A Graduate From the Academy of Art University Makes it Big

The Oscars are all about recognizing the best, and it is a great honor to receive recognition form such a prestigious event. With the creation of Coco, Daniel Arriaga was able to not only be recognized for all of his hard work but, he was able to share a piece of his culture with the world.


Arriaga is a graduate of The Academy of Art, and they couldn’t be more proud of him. The Academy provides its students with the tools needed to succeed in the world of art applications and has a faculty of designers, career artists, and scholars who are successfully training their students. With the achievement and honor of Coco winning Best Animated Feature, it just goes to show what heights graduates of the Academy can reach and how far they can go.


Coco is a movie about Miguel Rivera who is on a quest to unearth a family secret and who wants to follow his dream of becoming a musician. The animated tale takes the audience through a vibrant and intricate journey through the Land of the Dead and leaves the audience touched with its heartfelt story. There is a lot of attention to detail, and a lot of work went into researching the history of the story.


The Academy of Art is proud of the success of Daniel Arriaga and of all of its graduates. He is now senior director at Pixar, and he has spent some time at his alma mater, talking about his journey to “making it.”


The Academy of Art offers many different paths to an education in the real world. Their courses include but are not limited to acting, advertising, architecture, art history, and fine art. They teach their students current and applicable processes that they can use in the modern world, and they help to prepare their students and graduates so that they are confident in their abilities.


Founded in 1929, the Academy has a rich history and plenty of experience to offer its students. Their mission is to maintain an inclusive admissions for all who meet the minimum requirements.


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