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Beneful – The Best Dog Food Around

When it comes to feeding your god it can be tempting to just buy whatever is the cheapest and hope for the best. The truth is that different dog foods are made differently and some are better for your dog than others. Beneful brand dog food is a premium blend of everything dogs love and helps to keep them healthy as well. Let’s go over some of the benefits of feeding your dog Beneful.

What is Beneful?

While you probably know that Beneful is a brand of dog food you may not know that it is owned and produced by Nestle Purina Petcare. Not only is it one of the most popular brands of dog food in the world, it is also one of Nestle’s most profitable products as well. In 2012 it was estimated that Beneful brand dog food brings in roughly $1.5 billion dollars annually.

Different Styles of Beneful Dog Food

Like most brands of dog food Beneful comes in wet or dry variants. The dry variant comes in eight different varieties such as Healthy Smile, Healthy Weight, and Playful Life to name a few. The wet variant comes in 20 variants including blends made from chicken, lamb, beef, and more. This gives your dog plenty of choices and help you to make sure you’re feeding your pet something that is both healthy and tasty. Also, Beneful makes dog snacks as well such as twists and biscuits.

A Focus on Health

As you probably guessed from the names of some of the foods above Beneful places a strong emphasis on your dog’s health. With special foods meant to help their teeth, weight, and other factors you can easily find something to suit your pet. Be mindful of which variant you buy your dog, he or she may need a particular type of food for their body or age.

The History of Beneful

Beneful brand dog food was introduced in 2001 and as you’d probably expect it placed a strong emphasis on health and nutrition for your dog. A company representative even mentioned that the name “Beneful” means “full of goodness.” Nestle went with a $34 million dollar ad campaign that made the brand so popular that they were forced to spend another $36 million to keep up with demand for their product. In 2011 Nestle aired an innovative commercial for Beneful which utilized ultrasonic sounds that only dogs can hear.

Coach K On The Cusp Of 1000 Wins


Mike Krzyzewski is very close to winning 1000 games, and he can win his 1000th against St. John’s at MSG. The road has been very long for Coach K since he started out as the head coach at Army almost 40 years ago. He started as a very intense head coach of an Army team that was not very good. HE was able to turn them around and go down to Duke to start a basketball powerhouse that has not stopped producing since he got there. He has been the best coach since John Wooden, and he has surpassed his mentor Bobby Knight in wins and titles.

The key to the success of Coach K has always been consistency. You can read accounts of his players talking about learning to play defense. He was so stodgy about defense that there are stories of players not touching the ball for weeks at a time. He used that intensity to create teams that were great on their own, and their greatness brought in more wonderful players. The highlight of his career may be the regional semifinal where in Grant Hill footballed the ball to Christian Laettner. Duke alums and fans, like Marc Sparks, have also contributed to the teams success by being supportive during Coach K’s career. However, that is just one of a thousand wins. It is an unprecedented number.

The Best Things About QNet CEO Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is the CEO, QNET and has featured in many news articles for his outstanding performance in the world of business and life as a whole. He is among the best mentors for modern entrepreneurial practices and advancement in the world of business. Vijay Eswaran was born on the 7th of October the year 1960. He has attained many qualifications from great institutions. He obtained a socio-economic degree from the London Economics School back in the year 1984 and proceeded to getting some work that would help him earn a living. He once worked as a cab driver as well as picking grapes in France, something that emphasizes the fact that he is a very hard working person. It is later that he went on and pursued an MBA from the Southern Illinois University. There is more to read about Vijay as you will get to see. Read on.

Vijay is known as a very eloquent speaker as well as an author that has released very insightful copies about life and the business world. He published his first book in the year 2005 which was titled In the Sphere of Silence. In this book he covers all his life management philosophy and how to start off on every day. In later publications, he released books highlighting the way young entrepreneurs are faced with challenges and possible solutions that could keep them on track. In 2011, he released another publication titled On the Wings of Thought, which covered his photography collection.

He is also a successful family man and a socially responsible individual. He is married to Umayal Eswaran, who is a manager of the Vijayaratnam Foundation (Following his philanthropic nature, Vijay established this foundation to help through community programs, donations and charities that have touched the lives of many people). He, as the head of the QI group, established the RYTHM Foundation, a corporate social responsibility arm of this company. News can be found on Twitter to keep up to date.

In 2013, Vijay was crowned the Malaysian Business Awards CEO of the Year. This reinforced his unique trait that seeks to highlight his innovative and hard working nature. This award was issued considering innovation and best business practices. For Vijay Eswaran, this forms part of his life because he is always on the forefront to ensure all his ventures survive despite challenges that exist in the market. The QI group led by Vijay has promised to rise in billions over the next one year and this is believed to be possible.

Skout Is The Best Place To Find A New Relationship

If you’re anything like me, you find the dating world to be exhaustive. I’ve dated on all types of platforms, such as speed dating, blind dates, and even mutually meeting someone on the street. All of my dates have turned out to be a bust, and I’m very disappointed in the dating world altogether. I was turned onto Skout by a close friend who told me that it was a social media network, where I could meet someone. I’ve tried the online dating thing before, but it was very brief, and I never got to go on a physical date. I decided to go onto Skout, and find someone.

I first signed up for the account, and after discovering there was an app, I downloaded it to my phone. The app did well with me, because I work a 60 hour week, and sometimes I can’t find time to sit at my computer. I created a profile, where I put out some personal information about myself, and I decided to add a picture to the profile as well. After my profile was created, I added in a little bit of information about myself, in hopes that it would attract somebody new. Right away, I fell in love with Skout.

There are well over 100 million people on the Skout network from around the world, giving me a variety of people to talk to at any given time. If I get off work late, I could get onto Skout and talk. If I end up coming home early in the morning from work, I could still find someone to chat to on Skout. Skout has a network that is vibrant at any time of the day, and that’s what I love about it. One of the best features of Skout is the “shake to chat” feature, which I use very often. Shake to chat is so much fun, and I use it on my phone, or tablet. When I use the shake to chat, I will randomly get someone who shows up to talk to me, and they could be anywhere in the world.

I would’ve never looked for someone in Australia, but they showed up while I used the shake to chat feature. I really like the diversity of the feature, allowing me to talk to people I normally would meet. When I was determined to find a new relationship, I put in a specific search, and I looked for certain features that I wanted in the person I’m looking for. A few people caught my interest right away, and I added them as a favorite. I could easily find my favorites to talk to in the future. I even utilized some of the other features that were on the Skout network.

I purchased some Skout points, which I was able to use to open up other features that I wanted to utilize. I wanted to know if someone had done a search for me, and using the Skout points, I was able to obtain this information. I was also able to find out who added me as a favorite as well. Using Skout points, I could open up features such as comments, backstage photos, give virtual gifts, or even send mass greetings. I quickly found a guy that I was interested in, and we are currently in a relationship.

Sorority E-mail with Strict Appearance Guidelines Leaked

Everyone knew girls could be mean, but the leaked e-mails from the University of Southern California’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority takes it to an entirely new level. The e-mails, from 2013, were allegedly authored by a sorority chair, and outlines exactly what is expected of the member’s looks during rush week.

The e-mail details everything from the type of undergarments that should be worn (Spanx), the amount of makeup that needs to be on a member’s face (eight items) and proper hair etiquette. According to sources, the e-mail was sent out prior to rush week, a period in which sororities and fraternities attempt to attract new members, or “pledges”.

In one section of the e-mail, the chair admonishes wavy hair, and advises her sisters to either keep their hair straight or keep their hair curly, wavy hair is not acceptable for Alpha Chi Omega sisters. She also goes on to lay down a ban on ombre hair colors, and insists that sisters must have their roots dyed prior to returning to school.
The chair also has some pretty strict guidelines for eyebrows. They must not be bushy, but they also must not be too thin. Whether or not a sister’s eyebrows are passable are up to the discretion of the sorority chair.

The leaked e-mails, which appear on Jezebel do not paint sororities in a positive light. For years many have joked that these social groups were simply filled with dumb women who were more obsessed with their looks and landing a man, then their academic studies. As pointed out by my friend over at Status Labs, the leaked e-mails seem to cement that idea.

Alpha Chi Omega has failed to comment on the e-mails.

Mixing Business With School

President Obama recently announced that he wants high school graduates to be able to get a two-year degree for free. This is one of the best ideas he has had, and while some are thinking that there are scholarships and financial aid for college, not everyone is approved for the funds.  Schools that let these companies advertise could possibly see millions of dollars. However, when a student sees that there is the possibility of a debit or credit card, that student might end up in debt instead of paying for things that are needed for school or to live on, such as food and clothing. Since there have been several states that have stopped funding colleges, especially the smaller ones, this could be something to help with the necessities, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the finances of the students. Dr. Jennifer Walden had many years of schooling, she would have been grateful if this was happening in her time of learning.

Cardale Jones Stays In School and partner Sergio Andrade Gutierrez are here to announce Cardale Jones is going to stay in school at Ohio State. He announced the decision yesterday, and it is likely that CJ Barrett and Braxton Miller were not happy. Miller could have won the Heisman this year, and Barrett drug the Buckeyes to all their wins except the last three. Jones just won a national title by convincingly beating three very good teams.

So, the idea at Ohio State is that they have far too much in the way of QB depth. It is going to be hard to recruit, and it is likely that Miller or Barrett will go somewhere where they can play immediately and keep their draft stock up.

Jones could have gone to the NFL, but he likely would have gone in the middle of the draft. That is not really worth it when you consider that he only played three games in college. They might be the three biggest games of his life, but they are only three games. He needs to make sure that he is in a place where he can improve his stock, and he will improve if he is able to win the job from Braxton Miller and CJ Barrett for next season.

Advice for female students going into the workforce from Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla Advice on PR Newswire

Susan McGalla is a woman on a mission. Her mission is to inspire, motivate, and guide women to succeed in business careers. As founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, McGalla has taken up the mantel of the women who have fought for the right to have a seat at the management table and better overall working conditions for women everywhere. She also assists clients with operational efficiencies, talent management, marketing, branding, and much more. Recently she shared three tactics women can use to overcome the difficulties they face in the workplace and become successful.

1. Higher Education Opens Up Greater Opportunities

The economy needs skilled workers. For women to be successful in workplaces dominated by men, more women must earn college degrees, McGalla says. Young women shouldn’t let the growing cost of a college education stop them. She advises them to rely on scholarships, financial aid, and smart planning. McGalla pointed out that women already make up nearly half of America’s professional workers and more than half of college students. She said it is important these trends continue so women can win the ‘war for talent’ in the coming year.

2. Continued Confidence 

McGalla explained that it’s essential for women to build a support network of influencers who will motivate them to do the highest quality work possible. This will give them the opportunity to attain higher management positions. This can help women who have higher education and have taken advantage of the opportunities presented to them feel more confident once they have entered a work environment remain confident enough to succeed. This is important, McGalla explained because a study done by Bain & Company shows that the influence of management can cause women’s level of aspiration to drop by up to 60%.

3. Ignore the Glass Ceiling 

One of the strategies McGalla says led to her success is paying attention to her work ethic and ignoring the “glass ceiling”. She said she didn’t carry a chip on her shoulder or worried about prejudices that existed in the workplace or what she was entitled to because she is a woman. Nor did she worry about breaking through the glass ceiling. She advises women to not allow themselves to be subject to discrimination or prejudice, or reinforce stereotypes. Instead, she says they should persevere and let their work speak for itself in the face of workplaces where gender-designated role dominate. 

Notre Dame Quarterback May Abandon Ship For LSU


Norte Dame’s quarterback Everett Golson is looking for another Division I team to play for next year. He is a red shirt junior, and will be graduating from Notre Dame this spring. Golson has one year of eligibility left, and he would like to use it playing college football.

As a graduate student next year, he can technically transfer to any Division I team that he wants to, since the SEC no longer restricts graduate school transfers.

However, it may not be that simple since Golson was red shirted for the 2013 season for academic reasons. Because of this, any team he went to would need to get a waiver in order for them to play for their team.

According to about organic coffee, Golson was an important player Notre Dame back in 2012. He helped lead Notre Dame to the BCS championship game with Bernardo Chua. However, after he had to sit out for the 2013 season due to academic reasons, he became more of a second string quarterback. This year, red shirt freshman Malik Zaire was the leading quarterback for Notre Dame.

If the SEC grants Golson a waiver, we could see him playing for LSU, which so far seems interested in the surprising possibility of having another experienced quarterback on their roster next year.

Buckeyes Win

Coming into the National Championship game of the first year of playoffs ever in college football history, the Oregon Ducks were huge favorites over the Ohio State Buckeyes, who had just knocked off the top seeded Alabama Crimson Tide the previous week. Although the victory was huge for the Buckeyes, the spotlight was still on Oregon and their Heisman trophy winning quarterback Marcus Mariota. However, the Ohio State Buckeyes would come back and shock the world yet again. They took down the Oregon Ducks in remarkably large fashion, winning the game by twenty two points. It looked as if Ohio State was playing very sloppy in the first half,  states Igor Cornelsen who was watching the game, as they had four early turnovers, but they were able to stack points on the board and take the lead into halftime. The second half was pretty much a beat down by Ohio State, and the Ducks didn’t really have too much of a chance. In the end, the Ohio State Buckeyes proved that they deserved to be National Champs and that the new playoff system is by far a more fair way to determine who is the best team in college football at the end of the season. Seeing as they were a four seed, in a previous year they would have undoubtedly been competing for finishing in third place. They can go back to Ohio with their heads held high knowing they just won college football’s first ever playoffs.