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Why George Soros has contributed a lot to Hillary Clinton’s campaign

After 2004, everyone knew that George Soros was never going to be active in matters of national politics. This was after he went against George Bush’s presidential bid, by funding his opponent. Since then, George Soros has insignificantly made monetary contributions to political parties, or individuals. Before 2008, he teamed together with other investors to form the Democratic Alliance, a movement that worked to make donations to support the Democratic presidential candidate, who was then Barrack Obama. This was the closest Soros ever came to being involved in politics. He, however confessed that he regretted backing Obama, and that George Soros should have supported Hillary Clinton in the party’s primaries.

Soros’, in 2016, seems to have changed his mind about not getting involved in politics. As a matter of fact, he seems enthusiastic about it, more that ever before. Compared to 2004, when he spent a whopping $27 million to try and defeat Bush, the billionaire, George Soros has already contributed $25 million to Clinton’s campaign. With the elections fast approaching, the spending is expected to increase, as indicated by sources close to the billionaire.

His reemergence, though unexpected, is certainly explainable. Soros regretted not supporting Clinton in 2008. This may have been his motivation on Secondly, Clinton and Soros have been close allies for over 20 years. Furthermore, Clinton’s principles seem to be in line with what Soros stands for. What makes it worse for Donald Trump, the Republican’s preferred presidential candidate, is that Soros has never liked his ideologies. Reforms such as the criminal justice reform, and the immigration reform, are things developments that Soros has always worked against.

To show his solemn support for Clinton’s candidature on, Soros was to attend the Democratic convention, something he had never done before. It was at the convention that Clinton was to accept her nomination as the party’s flag bearer. Soros, however, failed to turn up. A close associate of his says that, this was so because his boss had to run things in Europe. It seems like the billionaire has recently gone back to active trading. Despite all this, Soros’ support for Clinton will definitely be a huge problem for Trump’s team at

Bernie Sanders Picks Up Momentum In Wisconsin

It appears that Bernie Sanders may have even more momentum than anyone in the media has been willing to admit to. The Sanders hosted the largest campaign event that they have so far held, and perhaps the largest of any presidential hopeful in this cycle.

According to the Times Free Press, Sanders managed to garner some 10,000 plus people to come see him give a speech in that state. Even more impressive, this event was not some long awaited or choreographed event. Rather, it was something that organizers say was thrown together last minute in a lot of ways. Still, the Senator managed to get the attention of that many people, and this fact along is rather impressive.

According to Shaygan Kheradpir, Sanders is still considered to be a long shot by a lot in the media, but that is not stopping his campaign from moving forward. They see this as a mountain to climb, but they are prepared to take the first steps in that journey and start making necessary efforts to get it done. This is a great start for them.

Fiorina Admonishes GOP Not to Discount Trump’s Appeal

While many political pundits may view Donald Trump’s campaign as more of a minstrel side show besdide the real political candidates, one 2016 GOP presidential hopeful knows better than to do that: former HP CEO Carly Fiorina. Speaking to reporters, the GOP’s lone female presidential candidate pointed out that Trump is addressing the very issues that matter to average American voters. While it is true that Trump is a multi-billionaire, he does exude a genuine respect for his fellow Americans that is palpable. It may be that as he goes about the early GOP primary states, his message of job creation, trade reform, and national defense may end up resonating with voters.

At the very least, Trumps rise in the polls would surely help Fiorina’s campaign. The former CEO has been well-received by voters because of her ability to deliver a compelling message for her campaign reports Igor Cornelsen. Still, she is dogged by the fact she single-handedly laid off thousands of IT professionals during her tenure at Hewlett-Packard. Part of her strategy to reform that image is to tout her brief time as a real estate secretary. She now draws contrast between the tax code which she can benefit from as an executive, but which she could not as a secretary. It remains to be seen if her appeal to a humbler period of her life will overcome the sting of the jobs she terminated as CEO.