Hussain Sajwani: Middle Eastern Property Mogul

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani has built a reputation for himself not only within his home emirate of Dubai but beyond as well.

The multi-billionaire whose net worth is around $3.8 billion is best known by many for the property development that his company has engaged in.

Hussain Sajwani grew up in Dubai, was educated at the University of Washington, and started his career in the finance department at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries.

Growing up, he had seen what being an entrepreneur was like; his father had been a shop owner who specialized in selling imported goods. That early exposure to owning one’s own business had an influence on Hussain Sajwani; two years after starting his career, he opened his own company.

The first company that Hussain Sajwani started was not in property development. Rather, he got his self-employed start in the food services sector. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Twitter and Hussain Sajwani | Forbes

He found great success with that first company, and he retained ownership after it even after establishing the extremely successful DAMAC. Today, the company is known as Global Logistics Services.

Hussain Sajwani saw opportunity in changes to Dubai property law. These changes opened up property ownership to non-emiratis–and set the stage for DAMAC to be established in 2002.

Foreign buyers were the target audience for the company from its very first project, which was a high-rise apartment building.

That first project spearheaded by Hussain Sajwani helped to establish a firm foundation for the newly minted DAMAC. All units were sold out before DAMAC had even undertaken construction on the building.

Today, DAMAC is one of the largest property development companies in the Middle East. It is a name recognized also on a global scale. Two projects in particular have captured attention outside of the Middle East: two Trump-branded golf courses.

The work done by DAMAC on those two golf courses helped to create a bond between Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump.

The two have been on good terms, and their families have become close. Hussain Sajwani has also expressed a desire that DAMAC be able to team up with Trump on more projects in the future.

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Stansberry Research – Investments In The Resource Sector

If there is one thing that Stansberry Research has a complete passion toward, it would be recommending the best investments to people. Knowledge is power in the realm of investments, And although a lot of money can be lost in investments, a lot of money can be gained there as well if you know what you are doing. This is why Stansberry Research loves to educate their clients on their favorite “boom and bust” category, the resource sector (

When it comes to the resource sector, the consultants employed with Stansberry Research realize these commodities are an important part of an asset allocation plan. Of course, they also understand the nature of these commodities, and a desire to educate everyone on how to understand them properly.

The most important principle when it comes to the resource sector would be supply and demand. Simply put, when supply becomes scarce, prices will rise. When supply goes up, prices drop. In most market, these price swings are fairly controlled, but this isn’t so in the natural resource market.

Stansberry Research exists to provide investment recommendations and portfolio advice to those individuals who are interested in managing their own portfolios. Stansberry research also has a number of premium accounts, which are effective in providing the subscriber with a litany of investment advice, including dividend investment, value investing, strategies for fixed-income, and tips for investment in energy and precious metals.

Stansberry Research also has a very user-friendly website. This would include a bookstore, an investment glossary, and an education center. They also include complete portfolio solutions, including a capital portfolio, the income portfolio, and the total portfolio.

Simply put, if you want to make money from your investments this is the research company that you could consider. All you have to do is practice due diligence and be dedicated to research. Chances are you will expand your portfolio with the help of the knowledge base surrounding Stansberry Research

Randal Nardone: Leading Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is a well-known financialist who stands as the leader to Fortress Investment Group. Having worked in the field of finance for an incredibly extended period of time, he has been able to implement a number of positive changes to the company that have helped it grow and develop to be a notable name in the sector. At Fortress Investment Group, the focus is on the endeavors that they take on and the businesses that they can develop, which is something that Nardone knows a lot about.

Contrary to what one would believe, Nardone didn’t start out in the field of finance. He wanted to become a lawyer and earned an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in law. Soon after, he started working for a company that offered legal services and advisory to corporate clients. During this time, a lot of the cases that Nardone was working on had to do something in the field of finance, which is what got him interested in it. After working for a few years in the field, he decided to venture out and start working in finance.

This was a step that would prove to be a challenge for Nardone, nevertheless, was something that he took on fearlessly. He knew that if he worked hard enough, he would be able to make it in finance. After working for a number of companies and clients within the field, he decided that it was time for him to start his own company. He sought the help of a few fellow financialists who had been working in the field and who were well reputed for the work that they did. After putting in all their expertise and skill, they formed Fortress Investment Group, a company that would later come to be known as one of the top financial and investment firms in the city of New York.

