Malcolm CasSelle: How Virtual Asset Exchange Will Evolve In Coming Years

It may seem like everywhere you look nowadays all you see are promises of the revolutionary applications of decentralized technology made possible by the blockchain. This is no different in the industry of virtual asset exchange. Virtual asset exchange has historically taken place in centralized marketplaces. Although the Internet itself is not a very old invention it has grown to encompass the entire world in the level of commerce that takes place digitally can boggle the mind. Although centralized marketplaces are incredibly useful in their ability to facilitate transactions by members of the populace globally, there are definitely several distinct areas that are plagued with consistent issues. Due to the fact that members of the various nations utilize different currencies traditionally members who wished to participate in virtual asset exchange needed to go to foreign exchange markets in order to facilitate transactions between geographically fragmented users. Malcolm CasSelle has recognized the issue that has been caused by the use of centralized marketplaces in virtual asset exchange. He was able to create a new cryptocurrency which promises to help alleviate some of these issues.

Malcolm CasSelle has significant experience in the technology industry and has worked for numerous digital companies. Today he primarily serves as the chief investment officer of OPSkins, one of the world’s leading company for in-game sales, as well as the president of his own startup company Worldwide Asset Exchange. It is through Worldwide Asset Exchange the Malcolm CasSelle has developed a new cryptocurrency technology that he believes will help to change the way the virtual asset exchange takes place across the entire industry.

He Has developed a cryptocurrency which is being referred to as opens that he believes gamers will be able to use as a common store of value. No longer will gamers need to go to foreign exchange markets in order to facilitate transactions virtually. In addition by decentralizing the marketplaces on which virtual asset exchanges take place Malcolm CasSelle has been able to increase the security of virtual asset exchange by eliminating the possibility of a centralized target for hackers to attack in the virtual asset exchange industry.


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