Jeff Aronin—CEO and Leader of Paragon Biosciences

JJeff Aronin is the CEO of Paragon Biosciences. He received the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award. He is known to be unstoppable, enthusiastic, focused, passionate, and most of all, he has a big heart (Thenewsversion). Jeff Aronin has a passion for helping solve rare diseases with advancements in science. Some of his skills were cultivated when Jeff was the CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a company that he started in the year 2000. This means he already has extensive experience as a leader.

Mr. Aronin’s mission focuses on patients coming first. Jeff believes that a person is part of someone else’s heart. He develops a mission plan for each son, daughter, mom, dad, child, grandfather, grandmother, and individual. He understands that every person has a family and a community of people surrounding them, who are also affected by the illness of the person.

Jeff Aronin’s team looks forward to his leadership. His ideas, and his inability to get into a rut, allow his team to be completely comfortable following Jeff’s every step. Jeff’s team describes him as collaborative. He knows how to talk to his employees and delegate responsibilities when necessary.

Jeff Aronin also has infectious energy and enthusiasm that sets onto other people. To maintain the ultimate quality in business, he makes sure that his followers are extremely motivated. He knows that the people working for him are not robots—they need to grow their own skills and their own potential while working.

Despite working long hours at Paragon, Jeff Aronin has an incredible ability to balance business and family. Jeff’s wife Lisa and his three daughters are, as he puts it, his foundation. Jeff also enjoys philanthropy. He is driven to make the world a better place. He believes that science can be used for the benefit of humanity. When Paragon develops new drugs, seeing someone get better is the end result Aronin looks for.


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