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Joseph Bismark Has an Unconventional Background


When I think about businessmen and women, I think of those who were raised in a certain way, those who grew up in a home where they were encouraged to get a good job and earn good money. When I think of businessmen and women, I don’t think of people who spent time in a monastery. When I think of those who grow up to businessmen and women, I don’t think of children spending time living their lives as monks. It seems that business people are expected to grow up in a certain way and to gain a certain kind of education, but not all business people are alike.

According to what I read about Joseph Bismark on the WordPress blog Bring On The Random, he is one individual who did not grow up in the traditional way, yet he has made a name for himself. Joseph Bismark has a very unconventional background, one that includes time spent in a monastery as a child. This man spent time learning about religion when he could have spent that time learning about the business world, yet he seems to be doing just find with the life that he is now living. This man spent time worrying about his spirituality more than his education, yet he is doing just fine in the business world, today.

Brief Explanation On How To Write A Better Article for Wikipedia

This is a brief description of how to set up an article written for Wikipedia on; layout, structure, paragraphs, and style.

How to lay your article out
An article should have a good layout for the reader to follow. Begin with an introduction and follow it with clear information pertaining to the topic. Do not include personal opinions only information you are able to back up with reliable sources. At the end you should bring the whole topic to a conclusion and include references or related stories.

How to structure your article
Begin your article with an introduction to the topic you are writing about. The following paragraphs will go into more detail so you only want to give an attention grabbing statement or two of what is to come. It is not necessary to title this area as, “Introduction”.

Smaller or shorter paragraphs are easier to read. A paragraph with three to four sentences is an easy read, unless the sentences become too long. It would be better reading too break them into four or five sentences in those instances. If they become to long you can break the information up into two paragraphs carrying the same information into the second. You should rarely, if ever, use one sentence paragraphs.

Headings are good way to create structure in your article. If there is a table of content it is especially easy for the reader to find specific areas of interest by looking for the header. Wikipedia has software available for the use in making headings under their “Help Section”.

If an image is located within an article it should be placed close or near the text it relates to. There can be a reference to it in the text also; such as (image shown below).

The appendice follows the articles with:
* Books or other material that can be found on the topic.
* Internet sites related to the topic.
* Notes and references.
* Recommended books or articles for further reading on the topic.
* Recommended websites to look for further information on the topic.

Articles should be precise about the topic and kept as short as possible. Keeping them around or under 50KB is preferable and if not it would be better to break the information up and create a second one. It is much easier to read and edit an article that is shorter in length.

The tone or style of all articles should be kept formal and impersonal.

In all, it may be easier to consult with someone at GetYourWiki instead of trying to go at making a Wikipedia business page alone. If you do decide to edit, you should definitely start slow and ask for as much help as Wikipedia editors will give you.

Developing a Life Investing Plan

Investing effectively is a skill that must be mastered at every stage of life. A younger person must know how to invest funds that will allow them to grow their personal savings over the long term. Someone who has a young family will also need to develop an effective investment plan that allows them to provide for the needs of their kids and makes sure that the investor is protected against any kind of sudden losses. Those who are at the height of their career will want to have a investment plan that can help them maximize their savings during their peak income earning years and help establish a true fiscal foundation as they look to the future and their planned retirement from the workforce.

A successful life investment plan will be one that takes into account each stage of a person’s life as well as their own personal goals. The plan should also ideally take into account factors such as the person’s risk tolerance and the possibility that they may need to tap into any nest egg in the event of problems such as a temporary disability or other problem that may need them to have a significant sum of money in cash on hand.

Creating an investment plan can be a complicated task. This is one of many reasons why even those who have a good grasp of financial matters may decide to turn to an investment professional such as Igor Cornelsen for help. Cornelsen is a highly successful investor who has established an international investment company that has helped provide capital for investors in his native Brazil as well as those abroad. His work in this field has assisted investors who want to make sure that they have a strong investment portfolio with vast potential for long term growth.

A smart life time investment plan is one that will be responsive to the investors needs as well as the needs of other members of their family who may also be reliant on the income earner in order to help pay their bills. Creating a life investment plan will also help the person diversify their portfolio and create a useful mixture of all kinds of investments such as municipal bonds, growth stocks and stocks that pay a dividend income that the person retiring can use for additional income once they have chosen to retire from their primary job.

California Framers Are Using Fracking Wastewater To Irrigate Crops

Environmentalist Say Using Wastewater On Crops Is Dangerous

Kern County in the central valley of California is home to 45 percent of the farming industry, and that area produces 80 percent of the state’s oil. The four years of drought, and the recent water restrictions in the state were the catalyst for farmers to look for other sources of water. Fracking in the county produces wastewater, and the farmers decided to use that water on their crops. Wastewater and produce don’t sound like a match made in heaven, and environmentalists agree.

The use of waste water is not new to Shaygan Kheradpir. Farmers have been using the water that is separated from the oil that comes out of the ground for more than 20 years. No one objected to the oil companies selling water to farmers until recently. The water is filtered and pumped into a reservoir, and then used by 90 farms and vineyards in the area. There is nothing illegal about using the filtered wastewater, but environmentalist say consumers don’t know about the arrangement, and that’s a problem.

The main objection to using wastewater on crops is, there are no updated methods in place to make sure the wastewater is clean. The chemicals in the water can be dangerous if they are not properly removed, according to some environmentalists.

Nourishing your Dog with Beneful

Choosing the right food for my best buddy is an important choice. A poor quality food can leave a pet less energized and unhealthy. For our pets, we want them to live the longest life possible. That’s why providing them with quality exercise, letting them get fresh air, and showering them with love doesn’t stop there. What I feed them plays an important part in the enrichment I provide in their lives well. The right brand that works for me and my best dog friend, means finding a trust brand, a flavor, and a texture, whether dry, soft, or both. Food doesn’t stop here. The snack quality I choose matters, too. Beneful Brand dry and wet dog food is a choice many owners, like myself, make to provide their pets with the best.

Flavor Variety

Beneful understands flavors are important. They know which flavors my dog loves and provides them in mixed varieties. Great combinations include bacon and cheese, beef and cheese, smoke flavor and cheese, and cheese and peanut butter. In addition, each are enriched with antioxidant and omegas. Whether dog owners are looking for dry or wet dog food for their pet, they can count on flavorful and healthy accent, like green beans, carrots, rice, and barley. And they’re all about texture. Textures range from finely sliced to chunky bites – something for every dog out there. listed all Beneful food variety.

Choices for Any Age

Like their variety in flavors, Beneful keeps all dogs in mind. Their variety in different foods, including Prepared Meals, Hearty Roasters, Chopped Blends, and Medleys, give any dog, any age a great dog food they’ll enjoy. Their food come in different sizes, depending on the largeness of an owner’s beloved best friend. They include multipacks as small as 3oz to large 10oz packs that reseal to maximize freshness.

Quality Assurance

Quality food for my dog is imperative; it always comes first. Risking a pet’s health is not a choice. Buy from a trusted brand that continually produces quality food is an easy choice. Beneful is one of the brand that strictly follows Quality Assurance guidelines set in place by the FDA, USDA, and AAFCO. Every year, they reach their “gold standard” – meaning they meet or exceed every standard every time. Choose a brand and dog food that keeps pets in mind at all times. They take their product seriously and make it the best it can be. I want to choose a brand that shows they care for my pet as much as I do.

Ultimately, food for my pet is a weighted choice. They trust and rely on their owners to nourish and give tasty meals and treats. There are several factors to keep in mind while purchasing a dog food that is best for anyone’s best buddy. Make sure to ask questions and research before settling on a brand. Food that’s right will live up to high standards, be delicious, and energize, while maintaining happiness and health.

The Legacy of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey and developed his interest on computers in the fourth grade, which led him to start a database computer company when he was in high school. He enrolled in Harvard University in 1984 to study English and American literature and later became an editor with “The Harvard Crimson” though he took evening programming classes at MIT. It was not until 1991 when he founded the People Doing Things (PDT) that his work found a place in the interactive platforms in digital evolution. After merging his first company with the U.S. Interactive LLC, he founded Starbright World and was later recognized by the president.

He is the current chairman of the Board of Governors at ServiceMesh Inc., and he also serves as the vice president as well as general manager at Computer Sciences Corporation. He authored Computer Sciences Corporation’s creation that lead to the delivery of cloud offerings in organizations, which brought about IT-as-a-Service that is operated both internally and externally through the server platforms. This not only increased productivity but also came with lower costs. He has also served as Secretary and Chief Technology Officer Software at Santa Monica Media Corporation. 

Eric Pulier has co-founded several companies in the software and digital interactive industry including Interactive Video Technology, U.S. Interactive, Inc., SOA Software, and Desktone. He has in the past been selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to implement the Presidential Technology Exhibition and was at one time the vice president’s advisor on National Health Care on Family Reunion conferences. He also happens to be a member of the Progressive Policy Institute Economy Task Force and Clinton Global Initiative that deals with telecommunication management. Eric Puller has served as Director of several companies including MediaPlatform Inc., Gluecode Inc., AppSense Inc., MPOD Inc., Center for Telecom Management, ARTISTdirect Inc., and Exist Corporation as well as the Enterprise Leadership Council. He also appears in the top 30 list of e-Visionaries as captured by VAR Business, and this has made him a popular public speaker in most technological conferences. Eric Pulier is a philanthropist having donated with several non-profit organizations including the X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle, both of, which he is part of the Board of Governors.

FreedomPop Raises Even More Funding

There may be a new big player in the mobile phone industry. FreedomPop, a company that aims to give away free mobile subscriptions, just closed a round of funding that netted the company $30 million in funding. While other companies charge for mobile data and calls, FreedomPop is giving these services away, while they purchase the data at wholesale from larger wireless companies. For now, the service is free to attract customers. If customers go over specific allotments, they will be charged.

Although many think that this is not a profitable model, many customers are paying. There is an a-la-carte menu of extra services one can pay for if they do not like the small allotments in the free plan. In a funding round lead by Partech Ventures, FreedomPop brought its total funding to $49.3 million in the past three years. FreedomPop, while profiting significantly less than other wireless companies, saves money by buying services from other wireless companies. FreedomPop does not own its own wireless infrastructure. The overall goal is to attract as many customers as possible.

Right now, about half of FreedomPop customers are paying, so the more people signed up to the service means more revenue for the young company.

Bernie Sanders Picks Up Momentum In Wisconsin

It appears that Bernie Sanders may have even more momentum than anyone in the media has been willing to admit to. The Sanders hosted the largest campaign event that they have so far held, and perhaps the largest of any presidential hopeful in this cycle.

According to the Times Free Press, Sanders managed to garner some 10,000 plus people to come see him give a speech in that state. Even more impressive, this event was not some long awaited or choreographed event. Rather, it was something that organizers say was thrown together last minute in a lot of ways. Still, the Senator managed to get the attention of that many people, and this fact along is rather impressive.

According to Shaygan Kheradpir, Sanders is still considered to be a long shot by a lot in the media, but that is not stopping his campaign from moving forward. They see this as a mountain to climb, but they are prepared to take the first steps in that journey and start making necessary efforts to get it done. This is a great start for them.

Student Debt and For-Profit Colleges

LinkedIn says that the White House wants to make things a little more difficult for colleges who are operating on a for-profit basis. It’s a common scenario when someone goes to college, pays for books and tuition and gets everything lined up for the time spent at the school. It’s also common when that student takes out loans and uses credit cards in order to pay for all of those college essentials.

This is what the White House wants to stop. It wants to make sure colleges aren’t making the prices so high that students get in debt while attending. With the new regulations, colleges will now be required to monitor the debt of students after they graduate. Unless there will be some kind of financial aid provided, then monitoring students won’t do a lot of good when it comes to reducing the money that they have to pay out to the school.

Colleges could decide to lower the cost of an education, which would help in more ways than anyone could imagine. It would give more people a chance to attend college, and the school could still make enough money to pay the salaries of the teachers and staff.

New For-Profit College Requirements

Yesterday, July 1, the White House’s mandatory for-profit college accountability requirements went into effect across the nation. Over the years, several for-profit colleges, such as the Corinthian Colleges, saddled students with horrendous debt and promised these students that they would easily find jobs and make a certain level of income once they graduated. Obviously, this did not happen and the result was lawsuits by angry students who were shouldering incredible amounts of debt that went as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The new federal requirements now force colleges to track student loans and debts better. The team behind Beneful not that financial aid offices will also not be allowed to offer loans that exceed a percentage of of the student’s income or total earnings — 20 and 8 percent, respectively. According to CNN, there are at least 1,400 programs nationwide that don’t meet this new federal requirement. Those schools who do not meet it will now either have to clean up their programs or shut down.

Some schools like the University of Phoenix decided to adapt and change, but they also had to cut costs. In the case of the University of Phoenix, the school had to let go of many of its students and approximately 900 employees to make up the losses.

Even as these changes take place, some people wonder about student accountability given that many students should have realized that they were being tricked.