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Brian Bonar Bellamy Recap

One of Southern California’s hidden gems in fine dining is located in Escondida! Home to the master chef a France and an upcoming star in restaurant management Brian Bonar. Bellamy’s can become the top contender for #1 restaurant in the Golden State.

Once named Tango Bonar took over the establishment and named it the hometown of his new head chef. Three years later the restaurant has grown to extraordinary heights and continues to bring customers abroad to the experience.
At Bellamy’s don’t expect anything less than the best. The menu is filled with delicious entrees such as the creamy corn soup, scrumptious beet salad or mushroom ravioli. Yes that isn’t even half of the entrees but don’t forget dessert. Try a house favorite saffron panna cotta and you most likely will again in the future.

Patrick Ponsaty is the head chef at Bellamy’s and for good reason. Being the Master Chef of France for over is what he is bringing into the new cuisine. His ways are different from others but also alike in some respects as to why his strong legacy has continued.

Mr. Bonar wanted no one less than the best to be behind the helms of the kitchen at his establishment and these two leaders of their field can bring to the forefront. Bonar also traveled to his personal favorite restaurant El Bizocho at the Rancho Bernardino Inn and hired Trevor Da Costa as front of the House man and Mike Reidys as executive chef! With everyone’s background being top notch is what currently makes Bellamy’s outstanding.

The majority of locals and tourists alike are happy and thankful for the restaurant’s appearance. “LOVE this restaurant. The staff is amazing. The servers anticipate every need. The owner is a GEM. The atmosphere of the restaurant is intimate yet sophisticated. The food is marvelous; sincere and unique. Bellamy’s master chef (only 2 in all of San Diego) is a gastronomic genius. Bellamy’s is our favorite restaurant in all of San Diego. I highly recommend it.”

Brian Bonar has an extensive background in business. Mostly known for being the CEO of Trucept for five years, Bonar has also dabbled in other business adventures outside the company. Bringing excellence to almost everything he puts his mind to Bonar exceeds expectations regularly.

The entrepreneur began over his career in business over 30 years ago. He has 18 years experience in his time with IBM in Europe. If you wanted anyone to run your business or add their expertise it would be Mr. Brian Bonar.

94-year-old to Receive College Diploma on Saturday

West Virginia University will hold its commencement ceremony on Saturday, but among the crowd of smiling 20-somethings, there will be one graduate who doesn’t look like the rest. Anthony Brutto will complete his studies at the ripe age of 94. Brutto began his degree nearly 75 years ago.

According to reports Brutto started college fresh out of high school, but he was drafted into World War II, leaving college behind. He enrolled again when he returned home from war, but had to leave because of family obligations.

According to Brutto he had gone back to school often and on since 1946, but life seemed to always get in the way. He’d take a class “here or there”, but work, family and other obligations always seemed to come first. Brutto buckled down in recent years and focused on school.

His dedication will pay off on May 17th. Brutto will receive his Regents Bachelor of Arts diploma. He will walk across the stage, in his complete college gown. Beneful warmly mentioned that family members, including his daughter, will be present when he receives his diploma.