Saygus’ Review of NewsWatch TV’s Marketing Campaign

Award Winning Newswatch TV has been around for a long time. NewsWatch TV started to gain viewer through the cable channels they were aired on during the 1990’s and as the technology grew they adapted. NewsWatch TV started off as a program that reported only on economic and financial matters in the world and then grew over time to air television shows on celebrity news, information on the latest advances in health, and consumer reports on business, gaming, and technology. Newswatch TV airs on the ION channel and the AMC channel and is also available to interested viewers through Direct TV, Dish Network, and YouTube. The NewsWatch TV website allows access to the latest episodes and provides a story archive for NewsWatch viewers.


NewsWatch TV has expanded from its original programming and is now a TV News Magazine that provides important information, the latest celebrity gossip, and reviews on cutting edge technology in all sectors. NewsWatch TV shows the latest updates that are important to consumers. NewsWatch TV offers comprehensive all-around news to satisfy watchers. Viewers can watch the latest in travel information before going abroad. Alternatively, viewers can watch segments that explain the gossip on the trendiest celebrities. NewsWatch TV has episodes for everyone including gamers and technophiles with reviews of the latest tech gadgets or mobile gaming apps.


NewsWatch TV has shifted its focus to new business ventures. NewsWatch TV has partnered with several companies to help manage promotional campaigns through their various media outlets. Saygus used NewsWatch TV in a dual capacity. NewsWatch TV promoted Saygus at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and helped in the success of Saygus’ Indiegogo Campaign which raised over 1.3 million dollars. Partnering with NewsWatch TV for marketing campaigns is a clear method to ensure success.


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