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Slyce and the Grand Rise of Image Recognition Software

Image recognition and visual search technology is likely to become a commonplace feature on all commercial websites and social media platforms. Visual search programs at just make all things much, much easier for customers and browsing visitors. As long as the popularity of this innovative and relatively new technology and software continues to be grow, more platforms are going to choose to utilize it.

Image recognition software makes the whole process of search through a retail or social media site a lot faster. While the basic setup of the current search methods are fairly simple, they can be burdensome. No one is saying it is too difficult or complicated to type in keywords in a search box. That really is not the cumbersome part. Having to weed through a number of different results that have nothing to do with what is desired to be sought after is what drags things down.

Not every purchase is intended for leisure activities. People do buy things online for business reasons as well. Maybe someone who is looking for a job wants a new suit. Running generic keywords through a search box might lead to a host of results, but the results may be extremely disappointing. Fishing through the results could take an annoying amount of time. Boredom sets in and settling for a third-rate choice is the result.

Finding the right look becomes much easier when the search is executed with an image. Visual recognition programs allow for matching an image with an image. All of this is done in seconds. People who want to save time and also save money are able to get both results. Visual recognition software is intended to meet both these goals.

Slyce is a startup that has played a massive role in the amazing development of image and product recognition programs. Slyce was founded in Toronto not to many years ago. The original goal of the company was to develop a smartphone image recognition app that would expand on the brilliant concept of Amazon flow.

Slyce’s success has been pronounced. The company is now affiliated with a host of top online retail companies. Slyce has also expanded its scope of operations. For $6.5 billion, Slyce purchased SnipSnap, a coupon app that has an enormous amount of potential. A Yahoo! Finance report revealed Slyce has plans to develop and purchase more apps and software.

As Slyce’s success continues to grow, so will the online presence of image recognition software.

The Amazing Growth of Handy

There are many different technologies that are making our lives easier every day. These different technologies are readily found on many of the smartphones in our society. Apps are dominating the technological market by bringing instant gratification to our fingertips. Service on demand apps are becoming increasingly popular due to the great services that can be found faster than ever before. In any industry, there are companies that will really stand out above the rest. These companies set standards for the entire industry that must be met by competitors. Handy is a company that has been able to rise to the top of the on-demand home services industry. This is due to their attention to detail. The stats show that it is easier to get into Harvard than it is to work for Handy. This means that only the highest quality professionals will be helping you with all of your home service needs.

Being estimated at over 500 million dollars, it is easy to see why there are more investors interested in helping this home services company grow. With recent funding of 50 million, trends show that Handy is headed towards the billion dollar mark. Handy continues to grow due to the amazing services that are provided to customers.

Every company can be doomed if they do not treat their employees well. Employees are the backbone of every company, and they must be treated as such. The employees at Handy are treated very well. These employees are able to set their own schedules and they make a great dollar per hour wage based upon the work that they complete. Employees at Handy love the flexible schedules that they are in charge of. Working for Handy is great for those who are looking to have a very stable work life balance. The future looks very bright for Handy as they continue to grow each year.

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Video Chat Rockets Forward With Great Download Rates

Even though Video Chat by Talk Fusion one of the industry leaders in video email marketing is brand new, it is quickly becoming a top communication program. In fact, Video Chat is the top communication app in Indonesia, 20th in Switzerland, and 5th in Japan according to Business For Home. Given the fact that it has only been in the marketplace for a few weeks this is a pretty impressive feat.

Of course, all a user has to do is try out the Video Chat and it is easy to see just why the app is so popular already. First of all, the marketplace does not have anything like it, and it offers HD quality which means you can proudly use it as a marketing tool. Second, it comes from Talk Fusion which is a company that is quickly cornering the video marketing industry.

Take one look at the Alexa web ranking for Talk Fusion and it has jumped 30,000 positions in just the last few weeks. This is due to the increase in traffic as more and more people are hearing about its products. It also will soon launch a 30 day free trial which pretty much means there is no reason to see what everyone is already talking about.

