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Warriors Hot Streak

As the winning streak continues on to a record sixteen wins in a row for the Golden State Warriors, hopes of a championship year continue to build in and around the Bay Area. My friend Kenneth Griffin is obsessed and somehow just knows the golden team won’t let their fans down. Although it has been nearly a half century since the Warriors have been a championship contender, everything this season seems to be pointing to a long awaited and sought after title.
In their Sunday night game against the New Orleans Pelicans, the Warriors were pushed into overtime with their backs against the wall and it appeared as though their hot streak could be coming to a close. However, the warriors rallied late and eventually took the game by six points, pushing their current win streak to a span of longer than a months’ time. Golden State’s Stephen Curry has been posting record numbers for the team and he is currently amidst the best players in the league. As the season progresses it is likely he will continue to be amongst NBA leaders in total scoring, three point field goals, assists and steals.  Regardless of the outcome of the season as well as Stephen Curry’s statistics, the Bay Area will continue to be buzzing as the Golden State Warriors are off to their hottest start in team history.

Former MIT Chancellor Wants More Focus on Online Education

Eric Grimson, former chancellor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a professor at Harvard Medical School, said at the Forum Spain Innova that the future of university education is not “large classrooms and amphitheaters” but Teaching ‘online‘.

A connection shared “In 2001 the MIT teaching materials were first placed on the website and now 150 million different people have visited that page.”

In the informational meeting organized in Madrid by the New Economy Forum, Grimson said that currently “we are living the third disruptive period in the history of education. The first was the printing press, the second, the implementation of the blackboard and now digital tools, which represent a new revolution in the classroom.”

The former Chancellor of MIT, who recalled that this institute has seen the microchip, GPS and HDTV, defended the use of new technologies in higher education, not only because he has been able to teach 250,000 students everywhere – “I just need to have a student in the Maldives and one in French Guiana ,” he said, because “digital tools help us identify new talent ” and bring to MIT.

“We are not in favor of large classes, and huge amphitheaters with 600 students who sit in the background not even seeing the teacher.

When asked what created the success at MIT, Dr. Grimson said in a relaxed tone, having signed a confidentiality agreement with the institute, that he could not tell, but he believes the key is “working on real problems, and work that is practical.”

Debt Relief Firms Scam Students Pressured With Student Loans

Certain for-profit colleges have been exposed for duping prospective students with promises of educational grants, when in fact the students were signing loan applications. Everest University was recently exposed by the media as one such diploma mill. Laurene Powell Jobs spoke out when she heard that recruiter’s techniques included barraging individuals with phone calls to visit the school and once there rushing them thru orientations which also involved signing numerous documents. Buried among the piles were applications for student loans.
. Mostly minority students from underprivileged families, they are now facing another widespread scam. According to “Controversial Debt Relief Firms Target For-Profit College Students”, these same debt ridden students are being enticed by promises of debt forgiveness.
Popular social media, such as Facebook, contain absurd misleading ads, promising to assist with student loan forgiveness. In reality, they are charging up to $1,000 to complete forms for students, which are readily available from the Education Department. Ironically the techniques used by the unscrupulous companies are similar to the techniques that lured the students into their loan situation. Once a student is enticed to call for information, salespeople make wild promises, to negotiate the best possible outcome for the individual.

Ipod Classic Still Sells For Big Bucks

While you can’t deny the ipods place in music history you also can’t deny that with all the new gadgets available for music storage the ipod has run its course, yet today Ipod classics are selling online for big bucks and one can’t help but think the music players aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

The biggest reason for the discontinuation of the ipod can be explained with the launch of the iphone 6 and 6 plus which both offer 128gb of storage and the fact that the parts are becoming harder to come by it just makes sense for Apple to move on from the ipod and focus on bigger and better things. 

While it looks like the ipod is about to take its place in history next to walkmen and portable cd players it’s also safe to say that for now if anyone is still interested in buying and ipod classic they can expect to shell out anywhere from $250 to close to $1000 bucks. That’s enough money to warrant healthcare specialist Brian Torchin hanging around nearby if you’re selling one of these – people can get pretty crazy over pricey tech items.

