Dr. Jorge Moll Neurologist specialist

Dr. Jorge Moll is a world-renowned Neuroscientist Who works in Neuroinformatics workgroups that is also ranked one of the top diagnosing and Imaging Laboratories in the world. He has accomplished many different studies about how the frontal lobe of our brains are congruent to how we interact with our moral and social environments (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm9093728/). The frontal cortex of the brain impacts exactly how we interact and communicate morally and also socially with environments that take place around us. Take for instance if someone was to donate money or have empathy for others, the studies that Dr. Jorge Moll has done indicate that the frontal lobes of our brain are engaged in this activity. Depending on our social environments the front and also temporal lobes of our brain connect with our personality traits along with how we develop in society.

Based on many studies by Dr. Jorge Moll’s work we find that lack of empathy and lack of attachment to related components indicate that damage has been done to the frontal cortex of the brain. This development Dr. Jorge Moll has also indicated that we as people should honor sympathy and moral judgment to allow our well-being through-out a normal society. Most people can relate to this as human nature is designed to show empathy and also the standard caring of other people to engage in a homeostasis environment.

Based on this studies done, Dr. Jorge Moll has shown us that certain damages to the frontal lobe cortex indicate a personality change and immoral judgments that could take place throughout a person’s life. Dr. Jorge Moll has also indicated that he would like to further his research in neuroscience to allow people with damaged front lobe cortexes of the brain help find a solution that can fix any immoral or non-empathetic actions that take place.


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