He has played roles such as business developer, CEO, President, and member of the board of directors of various companies.

The demonstrated five-step performance methodology has made the name Glen Wakeman popular. The performance methodology focuses on human capital, risk management, execution and leadership power in business. As a successful writer and investor, Wakeman has inspired many people on a lot of subjects. He has been an inspiration to many on administrative strategies and fiscal economics. He has a lot of experience when it comes to corporate management, emerging markets, and divestitures. All these experiences have made Glen an enthusiastic market strategist. He has provided discerning guidance to executive level companies such as Dreanfunded and Sitter Bees. Wakeman as a corporate executive has earned a great reputation for precise methods that can be applied to many industries.

Glen Wakeman is an active member in transformative business opportunities ( This has made his leadership experience invaluable in international affairs. He offers tactical advice for angel investing, capital raising, and global financial platforms. He loves all aspects concerning development, business innovations and growth in the ever-changing international marketplace. Glen has lived in six different countries and has been head of businesses in more than 30 regions in the world. Up to date, Mr. Wakeman is a momentous force in the business world. Moreover, Glen is a very curious man. Curiosity pushes him into finding better solutions to the challenges in the business world. In addition to this, Glen acknowledges that an entrepreneur requires connection and networks. The networks allow one to make decisions, for instance, to make more customers or not.

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Clayton Hutson

If your a musician, then pick Clayton Hutson as your tour manager. Having a good tour manager is important to any musician. Clayton Hutson can bring glory to any tour.

He has been a tour manager for many years and he is really experienced. For example, Aaron Lewis used Clayton Hutson as his tour manager. Clayton Hutson made sure that Aaron’s tour went smoothly. Clayton Hutson is so knowledgeable, he brought an SD11 on the tour.

Also, Clayton Hutson is a live sound engineer. A live sound manager operates the speakers and setup the sound equipment. He has worked with the highest class of artist. He has been the reason for some of the most outstanding performances.

Plus, he is even a production designer and production manager. A production designer is responsible for how the production looks. And a production manager organizes the production’s finances and is in charge on how the production’s finances are spent. Also, he has been a monitor engineer. A monitor engineer is responsible for the operation of the monitor mixing console. And repairs audio gear.

He also has his own production company. His company has helped a lot of musicians reach their goals and stay in their budget for tours. So many musicians rate him number one for their tour manager. Any problem that would come up on tour, Clayton Hutson would find a solution for it. And everything would stay in budget.

He is best known for monitor engineer in the 2005, “Bleed Like Me” tour. Clayton Hutson is the most reliable tour manager. If I ever went on tour, I would pick Clayton Hutson. He knows how to get the job done. Also, every tour he has been behind has been a total success. He also keeps everyone on tour organized and everything under control.

If your a musician, and in need of a tour manager then I would highly recommend Clayton Hutson. No other tour manager has had the success that Clayton Hutson had over the past decades. Clayton Hutson is so reliable,that he should win an award for best tour manager. Learn more:


Susan McGall; breaking the glass ceilling

Susan McGall stands out in a crowd of professional women. She is confident. She carries it to meetings, to appointments… everywhere she goes.

She says her confidence was natured at home. She grew up with two brothers and a coach for a father. Having been offered the same opportunities as her brothers while young taught her not to think too hard about the genders she is dealing with. As a result, the gender of the people she works with or addresses is important, yes, but not considered as an advantage or disadvantage. This has given her success in working with both women and men.

When Susan McGall started out at American Eagles Outfitters, she could have been intimidated because the company was male dominated. But she wasn’t. Leaning on the lessons she had learnt from her family growing up, she put her best foot forward despite being in a male dominated company. As a result, she was quickly noticed by her superiors and quickly scaled up the ranks in the company. Before leaving American Eagle Outfitters, she was named president of the company. She founded her own consultancy; P3 Executive consulting which offers marketing, branding and talent management services to its clients.

Her success in her career and in breaking the glass ceiling has seen her give talks and lectures to many audiences about how to break the glass ceiling as a woman in the professional world. She says that women are having trouble breaking the glass ceiling not because they do not have platforms to help them do so. For decades, governments and corporations have been talking about women getting the same treatment as men and trying to come up with avenues for them to get ahead in their careers.

But why is it not working? McGall says that these platforms and opportunities will only work if women are given support by their fellow women. This can be made sponsorship. A woman aspiring to be an executive someday should find a sponsor; a woman who is a high powered executive. This sponsor would mentor the aspirant in matters pertaining that [position. That way, when an opportunity presents itself, the aspirant is more than ready to take it up and already has the backing of a high powered executive.

US Health Advisors is hiring representatives

US HEALTH Advisors is the promotional division of US HEALTH GROUP. It sells market underwritten and insured plans. USHEALTH Advisors sells individual health insurance plans and life insurance plans. The plans are underwritten by The Freedom Life Insurance company of America. You can purchase insurance for critical illness, short term disability, and accident.

According to the Better Business Bureau USHEALTH ADVISORS LCC has been in business since 1969. It received its business accreditation in 2013.The USHEALTH Advisors Better Business Bureau listing does not show a rating. It is stated that the reason for this is because its complaints are not handled by the USHealth Advisors. The USHEALTH Group handles the complaints. As of September 14, 2017, Its BBB rating is not available because new information is being updated.

US Health Advisors is currently hiring motivated individuals as authorized sales representatives. This company is a great place to work for motivated individuals who are looking for employment with flexible scheduling and unlimited earning potential. Authorized agents earn competitive commission. Check more US Health Advisors  jobs at

USHEALTH Group offers quality coverage through licensed health and life insurance companies. US Health Advisor’s parent company US Health is located in Fort Worth, Texas. US Health Advisors office is located in Fort Myers, Florida. USHealth Advisors has locations all across the United States.

