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Avaaz: Leaders of Progression and Humanity

When there’s injustice or corruption or poverty or a war against climate change occurring, it’s not uncommon to find Avaaz on the front lines. At its heart, Avaaz is a US-based organization that promotes activism on a global scale against issues like climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict. It works to give a single voice to the many. Its power comes from acquiring activists all across the world who network and provide assistance for one another to make change happen now. Its very name is a transliteration of the word “voice.” The President and CEO of Avaaz is Ricken Patel who studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford University. It was at Harvard University where he received his Masters in Public Policy. After graduation, he joined the International Crisis Group where he received experience in convincing rebel forces to negotiate, monitoring elections covertly, and restoring faith in an area where corruption ran rampant.

Patel, later on, worked for where he learned the power of the online world for activism. With an emphasis on only taking money from, individual, members and never from foundations or corporations, Avaaz has been able to fund campaigns that cover the issues they wish to raise attention towards. While they do not claim to have a single ideology that they follow, Patel has stated that they have a mission which is to narrow the gap between what the world is now and the world that they want to live in. Their tools vary. Sometimes, they stage sit-ins or rallies or even perform media-friendly stunts. Most of these ideas come from the members themselves, and when an idea is selected, team specialists help guide the idea into action. An example of their work was in 2009 during the Iranian presidential election protests.

To help protestors expand their word and issues out to the world, Avaaz helped to install proxy servers on their Internet. This allowed the protesters to upload videos of the protests to public websites, which gained further attention to the issues at hand.They had a hand in helping the civilians during the Syrian Civil War. They managed to smuggle in medical supplies for the citizens who were trapped in the war zones. In addition, they managed to smuggle in journalists who could give authentic reports on what was going on in Syria.If there’s a crisis or movement against injustice happening,  Avaaz is there to give its support to the people who are fighting for a better world. Whether it be about corruption, climate change, human or animal rights, they utilize all of their resources to fight for the betterment of humankind and humanity as a whole.

Talk Fusion Is Ready For The New Year

Talk Fusion is the kind of company that is always ready for what is around the corner and what awaits them. They are very happy about the wonderful 2016 they had, but they know they can’t just sit on that and let that be their only calling card. They know 2017 presents a whole new set of challenges and obstacles, and they look forward to, especially Bob Reina. The great thing about Talk Fusion and being in a business type environment is that it forces everyone to step up their game and bring it to another level. They can’t just rest on what they have done in the past. There is more to do and more to accomplish.


Although, in the meantime, they can still enjoy what was done in 2016 and look at it as a learning experience. It was a very, very successful year for them, as whenever a company wins two awards from the same company, it is clear they are moving in the right direction. The arrow is always pointing up for Talk Fusion, and that is something that Bob Reina keeps his eye on at all times. He never wants it to stay the same or go down.


When running a company, it is important to keep track of that sort of thing, and he does. He is always looking at the market and seeing what is going on and what can be done, what needs to be done, and what is working. Going back to the awards, they came from the Technology Marketing Corporation, which knows a great product when they see one. That is why it is such an accomplishment to win an award from them. A lot passes their line of vision and they see a lot of various products from all different kinds of companies.


That is why the recent award, the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award, means so much to them. They have worked on improving their video chat and now they have it where people can communicate even if one person has an iPhone and the other person has an Android.

iFunding And The Bright Minds Behind It

iFunding is the revolutionary way of investing in real estate without the risk of putting up large upfront capital as well as needing the knowledge and industry contacts to do so. Simply sign up on the website, choose a property that you would like to invest in and the rest is handled by iFunding and the team of professionals. iFunding takes away all the unnecessary documentation, paperwork and legal jargon and makes real estate investing fun again. The real estate property that is displayed on the website is just a handful of the thousands of offers that come through the iFunding doors. There is literally competition between property developers to get the attention of the iFunding platform because people realise that iFunding brings about positive returns.

The platform allows the pooling together of multiple investors capital in order to get in on really big investments that were not available to the average investor before. This has changed the investment landscape completely. No longer does one need the know how or even the capital, minimum investments start at $5000 and go up to maximum $10 000. This is a minute investment when considering the scale of some of the property’s on the iFunding platform. After the money for the investment is raised, the profits generated by these properties is then shared out amongst the investors and all this is done by the iFunding team. They also provide analytics and other necessary information in order to remain as transparent as possible and abide by ethical business practices.

William Skelley who was the cofounder of the great iFunding platform is now the current CEO and is very active within the company making sure that the iFunding vision is met. In a recent article William Skelley was named a member of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. Thanks to his prior experience and knowledge in both investment and real estate, he has now managed to create a business and combine both of those entities. iFunding has already completed over 40 projects in recent years worth a total of $250 million which shows their success. William Skelley came up with the crowd funding and real estate investment combination during his work at Rose Park Advisors where he met the owner of the hedge fund Dr Clayton Christensen, who’s background focused on disruptive innovation.