One of the more notable things that Nardone helped the company with was one who got them on the NYSE. Fortress Investment Group was one of the first investment firms to become public on the NYSE, which was a big move for the company. Nardone, along with the fellow founders of Fortress knew that this was a move that would define the future of the company, and shaped up to be exactly what they envisioned. This move also helped Fortress Investment Group grow immensely and come to be known as a pioneer in the field.

There is no doubt that the knowledge and skill that Nardone has earned through the course of his career has helped the company immensely. As the founder of Fortress Investment Group, he has brought along several clients to the company, and in turn, aided their businesses as a whole. He has also proven to be a brilliant leader to the company and all of the employees working for it. The people working at the company look up to Nardone as a mentor and an inspiration that anyone can reach the top if they work hard enough and believe in their capabilities.

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Enhanced Athlete Gives Athletes Hope for a Better Future

Enhanced Athlete knows athletes are always looking for ways to improve their game. They know what people want and they aren’t afraid to make things better for all the athletes they work with. Since they started, they’ve made a lot of strides in the business. They try to give people a chance at a better future and that’s what helps them show their clients how everything will continue getting better. It’s also their way of promoting positivity in an environment that can be complicated for people to try and understand. Enhanced Athlete knows what it takes and isn’t afraid to work with other companies to get where they want to be.


For Enhanced Athlete, the point of the business is giving back to athletes. They don’t worry about things like lawsuits from Nutrition Distribution. They’re trying to fight the case because they didn’t do anything wrong. The problem, though, is that the other company is doing what they can to win. Since they don’t have an actual case, they’re slandering Enhanced Athlete. They are trying different things that make it hard for Enhanced Athlete to get the right options they want. They know they’re doing it and they don’t care about the issues that come from trying to sabotage another company.


Since Enhanced Athlete is dedicated to athletes, they try helping them in any way possible. They know they can give them the products they need but they also want to give them coaching if they think it’ll help. Through their coaching opportunities, they can show people how they’re doing things right. It’s part of their business model and part of what allows them to keep giving athletes everything they need. For Enhanced Athlete, the point of doing all this is so they can help people who need it.


Enhanced Athlete doesn’t necessarily care about winning or making a lot of profits. They know all that will come when they do their job right. If they help their clients with the issues they have with sports, they can succeed. They can show them how things will get better and they can give back to the community they work with. It is their goal to always give people the options they need. For Enhanced Athlete, the business keeps working because people see all the options that help them. They also see there are things that will help them through the different positive parts of their business.

The Contribution of Jordan Lindsey in Financial Field

Without having a financial analyst who understands the market forces and trends in our world today, you will make significant losses especially when it comes to forex and cryptocurrency. Thanks to the Founder of JCL Capital Jordan Lindsey for his great contribution in this field. One of the major trends that in the financial field that has really affected Moscow exchange stocks is the decision that the United States government has taken to imposing new sanctions. This has led to the fall of Russian Ruble against the US Dollar consequently; it has led to a sharp drop in Moscow stocks.

The financial sanctions publication by the US on Russian politicians, companies, and oligarchs led to one of the highest levels of USDRUB since November 2017. The publications not only affected the exchange rates but also to Moscow stocks which dropped by over 9% while Rusal shares fell by almost 26%. To another currency like Japanese Yen remains very tight at 107.0 against USD which could be enhanced by North Korea willingness of denuclearization talks.

Any investor doesn’t have to worry about what is happening for JCL Capital is there to lead you to the support of an experienced founder and trader in financial matters and technology Mr. Jordan Lindsey. It is quite unbelievable that he is a self-taught system architecture and consequently programmer. That’s quite recommendable.

Jordan Lindsey developed his entrepreneurial skills at a very tender age when he was always looking for opportunities of improving situations and making the world a better place for him and others while still in New York. When he traveled to San Francisco, he decided to completely relocate to the State where he established himself even more.

Jordan Lindsey connects his productivity to proper planning and determination. He studied at Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College. He has lived abroad in Mexico, Argentina, and Bosnia. In Bosnia, he did charity work where he volunteered in Medjugorje and coincidentally that’s where he met his wife who was also volunteering. One of his favorite things he likes doing is staying with his wife and his 3 daughters that’s basically his family times.

