Dr. Saad Saad Beat the Odds to Become the Best

Pediatric surgery is a delicate field of medicine. A pediatric surgeon handles some of the most delicate of situations in their interaction with their clients. The clients, often, cannot express their health problems properly. Meeting experts such as Dr. Saad is always an exciting event. Dr. Saad Saad has handled many children and performed operations in their thousands. While he has worked for many years and managed to help a great number of patients regain their health, he still believes in research and says that there is always room to improve the current practices. He says that during his practice he has always sought to challenge how things were done. His main inspiration, he says, was to find ways of alleviating pain and suffering for patients.

Dr. Saad Saad’s Inventions

Owing to the quest he has to learn more about the best surgical and health procedures and treatment, Dr. Saad has managed to patent two inventions. He is also reported to be the brains behind a host of pediatric procedures that are already in use in various hospitals. Dr. Saad has spent most of his adult life trying to resolve the health problems of his community in the US. He has organized medical camps to assist patients with various ailments for free in both the US and in Israel and on the West Bank where he spent part of his early life. These medical missions are sponsored by Dr. Saad and other well-wishers. So far he has organized eight missions in Jerusalem and four in the US. Dr. Saad is the brains behind medical catheters. Catheters are medical tubes that are inserted into the body of patients to assist in surgical operations or for purposes of treatment of certain medical conditions. Some catheters can even be inserted into the body and left there permanently. Dr. Saad also has a second invention meant to enhance endoscope usage. Endoscopes are medical devices that are used to examine the inner parts of a patient in the process of surgery.

Dr. Saad and His Intriguing Journey to Becoming a Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad was born in Israel in the 1940s. His family was forcefully moved to the West Bank, shortly after the creation of the state of Israel. He gives an account of the toughest experiences one can be subjected to in life. It seems that the spirit of working hard was infused into their blood. Dr. Saad’s Siblings are also professionals in various fields. They managed to acquire an education and become skilled personnel in the various professions. He has two brothers who are engineers. He also has a sister who works as an ICU expert. The family of Dr. Saad later moved to Kuwait. It is while in Kuwait that Dr. Saad reached the college age. He attended the University of Alexandria and graduated with top honors. He later furthered his studied in the UK and eventually decided to settle in the US. He lives in Eaton Town, New Jersey. Learn more: https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md

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