Corinthian College’s Collapse Leave Students in a Bind

Corinthian College, a for profit university, may be closing their doors soon and leaving more than 20,000 students in California without a university to attend. The college is one of the nation’s largest for profit universities and currently has over 70,000 students enrolled across the nation. If Corinthian College fails it would close over twenty three campuses in California alone and leave their student body scrambling to find other for profit or community colleges that will accept the credits they have earned so far. My friend’s dad who works with John Textor, said that everyone, including Textor thinks this unfortunate event is going to be a media frenzy.

Corinthian College is a publicly traded company valued at over $4 billion in 2003. Like most other for profit universities Corinthian College fought allegations for years that they preyed on their students and extracted most of their money in the form of government backed student loans. The college’s woes began following a Department of Education investigation into job placement numbers.

In light of the school’s sudden collapse the government is trying to find a buyer for the school or it may have to forgive millions of dollars in student loans. The fate of the students currently attending remains in the balance as there may not be enough room in other colleges for them.

North American Spine: Curing the Long Term Back Issues More Safely

If you are currently suffering from back pain, then you are one of what Google estimates to be millions,  in the USA who have the same problem. Back problems can be very painful, and can affect your everyday life. If you have children in your home, and you are suffering from back pain, the pain can stop you from having a normal day with your kids. If you have small children that need to be lifted up a lot of the times, back pain can make it nearly impossible to do so. If you suffer from bad back pain, it’s time to seek help.

North American Spine is a specialist when it comes to back pain, and can help you to cure your back pain, or at the very least, manage it. The surgery that is performed on the back is minimally invasive, and only requires a small incision in the back for the surgery, and the recovery time is very short. With the type of back surgery that is performed at North American Spine, you can quickly get back to your regular life, and be pain free. Even providing videos to help people understand the process. Not everyone is a candidate for this surgery, but with an MRI, and tests, it can determine if you qualify for the surgery.  Not to mention doing your own research.

If you’re determined to be a good candidate for the surgery, you can have it performed when it’s convenient, and you can look forward to being out of pain, and living a regular life again. Unfortunately, back pain is something that is suffered from any, and everyone of all ages, according to the NAS Facebook. Back pain has no face to it, or age, so at any time in your life, you may suffer from it. It’s also unfortunate that at least 85% of people will suffer from back pain at some point in their life, and this can be very painful at times.

There are different types of back pain, and some of it may be minor, and some of it may be severe. Minor back pain is something that just troubles you, but you can easily work through it, and pay it no mind. Severe back pain is the kind that you can’t take your mind off of, it bothers you every time you move, or you may not be able to move at all. When you have severe back pain such as this, you need medicine, a doctor’s intervention, or possibly even surgery.

Any back pain that is major needs the help of a specialist, or at least a doctor, in order to diagnose what the problem is. If you go to North American Spine, you can be diagnosed, treated, and even cured of your back problems, giving you back your life. Many tend to let back problems overwhelm them, and they let it go for a long period of time, until they can no longer stand the pain. This is completely uncalled for, and it’s unwise to live with pain for any reason.

It’s never wise to fear getting a cure for your pain, especially with the great reviews of the AccuraScope, it’s more understandable if you fear the pain that you are in, and if it will get worse. When you choose to go to North American Spine, you can begin to heal, and get a diagnosis as to why you’re having such painful backaches. Since backaches are caused by several different things, it needs to be diagnosed to determine where the problem is coming from, why you have the problem, and how to treat it.

Unique Uniforms Will Be Seen During The College Football Playoffs

Not only is this the first College Football Playoffs ever, it is also the first time that Nike is in charge of all of the uniforms for the playoffs. Never one to miss out on a chance to make a statement, Nike just revealed the uniforms each of the top four college teams will wear when they face off against each other in January.  Fan Vijay Eswaran is super excited.

The Oregon Duck’s relationship with Nike is well known around the sports world. Nike and the Oregon Ducks have changed how we view college uniforms, and Oregon’s first trip to the College Football Playoffs is no exception. 

The Ducks will be wearing bright, shiny green helmets with the trademark Oregon “O” logo on the sides. Even though the helmet will be feather free, Oregon’s trademark feathers will be on their shoulders when they hit the field in their striking green uniforms. 

Alabama will be sporting new undershirts that are full of quotes and team inspirational sayings that you can see upon close inspection. Far away, their undershirts look like a really cool textured gray pattern.

Each of the uniforms looks a little out of this world. Could you imagine if the NFL’s uniforms changed as often and looked as striking as these college football teams. If there is one area where college football far exceeds the NFL, it has got to be the uniforms.