A Graduate From the Academy of Art University Makes it Big

The Oscars are all about recognizing the best, and it is a great honor to receive recognition form such a prestigious event. With the creation of Coco, Daniel Arriaga was able to not only be recognized for all of his hard work but, he was able to share a piece of his culture with the world.


Arriaga is a graduate of The Academy of Art, and they couldn’t be more proud of him. The Academy provides its students with the tools needed to succeed in the world of art applications and has a faculty of designers, career artists, and scholars who are successfully training their students. With the achievement and honor of Coco winning Best Animated Feature, it just goes to show what heights graduates of the Academy can reach and how far they can go.


Coco is a movie about Miguel Rivera who is on a quest to unearth a family secret and who wants to follow his dream of becoming a musician. The animated tale takes the audience through a vibrant and intricate journey through the Land of the Dead and leaves the audience touched with its heartfelt story. There is a lot of attention to detail, and a lot of work went into researching the history of the story.


The Academy of Art is proud of the success of Daniel Arriaga and of all of its graduates. He is now senior director at Pixar, and he has spent some time at his alma mater, talking about his journey to “making it.”


The Academy of Art offers many different paths to an education in the real world. Their courses include but are not limited to acting, advertising, architecture, art history, and fine art. They teach their students current and applicable processes that they can use in the modern world, and they help to prepare their students and graduates so that they are confident in their abilities.


Founded in 1929, the Academy has a rich history and plenty of experience to offer its students. Their mission is to maintain an inclusive admissions for all who meet the minimum requirements.


Saygus’ Review of NewsWatch TV’s Marketing Campaign

Award Winning Newswatch TV has been around for a long time. NewsWatch TV started to gain viewer through the cable channels they were aired on during the 1990’s and as the technology grew they adapted. NewsWatch TV started off as a program that reported only on economic and financial matters in the world and then grew over time to air television shows on celebrity news, information on the latest advances in health, and consumer reports on business, gaming, and technology. Newswatch TV airs on the ION channel and the AMC channel and is also available to interested viewers through Direct TV, Dish Network, and YouTube. The NewsWatch TV website allows access to the latest episodes and provides a story archive for NewsWatch viewers.


NewsWatch TV has expanded from its original programming and is now a TV News Magazine that provides important information, the latest celebrity gossip, and reviews on cutting edge technology in all sectors. NewsWatch TV shows the latest updates that are important to consumers. NewsWatch TV offers comprehensive all-around news to satisfy watchers. Viewers can watch the latest in travel information before going abroad. Alternatively, viewers can watch segments that explain the gossip on the trendiest celebrities. NewsWatch TV has episodes for everyone including gamers and technophiles with reviews of the latest tech gadgets or mobile gaming apps.


NewsWatch TV has shifted its focus to new business ventures. NewsWatch TV has partnered with several companies to help manage promotional campaigns through their various media outlets. Saygus used NewsWatch TV in a dual capacity. NewsWatch TV promoted Saygus at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and helped in the success of Saygus’ Indiegogo Campaign which raised over 1.3 million dollars. Partnering with NewsWatch TV for marketing campaigns is a clear method to ensure success.


Richard Dwayne Blair Approach to Investing

Richard Dwayne Blair is a successful investing professional. He currently works for Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions is one of the largest financial planning companies in the world. Richard Dwayne Blair has had a great career in the financial planning industry. He genuinely wants to help his customers reach their financial goals. When he started working in the industry, it was difficult to build a large client base. He had to advertise his services continuously.


While Richard Dwayne Blair was in college, he learned about business. He never thought that he would eventually own a company.



Three Pillar Approach


Richard Dwayne Blair has a multi-faceted approach to investing. He believes that anyone can reach their financial goals if they stick to the proper plan. One of the biggest mistakes that people make with investing is not investing enough capital.


When people start investing young, they have to invest much less each year to reach their financial goals. Richard Dwayne Blair works with college students across the country. He wants to teach college students basic financial planning principles. He knows that young people can make a massive impact on their future by making proper financial decisions.


Debt is a significant issue in society. Few people live without any debt. Before anyone starts investing, Richard Dwayne Blair believes that they should pay down all of their consumer debt.



