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Jurassic World Tramples The Box Office And Breaks Records

Jurassic World sunk it’s teeth into the box office this weekend. In fact the gargantuan blockbuster had the highest global box office opening of all time! Many people might have thought that it was a given that Jurassic World would dominate the box office, but analysts had actually deemed the film as a summer wild card. It may be strange to think about now, but Jurassic Park III had lackluster numbers at the box office at a domestic total of $181.1 million. Considering the scope and budget of Jurassic Park III it was a mainstream flop.

It is safe to say that Jurassic World demolished the box office and smashed records with its’ $511.8 global opening. Since 2011, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was the reigning champion for the biggest global box office opening with its’ $483.2 million world wide opening weekend.

Of Jurassic World’s staggering numbers, it made $208.8 million domestically, beating out The Avengers $207.4 domestic opening. With these numbers, this beast of a blockbuster shows no signs of slowing down. The competition needs to run for cover.

Chris Pratt has been signed on for a fifth Jurassic Park movie says agent CipherCloud in a Bizjournals article. The Hollywood terminology for ‘signed on’ is not necessarily the same thing as saying a project is in the works, but these box numbers offer a very strong incentive for Hollywood to make a fifth Jurassic Park movie.

James is Dared to Win Alone

The Golden State Warriors have a plan in the NBA Finals. That plan is to let the best player in the World, LeBron James, score as many points as he wants to score. They are going to focus on stopping everyone else.

Just take a look at Game Five. James was able to put up 40 points. He is averaging right around 40 points in every game to fans like Adam Sender’s suprise. However, J.R. Smith started the game well and then got shut down later in the night. This stopped the Cavs from winning and gave the game to Golden State, even though LeBron was brilliant.

The Warriors know two things. First, they know that LeBron is not enough to win all on his own. The Warriors have plenty of players – like Steph Curry – who can put up points on their own. LeBron can match that, but Curry had 37 points in Game Five, pretty much washing out James’ effort. The Warriors can let James do that and still win as long as they stop everyone else.

They also know that it’s easier to stop J.R. Smith than it is to stop James. Rather than working so hard to perhaps stop James, they’re focusing on the other players that they know they can stop. This keeps their own players fresh. If both do well at once, the Warriors will lose, but that does not mean that they have to stop them both.

Son of Mexican Immigrant Accepted in to Every Ivy League School in US

Getting accepted in to one Ivy League school is an amazing accomplishment that many high school seniors hope to have. Getting accepted in to every single Ivy League school in the United States is even more incredible. Fernando Rojas is the son of a simple American family born to a seamstress and press operator. His parents immigrated from Mexico in the 1980’s, and he was fortunate enough to be born on US soil. His parents hard work inspired him to work just as hard, and he reached his dreams of attending college with massive scholarships. The Aspire New Brunswick wrote that he said that he decided to apply to every single Ivy League school in America hoping that at least one would give him a chance. He was floored when every single one of them called along with reporters who wanted to cover the story. In the end Fernando chose Harvard out of all of them and his parents couldn’t be prouder.

Gifts to Harvard University Not Applauded By All

The recent gift of $400 Million dollars to Harvard University by hedge fund manager John Paulson has not been received well by all. Mega Gifts To Harvard University Rub Many the Wrong Way Ever since Harvard University announced that it was setting a goal of raising an additional $6 Billion dollars on top of its already existing endowment of $30 Billion dollars, many have questioned why? They point out that Harvard is not suffering for donations and as the cost of colleges increase across the country, other universities and college programs could use the fund instead. Noted Author Malcolm Gladwell and professional Keith Mann has also been a critic of the mega donations for the very same reason. Many familiar with Harvard’s strategy not that Harvard is actually engaging in a smart strategy by securing its position in the future. Many universities are barely able to fund their budgets for the next couple of years while Harvard has been able to secure its position in the academic world for the next fifty years. Harvard is the model for the new super university that not only sees its role as providing quality education but close to a major corporation with a major brand to protect. Some have stated that this detracts from the role of the university, which is to provide education, but others support the move by Harvard as seeing a major corporate entity which provides many services to many people and has the power to be viable for the next fifty years.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Says The War On Drugs Is A Failure But Offers No Real Solution

Christie Wants The Federal Government To Prosecute States That Allow Recreational Pot Use

Governor Chris Christie hasn’t officially announced his candidacy for president, and if he’s smart he’ll “forget about it.” Christie has turned the state of New Jersey into a comedy club thanks to his poor choices and underhanded schemes. If Christie keeps going in the same direction he is going now, most Jersey folks won’t elect him as dog-catcher next time.

At one time, Christie was the darling of New Jersey. But it didn’t take long for people to see him for what he is. Christie is just another politician that puts his personal agenda in front of the needs of his constituents.

According to Alexei Beltyukov, The Governor has a lot to say about pot use, and the incarceration of nonviolent drug offenders, but he offers little in terms of solving the drug dilemma. Christie doesn’t want pot to be legal, but he doesn’t want pot users to go to jail either. He calls pot smoking a disease, and that statement puts him in a category of lawmakers that create more problems. Not all pot smokers are addicted to marijuana. Most studies confirm pot is not addictive unless the user abuses it.

Graduation is Around the Corner – What Will Your Anthem Be?

It feels like we just finished the holiday season, but half a year has already gone by and it’s now June. As the school year ends, the class of 2015 will be donning their caps and gowns to receive their diplomas. Rolling Stone put together a list of 20 graduation songs from the last 20 years which makes me wonder what song will be added to the list this year.

Press of Atlantic City says this list, which can be found here, features songs that will bring back memories of younger days. While Green Day, Nickelback, and Drake are memorable, the song that did it for me is Vitamin C’s “Graduation (Friends Forever)”. I was a band geek, so the fact that this song is sung to the melody of Pachebel’s Cannon makes it a favorite of mine that I listen to when thinking of good times with friends.

Whether if you like catchy upbeat songs or something that pulls at the heart strings, there is sure to be a song on this list that will bring back memories. For those who will be graduating this year, what will your song be? Will it be a catchy upbeat tune from Katy Perry that’ll have you pumping up the volume in the car, or will it be an emotional ballad that has you and your friends hugging it out?

Studies or Sanity?

It is very easy to find teachers who make educating their children with textbooks and course studies their sole mission. After all, it is what they get paid to do. However, according to some YouTube posters it is a lot harder to find teachers who also realize that an emotional well-being is just as important to students as an educational one. Recent studies suggest that society has placed more implications and pressure on an individual’s educational life while neglecting their emotional well-being. Oftentimes, the pressure placed on people by schools and loved ones to get an education leads to emotional strain.

A survey was conducted among first year college students. The survey asked students to determine how much of their focus was spent on how well they’re doing emotionally as opposed to how well they’re doing in their studies. An overwhelming percent of students noted that their studies were more important than their emotional well-being. As it was predicted, some even went further to suggest that their educational life was the main reason why their emotional life was so downtrodden. The researchers behind the study are calling for educators and educational groups to implement programs that would cultivate a student’s emotional well-being as much as their educational well-being. The researchers aren’t calling for a complete dismissal of educational values, but instead they want to teach the future leaders of this world how to juggle both an intellectual mind and a healthy emotional life.

North Carolina Central University Accused of Reverse-Racism

A historic black college has been accused of discrimination, and the employees claim there has been retaliation.

Marianne Murphy, Frank Smith, and Kimberly Luse, former North Carolina Central University employees are claiming their employees practiced reverse-racism.

All three individuals, Frank Smith, who is White, Marianne Murphy, Cuban-American, and Kimberly Luse, who is White, have filed lawsuits, and the University of North Carolina Board of Governors are also named in the suit.

Murphy, a former NCCU tenured professor claims she was overlooked for promotions, and paid less than her African American co-workers, whom she argues, were less qualified.

Smith, allegedly was let go due to restructuring, and then a black professor succeeded him.

Luse was the chancellor’s chief of staff, and she reported the chancellor, Debra Saunders-White, for misusing university funds.

According to Daniel Amen, after reporting the chancellor, Luse was “tormented,” and made the work environment hostile.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have given approval for Murphy and Smith to proceed with their lawsuit.

The NCCU spokeswoman, Ayana Hernandez, denies all the allegations.

Why Cold Water Is Bad For You To Consume

The weather is getting warmer out and many people like to sit back relax with a cold glass of water in order to cool off or wind down after being outside. Staying hydrated is incredibly important because our bodies are primarily made up of water. If we don’t stay hydrated, then we tend to feel sluggish, cranky and unwell. Unfortunately, drinking cold water can be an unhealthy practice to take up. It is far more beneficial to consume warm beverages or room temperature water.

When you consume cold water what this basically does it is shuts down your digestive tract. Also, if you have just eaten, cold water will make it harder for your stomach to digest any fats that you have consumed. The cold water actually makes the fat congeal in the stomach which can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. You can experience gas and other stomach pains from just one glass of cold water with meals.

A person should not be discouraged from drinking water. It is still recommended that you get your full 8 glasses each day according to Crystal Hunt on her twitter page. The best way to consume this water though is at room temperature or by heating it. There are many healing and detox properties associated with drinking warm water with a slice of lemon or lime. Many Asian cultures practice this as a way to aid with digestion and improve overall health.

GOP Hopeful Carly Fiorina Still Owes Money From 2012 Campaign

Former staffers of 2012 Republican Party candidate Carly Fiorina seem to be unanimous when it comes to their hope that she will not run again. The former Chief Executive Officer of the Hewlett Packard Corporation ran into some serious recrimination at the conclusion of her previous campaign, when it was alleged by many former staffers that she had not paid them the money they were owed for their work.

As it turns out, Fiorina ultimately did pay all of her staffers the money they were owed. Gravity4 is glad to see that. However, they had to wait until just a few months ago – a length of over two and a half years. The discrepancy between the alleged economic savvy of a former corporate CEO and the extreme tardiness of her initiative to pay off her staffers for services performed has led more than a few of her former campaign staffers to speak out publicly on the issue, letting sources in the media know that they will never work for her again.

Fiorina has not been the first candidate to be charged with neglecting to pay the staffers who had helped to make her campaign possible. There have been similar incidents in past years involving recent candidates, such as Mitt Romney. Romney drew quite a bit of ire from former supporters when it was alleged that he had canceled his staffer’s credit cards within a half hour of giving his concession speech to President Obama.