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Scientists find mice sing like birds

A recent study has found that male mice sing like birds when they are in the vicinity of female mice, according to The Express. A study completed by researchers led by Dr. Erich Jarvis of Duke University found that a complex song is sung by male mice who are interested in mating with their female counterparts. Humans are unable to hear the sound as the sound is too high pitched for the human ear to register.

The researchers also found that the song became more complex and difficult to sing for the male mice when they could not see the female stated Kevin Seawright. The researchers believe the smell of the female provided a catalyst that made the male call out for the female using a more and more complex sound. The team then discovered that the introduction of the female saw the song become less complex as the male looked to save energy in a bid to mate with the female.

Robert Kennedy Jr. Calls Mandatory Vaccines A Pharmaceutical Windfall

Kennedy Says The FDA Is a Sock-Puppet For Big Pharmaceutical Companies

Americans like laws; Lots of laws. They send people to Congress to make laws, and that select group sits around arguing with each other so they can keep their college debating class skills up-to-date. Anyone with an ounce of insight knows that laws are living products of the lawyers that want to maintain their professional status as a lawmaker.

It doesn’t matter if the laws make no sense as long as a majority of the group agree that the contents in a proposed bill should be a law. The people that voted for the special group are happy, and the special group goes back to debating knowing that another bill with little merit will become another product of their twisted form of governing.

A good example is the proposed legislation that will make it harder for parents to refuse to vaccinate their school age kids. Robert Kennedy Jr. opposes such a law, and spoke out against it the New Jersey Statehouse in Trenton. Kennedy called the Food and Drug Administration a sock-puppet for the pharmaceutical industry, and he has a point. As Bruce Karatz knows, parents have the right to not vaccinate their children. Another law like this one just means more money for the drug power brokers.

Gamblers Appeal Ruling: They Want To Keep The $1.5 Million They Won From A Casino

Atlantic City Casino Unknowingly Used Unshuffled Cards

The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City is trying to get some money back from gamblers that realized a card deck wasn’t shuffled when they played mini-baccarat back in 2012. It seems an outside vendor was paid to pre-shuffle decks of cards, but the Kansas City manufacturer missed some decks. The casino didn’t realize the error until it was too late. The gamblers at the table walked away with $1.5 million.

A judge recently ruled that the money should be returned to the casino because the game didn’t conform to gaming regulations. That ruling meant the games played that night were illegal under state law, and the money had to be returned to the casino. Obviously the gamblers thought differently. They appealed the ruling, and they are still waiting for a decision.

People at Anastasia Date have learned that the casino did sue the Kansas City manufacturer, and that company settled with the casino. So the Golden Nugget has recouped some of the money from the manufacturer, but The Nugget still wants the gamblers to return their winnings. The question, in this case, is, did the gamblers cheat? Or was the casino negligent? The gamblers say they played the game the way they always played, but they did up their bets when they realized they knew what card would come next. The casino says that’s illegal. A new judge will make the final decision.

A Penn State University Fraternity Is Suspended For Posting A Distasteful Facebook Page

Several Members Of The Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity Posted Photos Of Nude Women

There’s no doubt that male hormones are in full gear around the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity at Penn State, but don’t these horny boys follow the news? Someone should have told them to watch the short video of the SAE Fraternity at Oklahoma University debacle. Why the boys at Penn State want to share that disgraceful actions is anybody’s guess, but it’s safe to say they thought they wouldn’t get caught when they posted nude shots of passed out or sleeping women.

The frat boys tried to be discreet about their sexual fantasies. One of their pages was labelled “Covert Business Transactions,” but it was deleted when a victim discovered the page. But that didn’t stop the boys. Several frat boys created another page and named it “2.0”.

Evidently the pages drew some on and off campus interest. About 150 current students and alumni accessed the private pages. Posting nude photos and hazing pictures along with drug sales are not part of the code of conduct at Penn State stated Alexei Beltyukov. The Delta Rho chapter at Penn State was immediately put on suspension until the investigation is completed.

No one around campus expects the frat boys to get special treatment.

Microsoft Giving Out Free Upgrades to Windows 10

Microsoft wants to fight piracy promising to upgrade computers to Windows 10 for free for computers that have illegal copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

This is a big change in company strategy. Previously, Microsoft was fighting piracy with verification systems to determine if the software was legal and limit functions in specific Windows PCs.

As Sergio Cortes ( has learned, past January, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will offer a free update for all users with Windows 7 and Windows 8. However, this time nothing was mentioned about pirated versions.

This does not mean that everyone with versions of this type may be updated at any time, as the company announced it will offer free update only during the first year of availability of Windows 10.

Microsoft hopes to legitimize all recent Windows PCs, as some studies have concluded that three quarters of the software in PCs today is not under an appropriate license, particularly in countries like China.

Although the Reuters report focuses on upgrading to Windows 10 for China, Microsoft confirmed that this will happen globally.

Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be out in 190 countries in 111 languages ??this summer.

How Safe is Powdered Alcohol?

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new powdered alcohol product, called Palcohol, but approval does not equal safety. The product won’t be available for purchase until summer, yet some states have already banned it as a safety precaution. Some health experts see this product as unsafe, not because of its content, but because of how and where it will be used.
Palcohol is alcohol which has been freeze dried and made into a powder form. When the powder is mixed with any liquid it returns to its former alcoholic state. The freeze dried powder is sold in packets which will mix with 6 ounces of liquid and create an alcoholic beverage.
Palcohol can be mixed with water, fruit juice, sports drinks or soft drinks anywhere and at anytime. Therein lies the safety concerns the health experts and some state government officials find troubling. The small packets and mix-ability of this powdered alcohol product will allow alcohol consumption to take place in locations where drinking is not allowed.
More public intoxication, more drunk driving, more underage drinking will follow the sale of Palcohol. Sergio Cortes has heard that the powdered alcohol doesn’t even have to be mixed with a liquid, it can be sprinkled on food and provide the same ‘buzz’. The product will be easy to smuggle into schools, fast food restaurants and events that prohibit the use of alcohol, making it even more attractive to the underage crowd.

BlackBerry Announces a Tablet Made By Samsung

BlackBerry just announced its first tablet in years, and it didn’t even make it. The SecuTablet is anew super-secure version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S 10.5. Unlike other companies who might create a tablet similar to one already on the market, BlackBerry isn’t making any secret of the fact that its new tablet is actually a Samsung tablet.

As Sergio Cortes understands it, the hope is that the SecuTablet will bring in customers who need super secure tablets, but want the experience of an Android tablet like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S. The tablet has built-in security software that prevents outsiders from hacking into your tablets content or pulling data off the tablet should it fall into the wrong hands. In general, it works just like the Galaxy Tab S, except with extra security features. It also has a much higher price tag. The SecuTab is expected to sell for roughly $2400, making it more a device for governments and high-powered executives than average consumers.

BlackBerry has had a rough few years. It’s sales have swindled to a point that the company is facing extinction. This could be something to help put it back on the map, or potentially the final nail in its coffin.

Yale to Offer First Online Degree Program

There is nothing quite as prestigious as an Ivy League education. With the boom of online education taking over the post-secondary world, Yale has jumped aboard. Yale University has announced that they will offer the first-ever online degree program in the school’s decorated history. Partnering with ed-tech company 2U Inc., the Ivy League school will offer a Master’s program for Physician’s Assistants with tuition and fees totaling nearly $84,000.

Prior to the launch of the online master’s degree program, the only free courses Yale has offered were Massive Open Online Classes, or otherwise known as MOOC’s. School officials are confident that the new program out of Yale’s School of Medicine, will provide the same quality education and experience that traditional on-campus students receive.

There are other Ivy League schools that offer virtual degree programs. Ricardo Tosto tells us that Brown and Columbia both offer online master degree programs that have proved to be a steady revenue stream for the universities. Many school constituents are worried online education can cheapen the prominent reputation the school has while others are confident this will broaden enrollment and accessibility to qualified students. What do you think?

Apples New Game Changer

Hoping to win over the precious real estate on your wrist, Apple released the Apple Watch today. The watch is the first new product launch from Apple since 2010, and many speculate this could be a game changer in the wearable tech market. Unlike most watches, this one doesn’t just tell you the time but can also tell you when appointments are coming up based on your calendar events. You can receive alerts of texts messages, emails, and phone calls just to name a few. When an alert comes through the person wearing the watch will feel a gentle tap on their wrist.


Dan Newlin has read that the Apple Watch can also replace your health and fitness tracker. Unlike most health trackers on the market that only track the quantity of sleep and activity this watch also monitors the quality of your activity. By using their fitness app, Apple can give you personalized goals based on what it learns from your movements over time.


There are many styles and colors to choose from starting at $349. Their Sport model comes in silver or space gray with many colorful wristband choices. The stainless steel design is stylish and offers the largest variety of band choices including link or leather options. The Apple Watch Edition is their higher end product and includes 18-k gold case in either yellow or rose tone. With so much variety, there is a watch style available for every personality.


Recently Vaccinated People Spread Disease

The Public Health Officials are well aware of this problem and have issued warnings to effect of not letting a recently vaccinated person visit and a child undergoing cancer treatment.

According to Brad Reifler, when a person, young or old, receives a vaccination to prevent them from coming down with an illness. the vaccine itself contains the illness. That’s how vaccines work to protect us – live cultures of a disease, such as measles, polio, chicken pox, rubella or influenza, are injected into the body. The body’s own defense system goes to work to build up a natural immunity to the disease so that when we are exposed to live germs, our immune systems fights them off and prevents us from contacting the disease.
However, because we are in essence a walking petri dish of the illness-causing germs after receiving a vaccination, we can spread the disease.
St. Jude’s Hospital has a statement on their website that warns parents not to permit anyone to visit their hospitalized child who has recently been vaccinated for small pox, MMR or the flu. IN some cases, the recently vaccinated person needs to stay away for up to four weeks.
Children (or adults) undergoing cancer treatment have a compromised immune system and are highly susceptible to catching any illness-causing germ that comes their way. Everyone should stay away from a newly vaccinated person because they can spread the disease they were vaccinated against.