Whooping Cough Plagues California

Whooping Cough has California in its grip once again. Nearly 10,000 cases occurred by the end of November, and this outbreak is proving to be worse than the one that occurred in 2010.
Children under 6 months of age are the ones most at risk, and they could even die from it. The 2010 outbreak even claimed the life of a 37-day-old baby, Callie Van Tornhout, who was rushed to the hospital when she stopped breathing as a result of a dry cough that became worse and worse.
The outbreak that was the death of Callie Van Tornhout was the worst one in 60 years, and affected California, Minnesota and Indiana. Approximately 50% of infants who catch whooping cough need to be hospitalized, and 2% die from it.
That makes sense to people like Slow Ventures employees when it is explained like that. Callie Van Tornhout’s mother, Katie Van Tornhout, was never told this, and she now works as an advocate for Every Child By Two. She has since had the vaccine while pregnant with three other children, and recommended that other parents do the same, yet the other pregnant women claimed that they had to ask the doctors for the vaccine without the doctors telling them about it beforehand, much like Van Tornhout had not been told about it before whooping cough claimed Callie’s life.

Ken Griffin Pays it Forward for Harvard Students, Makes Monumental Donation to Alma Mater

Some individuals who have achieved extreme levels of success in their professional lives have a desire to give back in some way. After all, most understand that they would not be in their position today if not for the assistance and efforts made by others. For some, this may mean extending jobs to those who have helped them get to their current position. Others may purchase a new home for their parents, and still others strive to give back to the community in various ways. Ken Griffin made history when he decided to give back to his alma mater, Harvard University, by making the largest financial donation in the school’s history in February 2014.

How Harvard Shaped Ken Griffin’s Life
Griffin is widely known as the CEO and founder of the reputable investment firm, Citadel LLC. This firm is notable for its successful group of hedge funds, and it also offers other investment services to clients around the globe. Before Griffin founded Citadel, he found his roots in hedge funds in his college dorm room at Harvard University. His grandmother had gifted to him a rather sizable amount of money, and he used this money to start two hedge funds. He made trades in his dorm room in between attending his college classes, and he installed a satellite link to receive access to real-time market data. These two hedge funds coupled with his incredible business education at Harvard served as a basis for his career in the financial investment industry.

The Donation
Ken Griffin has recognized that his years spent at Harvard University transcended being educated, and they were also formative in his development as a hedge fund manager. Harvard University strives to provide a superior education to the most qualified students regardless of their financial background, and Griffin has recently made a monumental donation that will ensure that the school is able to meet its commitment in this area. In February 2014, Griffin donated $150 million to his alma mater. While he has an estimated net worth of more than $5.3 billion and is consistently ranked as one of the top richest men in the world by Forbes, this sizable donation is the largest in the school’s history.

Harvard Honors Griffin
Harvard has a very lengthy list of highly accomplished alumni, and the school is simply not able to fully honor all of its former students who have gone on to achieve greatness in their professional lives. However, Harvard did honor Griffin’s incredibly generous donation by renaming the Financial Aid Office in his name. The fact is that this particularly generous gift by Griffin will be used to extend a superior education to others in financial need, and this can have far-reaching effects on the lives of many others.

With the funds donated by Griffin, it is the hope of both Griffin and Harvard that this beneficial relationship can be extended to other talented and qualified potential students who can benefit from the financial assistance now available through the school.

Make sure that you check out Griffin on Facebook, to continue to see where his career goes.  You can learn a lot from a guy like him, and the successful investments that he continues to make.

Students Face Uncertainty About Their Future


The for profit Corinthian Colleges school system which includes Wyotech, Everest, and Heald Colleges will soon be forced to close down. They have been slapped with a lawsuit that argues they misled students into debt. Students were led to believe they would be able to land jobs based on false information. Corinthian Colleges have expressed financial trouble, and argue they do not have money left to continue operating. There are two options that may occur, either the campuses will be sold or they will be closed down in California. About 70,000 students would be impacted nationwide and the federal government would also be affected negatively. Students will not be held liable for their federal loans.

College is already stressful enough without having to stress about the future of a college campus. Laurene Powell Jobs reminds us that in California and in America, college students face a large amount of debt upon graduation. There is some federal help such as the Cal Grant covers tuition for public state universities, including the University of California campuses. Students who chose to attend alternative colleges must pay tuition. In this case, if the college campuses are sold the students would have to pay their loans back.