Talk Fusion is listening to customer feedback as well helping them to strengthen their tools by enhancing products they already offer and continuing to create new innovative products. Talk Fusion offers users an easy way to embed video into their marketing emails to help catch consumers’ attentions. To make this process easy, they offer over a thousand templates or the option to customize your own email.

The Video Chat app can now be downloaded for free for anyone that wants to try it out. It is available via iTunes and Google Play. Founded by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is a highly ethical business that markets its tools via direct selling and an associate business plan.

Handy Dominates the Cleaning and Handyman Services Market

For only being around for three years, Handy has sure turned into a force to be reckoned with. Handy is an on-demand cleaning and handyman services company based out of New York City. Its founder, Oisin Hanrahan, was recently interviewed for an article published by The Next Web at the Web Summit. Hanrahan spoke about his vision in launching Handy as well as how he sees the company continuing to dominate the on-demand services market for years to come.

Hanrahan said that the idea for Handy came originally from his time spent in Hungary working in real estate development. As Hanrahan worked to help coordinate the rehabilitation of various apartment spaces, he came to realize that it was often difficult to locate contractors willing to perform necessary, but small tasks. After spending some time at Harvard Business School and learning from other startups, Hanrahan launched Handy to fill a void in the market for homeowners who need small scale contractor services and may not know where to turn for help. Currently, Handy does eighty percent of its business through in-home cleaning services, but it is poised to look beyond its current offerings to see what other types of services there could be a significant market for.

Hanrahan says his business model is based on using independent contractors mostly. Right now, Handy uses approximately 10,000 independent contractors to fill customers’ service orders. With a regular employee staff of about 160, former executives from top companies like Amazon and cash resources valued at about $50 million, Hanrahan Handy is in a better position than ever to keep expanding and experimenting with new markets and services. In the meantime, Handy has quite the loyal customer base to keep its business going and continues to receive rave reviews and referrals from satisfied clients.

The New Intelligent Phones From Securus Technologies Are The Hotcake Of Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies recently released over 84,000 intelligent communications devices into their inmate communication market. This phone are super high-tech phones that offer more just outbound phone calls to an inmate. Securus Technologies has been in the correctional facilities security and communication industry for over 28 years. During this time, Securus has been able to provide the industry with over 80,000 inmate telephones for basic communications via inmate phone calls. The recently launched intelligent inmate devices have already taken the market by a storm with the United States and Mexico taking the bigger share of the 84,000 units. These intelligent communications devices contain inmate tablets, video visitation kiosks, and S-Phones. Thus, devices are made with an emphasis on high-level security to offer inmates the best communication yet.

Securus Technologies says that their new devices will play a major role in the rehabilitation of inmates. The devices will also help reduce the levels of recidivism and improve the safety and security in correctional facilities. Furthermore, these devices will help inmates in job searching jobs and thus make the society a better place. These intelligent devices from Securus Technologies also offer education in both education, both high school and university level to inmates. The technology in this devices allows for better video communications between inmates and their friends and family. The new devices also offer inmate handbooks that enable inmates to pen their ideas and experiences. They also come with better law libraries and also give room for commissary ordering. To add on this, the devices promote religious activities. Most importantly, they offer entertainment services to inmates. Securus Technologies have shared their hope that levels will surpass 150,000 by the closure of 2016.

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. This firm serves over 3,450 public safety and law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities with their security and investigative products. Over 1,200,000 inmates in North America utilize their inmate communication platforms. Their products revolve around providing communication and security solutions for this market. 

The have invested over $600 in their innovative products and services for the last three years, and this has greatly increased their cutting edge solutions in the market. This investment has offered the opportunity of presenting their market with products like the video chat software and the THREAD 3.1. The video visitation mobile application has led the way for other Securus Technologies products to penetrate the market (download from Google Play store here). There THREAD 3.1 software is playing a major role in the correctional facilities and public safety industries by helping to identify security threats.