If you are considering working for USHealthadvisors you can work anywhere that their is a local office. USHealth Advisors offers great support and training for its representatives. If you become a sales representative for USHealth Advisors you get the benefit of great training, a supportive atmosphere, and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping people. Read:


Dr. Mark Holterman Expert Individual

Dr. Mark Holterman is a prizewinning pediatric specialist and CEO at Mariam Global Health. Dr. Mark Holterman grew up in Wisconsin. At Yale University he majored in biology. He graduated from Yale University in the year 1980. After graduating at Yale University his education continued at University of Virginia. While attending University of Virginia he ventured into becoming a pediatrician. At University of Virginia he was also involved in a program called National Institutes of Health. The purpose of National Institutes of Health was to help individuals become therapeutic experts. At University of Virginia Dr. Mark Holterman experienced a passion to become a medical practitioner and pediatrician (


A Compassionate Doctor

Once Mark Holterman was finished at University of Virginia he followed the career of becoming an abscission resident. He was an abscission resident at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center. After Dr. Mark Holterman worked at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center he moved to Seattle. When Dr. Mark Holterman moved to Seattle he took on a job as a pediatric operation colleague. At this time he was a pediatric operation colleague at University of Washington’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. Eventually, him and his partner Ai-Xuan ventured onward to Quebec, Canada. In Quebec, Canada Mark Holterman worked at Clinical Research Institute of Montrea for 2 years as a research assistant.

Dr. Mark Holterman has over 2 decades of expert knowledge underneath his belt. As mentioned prior he is the CEO of Mariam Global Health, which helps manage ground-breaking therapeutic companies. Dr. Mark Holterman is an instructor at University of Illinois College of Medicine. He also conducts therapeutic analysis at University of Illinois. He is a pediatric physician at several clinic facilities. Dr. Mark Holterman has lectured worldwide, revised therapeutic journals, printed methodical articles, been associated with scholastic information for therapeutic websites, and has written several textbook based chapters. Dr. Mark Holterman belongs to the American College of Surgeons and American Academy of Pediatrics. Currently, Dr. Mark Holterman has 2 therapeutic agencies located in Illinois.

In conclusion, Dr. Mark Holterman is an intelligent individual that has a successful career.


Jorge Moll Is A Neuroscientist Who Would Like To Help People Suffer Less

Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist began to pursue medicine early in his life when he attended the Federal University of Rio de Janiero, Brazil where he earned his MD in Neuroscience ( He also completed his residency at the same college and continued his education at São Paulo University where he eventually received his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology. Currently, Jorge works with D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) as a Board member and its President, and he is also the Director of the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) and Neuroinformatics Workgroup.

Jorge Moll has always dreamed of being able to help people suffer less, and he came up with the idea for IDOR out of his long-lived desire to build a company that would serve the healthcare needs of the country he calls home. Moll has commented on the fact that a lot of his days are spent in meetings with entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, and students who come from many different industries, and he finds that communicating with people that have varying interests is stimulating. While he is able to come up with plenty of ideas, he says it is most difficult to choose only one to focus on, but he usually picks the ones that can be turned into tangible, real-world applications.

Jorge Moll finds artificial intelligence as well as the way that the human brain and machines can work together fascinating. He is also interested in gene therapy and regenerative medicine. When asked what kind of software or tools keep him working at his best, he indicated that Trello and Evernote were his favorites. He also recommends that people give the book “the Exegesis” by Philip Dick a read, and one of his favorite quotes came from Leonardo Da Vinci who said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” If Jorge Moll could talk to his younger self, he would advise himself to not get too attached to plans or different ideas, and that it is best to either give them a go or let them go. He has learned from experience that one of the best things that a businessman can do is to discover and work the strengths and weaknesses of any business idea before implementing it.


Randy’s journey to USHEALTH Group

People refer to the current days a season of miracles. However, one needs to understand that it is impossible for one to claim a season of miracles as they occur each moment every day. Seeing a miracle inspires people, but for them to change they have to realize that they are a miracle. Seeing the miracle in one’s own heart when no one else can see transforms changes the miracle season into a life that becomes one’s story.

Randy was doing well in baseball during his time at Anderson Shiro High School in Anderson, Texas until he had a shoulder injury. After a successful surgery, he joined the team at Blinn College in Brenham, Texas but his shoulder could not handle the stress. His dream in baseball was over, as he had become more of a liability to the team. Randy decided to make it big in a different field. Randy tried various jobs including working as a bartender in college and saved up to about $2,000 by the time of his graduation. Check this article at to know more about USHealth Group

After putting his resume on two websites, Randy received an offer to work in Round Rock, Texas for Connie, a woman whose business was selling insurance. After a period of struggling with the occupation, Randy went to one of the people making huge numbers in his division and asked him to be his role model. Randy learned from his role model to protect lives instead of trying to be an insurance salesperson. In 2012, Randy made a move to USHEALTH Advisors; here he serves as a Satellite Division Leader.

USHEALTH Advisors is a national health insurance distribution branch of USHEALTH Group, Inc., an organization whose mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of people. USHEALTH Group runs a foundation, HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday). The aim of the foundation is giving back to the community. The first project of HOPE was rebuilding homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in partnership with other organizations. In 2011, through HOPE, USHA provided shoes, clothing, baby formula and other necessities to The Crisis Nursery. During the return to Phoenix in 2012 for a Leaders Meeting, USHEALTH Advisors presented a more than $25,000 check to HOPEKids Arizona. Learn more: