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Stop Torturing Your Hair!

If you switch to a cleansing conditioner from “regular” conditioner-you will notice the difference. You see, most shampoos and conditioners on the market today contained many harsh sulphates that are very damaging to your hair. They will strip the natural oils from your hair, leaving it feeling dry and damaged. If you are tired of having to fight with your hair on a daily basis or simply want more for your hair then a cleansing conditioner is probably for you.

WEN Hair Cleansing conditioner will replace your old shampoo and conditioner and is a deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. It doesn’t lather as much as you may be used to, but that’s a good thing, because it means that it doesn’t contain a bunch of harsh chemicals. WEN Cleansing Conditioner is safe to use on color-treated hair and will leave your hair feeling stronger. WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner contains only natural ingredients like Glycerin, which is a humectant that provides moisturizing benefits to locks. It also has Chamomile Extract which is known for its calming and soothing properties, and Wild Cherry Bark that helps to condition hair. It also contains Rosemary Extract and Panthenol, which help to soothe, strengthen an restore hair to its natural beauty. In a 3-week study of using WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, 100 percent testers found that their hair was more moisturized, 97 percent noticed their locks were more shiny, and 95 percent found their hair was more manageable.

Chaz Dean, the creator of WEN products, is a humble, yet successful hair stylist with a passion for hair. He has a salon located in Hollywood and is in the business of transforming hair. He is making it possible for clients all over the world to have the hair they have always wanted.

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Vincent Parascandola Heads AXA Advisors

The Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors is Vincent Parascandola. He has a number of portfolios under him. He recruits individuals for the top positions here. Hence he can be considered responsible for producing and developing a number of financial professionals. He is also responsible for retention of staff. He manages all the sales developments here.

Vincent Parascandola did his graduation from Pace University where he earned a degree in Bachelor of Science. He has over twenty years of experience in the financial sector. This is why he is the right person who can head AXA Advisors and take it to right heights. He possesses all the skills that are required in order to excel in that position.

The career of Vincent Parascandola began in 1987. This was when he joined Prudential as an agent. He was awarded as the National Rookie of the year during this time. It was in 1990 that Vincent Parascandola decided to move on and join MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990. He held a number of management positions there. He moved on in 2004 to join AXA Advisors.

He was serving as the chairperson of the Advantage Group, a unit of the AXA Equitable before being appointed as the divisional President of AXA Advisors.

AXA Advisors offers financial services. These include investment management as well as global insurance. It is a reputed insurance brand worldwide. It is the only brand having a 14% growth rate. This is a company that is operating in the Asia-Pacific region, besides North America, and Western Europe along with the Middle East.

With AXA Advisors is helping families and businesses to take small manageable steps towards ensuring their financial security. This company was started in 1859. Since then, AXA Advisors has been offering reliability as well as stability to their clients so that they can lead a peaceful life as they know that their future is well-protected.

This is a company that takes a lot of philanthropic as well as artistic initiatives in order to help research being done to elevate human suffering. In 2008, the AXA Research Fund was created in order to fund such research.

Andrea McWilliams Gives Back to Her Community

Lobbyists often gain a bad reputation as having no morals and pushing legislation that they do not actually believe in. Andrea Williams, a lobbyist from Austin, Texas, does not fit this bill. She works on legislation with companies that she believes in, and she gives back to her community with every chance she gets.

Andrea McWilliams was thrown into the turbulent world of politics when she was just 21 years old. She quickly learned how to work with clients in a way that would help them and help herself advance in her career. She soon formed McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants with her husband, Dean, and took the lobbying world by storm. Now she is representing some of the largest companies throughout the United States.

In all of her efforts, Andrea has succeeded, and people are taking notice. McWilliams was honored with an Austin Under 40 Award, as well as a spot in Austin Business Journal’s Profiles in Power. She was also given a Woman of Distinction Award by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas. Austin Fashion Week gave her a “Style Setter” designation for her help in the non-profit realm, and the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce honored her as a 2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year finalist.

When she is not campaigning for her clients, Andrea McWilliams is giving back to her community. She was born and raised in Austin, and she gives back to the community that she loves. She is currently on the non-profit board of several organizations, including the Ride Across Texas Challenge, the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Austin Children in Crisis, Preservation Austin, Ballet Austin, and the Pease Park Conservancy. She also gives her time as a representative of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Andrea McWilliams is not your normal lobbyist. She knows exactly who she is representing and is extremely involved with her community. When it comes to moral standards, Andrea McWilliams has them.

PodcastOne and Edison Research Results of Network Brand Studies

During the last half of 2016, there were comprehensive studies done, by Edison Research and PodcastOne, to take a look at the results that advertising can bring. There were five major brands dealing with five different categories and products. These studies showed that there were significant and positive impacts for podcast advertising dealing with the recall of specific messages, a recall of the brand, and the listeners intent to buy the recalled item.

The key findings of the studies showed that there were over 60% of their listeners that had a recall on a post-campaign grocery brand, which increased 7% in a pre-study finding. For financial services, the findings increased by 47% in the pre-study and by 37% in aftermarket car products, 24% in regards to lawn and garden products.

The awareness of some specific messages for aftermarket products was increased by 60% from pre-study findings. Casual dining increased by 76% over the pre-study findings.

Edison Research in 2016 conducted three different studies for PodcastOne to access the effectiveness of podcast advertising of five national brands. They not only used well-known brands but some lesser known. Some of the well-known were launching new messaging and the other not so well known were interested in trial and increased awareness of their products.

There were surveys run online with the audiences of different podcasts. The surveys were done pre-campaign and again after the products had run the advertising segment for 4-6 weeks. The same method was used in each case, showing that the podcast audiences were listening to the brand messages aired and were showing an increase in considering or in purchasing these brands.

Due to their methods of doing these studies, it allows them to gage the audience’s reactions in a before and after scenario. The research showed that podcast advertising has a very large impact on a lot of the key effective measures used.

The Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz stated that the focus of PodcastOne has all along, been to verify, independently, that their format is providing an enhanced brand impact that goes beyond any traditional advertising formats. Their multi-tiered formats used to integrate advertising and measurement are validated by these studies and the positive results show that they work.

Norman Pattiz is a hands-on person who says that there are no typical days to his work week. Being a small company he works along with everyone else in ad sales, and talent acquisition and whatever else may need his expertise that he has gained through 40 years of experience.

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Fabletics: Also Known as Athleisure by Kate Hudson

Who said that fitness cannot be about fashion too? Who said you cannot be comfortable and fabulous when you go for workouts? Kate Hudson is giving you the best workout clothes that you have ever seen. From the leggings, the t-shirts and other accessories, you are going to rock the gym.

Fabletics is an online retail store that will sell you accessories and sportswear, but mostly it’s designed for women only. They have this selling point approach that just amazes every time. It has helped them work their way up to the pinnacle of sportswear accessories in just three years.

Turning the Overpricing Tables

Most of the companies that are established and stable have a habit f overpricing their merchandise despite the fact that their competitors may be the ones with the best goods. This is because no matter what price they put on their products, there will be people to buy and this makes them able to keep their prices up there with no reduction in sales.

Fabletics have however decided to turn the proverbial tables and show that you can provide quality at affordable prices with no hassle whatsoever and that brings us to their business approach which is called reverse showrooming.

Three Years down the Line

When Fabletics/Athleisure decided that it would be good for women to look hot and sexy when working out, they found a niche in the market that no one else had broached. They found that women will want to look sexy anywhere so, they made them exactly that.

Three years down the line and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is valued at $250 million. This is a giant stride, and it shows just how things can work out when you have great


The Killer Business Approach; Reverse Showrooming Technique

Here is how this works. The store will provide you with the choices that are suitable based on the preferences that you have in fashion and style. They have the online showrooms where the process trickles down like so:

  • You join and get a free VIP like membership that will show you all the good designs that will be sent via email.
  • After that, you will have to decide whether you want to skip or not. You will have only up to the 5th day of the first month subscription to decide whether you want to join in or not.
  • This method works because about 3 out of ten who subscribe will join and get membership. Then later 2-3 more out of 10 will come back to check it out again.

Why Fabletics

  • The quality is great
  • You get to look hot and sexy in those clothes
  • You will love the pricing
  • They give initial free membership to decide

In Conclusion

Fabletics is the way to go for the best sportswear.

Desiree Perez Caters the Needs of Music Lovers with Revamped Tidal Experience

There is something to be said for a company like Tidal. This is definitely one of the best websites around when it comes to music streaming, but it wasn’t always that way. It took a while for people to warm up to Tidal. Much of this had to do with the fact that Jay-Z was trying to work out a lot of the kinks with this company. He seems to have a firm hold on what he wanted to do now that Desiree Perez has come into place. has more of this subject.


The great thing about someone like Desiree Perez is that she knew exactly what she needed to do to get this company to another level. Jay-Z had the money, but he did not seem to have the strategy that would accelerate Tidal the way he wanted to. Desiree Perez, by contrast, has already closed lots of business deals. She has a nightclub in Manhattan that has done well over the years. She has also negotiated contracts for Roc Nation Sports athletes, and she has helped them get some of the best deals. Perez has also been involved in concert and advertising contracts for artists like Rihanna. All of this experience has given her the chance to soak up the creative process of marketing.

Check on

This is the type of thing that has given her the edge that she needs to come into Tidal and bring good fortune to Jay-Z and artists that are providing the exclusive content. Desiree Perez has done a magnificent job in building the type of streaming service that people are going to appreciate. She appears to know what music listeners are looking for and she has helped Jay-Z bring this to an audience that was once doubting what he would be able to do with this music streaming service.    Click here.



Championing human rights at all costs; the story of Thor Havlorssen

Everyone knows that there are places in the world and even in our own country where human rights are getting violated every single day. However, even in the age of social media where some of these events are even streamed live as they happen, the majority of the population simply offers their sympathy for the victims and never think about making any changes to the systems that have led to this oppression. Well, one activist who decided that it was time to try and make some real difference in the society is Thor Havlorssen. He has been involved in the fight for human rights for a very long time.

The kind of past that Thor comes from could be one of the reasons h got into activism. When he was a young man, he watched his own father get thrown in jail for protesting the plunder of tax payers’ money by the Venezuelan government. At the same time, he also watched his mother get shot during peaceful demonstrations against a corrupt government. The most stinging thing about the shooting incident was the fact that when it happened, the people that did it were known and yet it took a lot of time for them to get arrested. After the arrest, they were sentenced to serve three years of which they only served six months. These are the events that made him start crusading for social justice.

He formed his own organization, the Human Rights Movement that has head quarters in New York. Through this movement, he has been able to champion the rights of many from around the world. One of the events held by the organization has been equated to the Davos Conference that happens annually. He has been personally involved with different legal systems for his activism. There was a time he escaped narrowly from getting thrown in a jail in Vietnam for reporting about violence against the inmates. These and many more are the steps that Thor has been taking in making sure that he gets as many people as possible the justice they deserve. He is an inspiration to many. for more.

InnovaCare Health Inc. Under Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare offers managed health care services to people in North America and Puerto Rico. It operates leading health plans such as MMM Healthcare, Inc., and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. Its membership base includes more than 200,000 persons, served by a network of over 7,500 providers. The company creates models that are sustainable, can integrate with advanced technologies, and are cost effective. In doing so, they provide access to quality healthcare.

InnovaCare Health Inc.’s Priorities

The company’s major priority is the patient. In the present different and varying health care structure, the company tries to synchronize quality and innovative care to patients all across the region. They work every day to accomplish their mission of redefining healthcare management.

Reforming Payment Methods

To achieve healthier lifestyles, better care, and smarter spending, InnovaCare joined the Local Action Network that seeks to move the U.S. health scheme toward reimbursement models based on quality before quantity. Local Action Network offers a channel for the public, non-profit, and the private sectors to learn and contribute to labors in renovating the nation’s health system. It was in March 2015 that Local Action Network was launched by HHS to drive alignment in payment approaches.

Career Background of Dr. Richard Shinto

InnovaCare CEO, Dr. Rick Shinto commenced his medical career in Southern California working as a pulmonologist and internist. Afterward, he served as the Medical Management Commercial VP at MedPartners from 1996 to 1997, and later left to become the CMO for Cal Optima Health Plan based in Orange County, California. Dr. Shinto also worked as the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company. That was before working at NAMM in California, where he served as Chief Medical Officer. Before joining InnovaCare Health, Shinto served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Aveta Inc.; that was from 2008 to 2012.

In 2012, Dr. Rick was awarded the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award. He won the award thanks to his demonstration of excellence and success in areas such as innovation, personal commitment to health care service provision, financial performance, and business development. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

Career Background of Penelope Kokkinides

Presently, Penelope Kokkinides is the CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) at InnovaCare, Health, Inc. She rejoined the company in June 2015 where she had previously worked as the Chief Operating Officer. Penelope also worked as the Vice President of Clinical Operations and Chief Operating Officer of Aveta Inc. Additionally, she had served at the Center Light Health Care as the overall management and strategic director.

Entrepreneur Marc Sparks transforms office to optimize innovative collaboration

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur and business entity in the United States. For more than one decade, he has worked with his company to develop high-end solutions to businesses in need of a different office space.

The Timber Creek Capital Company has offered solutions to startup companies in need of a different office space that can offer a new face of the company. Marc Sparks has used his company to serve entrepreneur sin offering new businesses with a different business location that can be adopted on a massive scale.

According to him, business is all about presentation. If you do not have a good face, you will never achieve much in this business. For this reason, Marc Sparks has developed working capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.

According to Marc Sparks, developing a business is the first step towards profitability. While a business can have all the services offered to the people, its business will certainly fail if it does not have a good access location. For offices that are located in the tallest buildings, they will not be consulted than those that are located at the commencement of the building.

For this reason, the business will fail due to its location. Moreover, a business that is located behind closed windows with a stuffy room will certainly fail because the environment is no conducive for office workers to communicate with their people effectively.

As a matter of fact, offices that do not have good furniture capabilities can also fail because the workers will not be motivated to work in the buildings.

Marc Sparks has a lot of experience in the development of office spaces. When he first founded his first company, he worked to determine its better business development. He was located at the tallest building in town. When he saw that few people came to the company, he noticed that there was something wrong with him.

For this reason, he went on to take office to a better office space. However, he had poor furniture developments. For this reason, his competitors also worked to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is not depicted in the industry.

For this reason, business became better by the introduction of new furniture in the office space. Marc Sparks is one of the most experienced office expert elocutionists in the United States. For him, business is enhanced using a good environment to motivate workers.


The Litigation Expertise with Karl Heideck

The Litigation Expertise with Karl HeideckLitigation law rolls around the court system’s ins and outs. As such, a litigation attorney is primarily familiar with the settings of the court as well as how they operate. Individuals willing to pursue litigation, as their career need to have a keen interest in all lawsuits matters. Litigation lawyers work in close association with plaintiffs and defendants in all forms of civil cases. They additionally tackle a full spectrum of diverse court processes. Such procedures may include pre-trials, investigations, settlements and pleadings.

Litigation attorneys primarily focus on various diverse sectors. Some litigations have a specialty in toxic tort, asbestos protection, and bankruptcy among others. Karl Heideck is an excellent example of an expert in the legal field with a lot of litigation expertise. He is a litigation attorney featuring an extensive experience in the legal industry. Karl Heideck is a highly recognized attorney, who has extensive knowledge, not only in litigation but also in risk compliance and management review.

Karl Heideck features a sound educational background, which presented him with extensive training and preparation required to soar in the immense realm of litigation. He acquired his educations certifications from two of the best and finest higher learning institutions in Pennsylvania. Heideck attended the Temple University’s Beasley School of Law as well as the Swarthmore College. He graduated in 2003 from Swarthmore College. In 2009, six years later, Karl Heideck graduated from the Beasley School of Law. Karl Heideck has several robust skills, which include legal research, legal writing, arbitration, and teaching.

 Karl Heideck works for Pepper Hamilton LLPKarl Heideck additionally is well-versed in various disciplines including arbitration, product liability, and employment law. As a lawyer, Karl has pioneered many clients throughout his excellent career. Currently, Karl Heideck works with Pepper Hamilton LLP, a well-renowned law firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pepper Hamilton LLP has offices in several other towns outside Philadelphia. The firm features a team of qualified and experienced lawyers of about 500 individuals. George W. Pepper instituted the company in 1890.