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Olympic Valley Incorporation VS Sqauw-Alpine Boss Andy Wirth

Due to the droughts that has been happening in the Lake Tahoe’s north shore communities, it has taken a toll on the businesses that rely on them.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO and president Andy Wirth has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to help fix the issues that plague the Lake Tahoe’s north shore areas.

As recently stated in the article @ Reno-Gazette Journal aside from the natural changes happening in the Lake Tahoe’s north shore communities, a political battle as taking place in the form of an incorporation mortal combat over the impressive, scenic and beautifully picture perfect Olympic Valley, home to the Squaw Valley Resort. This affects and concerns Andy Wirth.

Andy Wirth, born in Nuebrucke West Germany, is a philanthropist and the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. However, It wasn’t until Andy attended Colorado State University that he begin to fully nosedive into the industry. At Edinburgh University in Scotland he would continue his education.

Andy carries over 25 years of experience to his current job to make the ski territory one of the top winter tourist destinations in the world. In addition, Andy Wirth has raised more than fourteen thousand dollars for the special warriors of the navy seals foundation.

Andy Wirth has also been on CBS’s hit television show Under Cover Boss. This information can be found at

In the words of Andy Wirth that can be found here Reno-Gazette Journal, ” This has been a very difficult four years.” Supporters of the incorporation achievements, who Squaw Valley Ski Holdings considers a danger to the local territory’s business and municipal conditions, provided political assistance when they backed out from their endeavors to incorporate Olympic Valley.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, had more individualistic ideas to stand up to incorporation. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings spent a estimate of over three hundred thousand dollars to combat the incorporation struggle because it could’ve resulted in greater taxes on citizens, establishments and shrinking levels of utilities people count on, such as road upkeep, snow plowing and salting roads.

Andy Wirth continued to say it would have segregated Olympic Valley from other North Shore areas which pool funds to deal with regional problems. Incorporation Olympic Valley viewed things differently.

Incorporation supporters say Squaw Valley Ski Holdings worried about arguing with a town committee and instead preferred to go through the County Board of Supervisors for land use affairs.

Wirth quickly fired back by rejecting the discernment and pointed out the incorporation group also raised and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In conclusion, Andy Wirth wants the Lake Tahoe area to work on transit and other problems together as a united territory that stretches further than the Olympic Valley.