Increasing Income


Richard Dwayne Blair is a unique financial advisor who believes that people should work hard to increase their income. Many financial planners only concentrate on reducing expenses. By increasing income, people can drastically improve their financial position. Richard Dwayne Blair writes a lot of online content about his thoughts on investing. He is proud of his accomplishments and plans to continue working in the industry. Anyone who needs financial help should work with Richard Dwayne Blair.


Malcolm CasSelle: How Virtual Asset Exchange Will Evolve In Coming Years

It may seem like everywhere you look nowadays all you see are promises of the revolutionary applications of decentralized technology made possible by the blockchain. This is no different in the industry of virtual asset exchange. Virtual asset exchange has historically taken place in centralized marketplaces. Although the Internet itself is not a very old invention it has grown to encompass the entire world in the level of commerce that takes place digitally can boggle the mind. Although centralized marketplaces are incredibly useful in their ability to facilitate transactions by members of the populace globally, there are definitely several distinct areas that are plagued with consistent issues. Due to the fact that members of the various nations utilize different currencies traditionally members who wished to participate in virtual asset exchange needed to go to foreign exchange markets in order to facilitate transactions between geographically fragmented users. Malcolm CasSelle has recognized the issue that has been caused by the use of centralized marketplaces in virtual asset exchange. He was able to create a new cryptocurrency which promises to help alleviate some of these issues.

Malcolm CasSelle has significant experience in the technology industry and has worked for numerous digital companies. Today he primarily serves as the chief investment officer of OPSkins, one of the world’s leading company for in-game sales, as well as the president of his own startup company Worldwide Asset Exchange. It is through Worldwide Asset Exchange the Malcolm CasSelle has developed a new cryptocurrency technology that he believes will help to change the way the virtual asset exchange takes place across the entire industry.

He Has developed a cryptocurrency which is being referred to as opens that he believes gamers will be able to use as a common store of value. No longer will gamers need to go to foreign exchange markets in order to facilitate transactions virtually. In addition by decentralizing the marketplaces on which virtual asset exchanges take place Malcolm CasSelle has been able to increase the security of virtual asset exchange by eliminating the possibility of a centralized target for hackers to attack in the virtual asset exchange industry.


AIA’s Commitment To The Future

Robert Ivy, the CEO and Executive VP of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) since 2011, is dedicated to highlighting the role architecture plays in modern society. The recipient of Crane Award, Mr. Ivy was the first architect in the 21st century to be recognized by Alpha Rho Chi as a Master Architect.

Through the use of community outreach and education, Robert Ivy has shown a commitment to helping architects find work materially changing current issues including sustainability, socio-economics, and global health. Advancements in modern technology allow for sustainable construction with little economic footprint yet still aesthetically pleasing. His design of a Seattle children’s hospital brought much-needed whimsy back into a stressful family situation.

The American Institute of Architects has always had a mission closely associated with improving the lives of the American public since the formation of the trade group in 1857 in New York. Expanding the overall goals of the group in recent years after the AIA was created initially to standardize the work of architects and tradespeople in New York and across the Northeast of the U.S. Now a professional group with more than 90,000 members and over 200 chapters, the American Institute of Architects is one of the most influential lobbying groups in the U.S. capital of Washington D.C.

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It is Mr. Ivy’s belief that there will be an incredible need for design professionals to create the infrastructures growing global cities. One way architecture can be a deciding factor in the health and well-being of the occupants is replacing elevators with stairs enabling the occupants of a building an opportunity for exercise. Sunlight, fresh air, and copious amounts of free movement have become hallmarks of Ivy’s designs.

Siting Central Park as a prime example, Ivy’s goal for the AIA is to continue the tradition of architecture improving lives and environments. He is currently pushing for a more sustained effort at collecting information on the positive impacts of architecture. It is known and recorded within anecdotal evidence that people react more positively and with increased productivity to certain types of environments. However, having a way to collect information and track improvements would make it possible to continue to improve existing buildings.

Robert Ivy is encouraging the networking between AIA members and other industries to improve quality of life, especially after natural disasters. He feels that architects are master collaborators and team leads making them the perfect people to head rebuilding projects after earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes.

His final goal to is to improve the earth and people’s well-being through architecture.