The Power of Videos In Email Marketing

According to the respected marketing company HubSpot, including videos in your emails could improve your open rate by almost 20%. If that isn’t enough to catch your attention, then nothing can. If you are a business or a marketer looking to get more people to open and engage with your emails, then you should strongly consider video.

Think about it: the entire online world is moving to video. Companies are springing up everywhere to serve the need of people to share their stories on social media. Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram are just some of the examples of proof that people want to experience more video content. So why aren’t more businesses using video in their communications? Probably because traditional video companies have failed to provide great products at great prices.

However, there is one company that is offering affordable video services that are easy to use. Talk Fusion has innovated in the field of video email services for the last decade. It used to be near impossible to embed a video in an email to a client of yours. Now, thanks to the hard work of the Talk Fusion team, it’s as simple as a few clicks.

First, you simply create the video with any device of your choice. Then you can upload it from your smartphone, PC, or tablet. It doesn’t matter if it’s Android or Apple. This is all done from the online portal that Talk Fusion provides. That’s right – you don’t need to download any complicated software or plugins that slow down your internet.

Once you’ve uploaded your video, you can select which email you want to embed it in from the portal. You can create and send emails from the same portal. That means no switching back and forth between software. There are even professional templates to choose from for your emails and for videos in case you don’t have time to create your own from scratch.

The company was founded by Brad Reina in 2007. Reina and the company are dedicated to ethical standards and helping the community. To access Talk Fusion technology, visit

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Oisin Hanrahan and the Debut of Handy

Handy has skyrocketed across the home cleaning industry in a way no one expected. A simple app designed to help smartphone users booking cleaning and repair work has turned into a multi-billion dollar company. Reportedly, Handy is valued in the $500 million range.

Oisin Hanrahan is one of the founders of Handy, and his skill and leadership contributed to the company becoming so successful. Through a tremendous amount of hard work and effort, he turned the startup into an on-demand powerhouse.

In an interview on The Next Web, Hanrahan mentioned he worked in real estate in Hungary while still a young man. He noticed people had a hard time dealing with a lot of basic cleaning and maintenance tasks. Later, he would look at a London-based on-demand taxi service, and this would spur the idea of creating an on-demand cleaning service. Eventually, Handy received tens of millions in startup capital. With the funds, Hanrahan and his partners would develop and launch Handy.

The millions in investment funding did not come right away. Hanrahan and his partners (friends he met at Harvard Business School) raised about $50,000 in seed capital. The money went to good use. The stage was set for Handy, then based out of Boston, to grow.

And grow the company did. Even though Handy had to deal with competition from other startups, Handy succeeded. The company provided a great way to book reliable help. This led to Handy topping other similar startups. Handy also did a fine job competing against established home cleaning and maintenance businesses.

Hanrahan noted that Handy’s strong screening service for its freelancers played a huge role in the company’s good fortunes. By making sure only the best and most qualified workers are affiliated with Handy, customers remain satisfied. The benefits of satisfied customers are pronounced.

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What Exactly Is Handy?

Handy is an app that makes it incredibly easy to get quality cleaning at the tough of a button. It basically brings highly qualified professional contractors in one place, making it super simple. This app makes it easy to find somebody, and all you have to do is choose from the best cleaners and handymen to make a decision. Handy makes more than $1 million in weekly sales, proving that this is the app people all across the nation are using to find the right people to help with their home and cleaning.

The app is simple enough to use that people compare to the famous car service, Uber, which is the best app that makes it easy to find taxi drivers in the area. Users can click on a drive and have them arrive within minutes, and all the payment is done on the Uber app. The same goes for the app, Handy. This unique app brings you a step closer to the best cleaners and handymen in your area. This app is famous among many homeowners, but anybody with a room that needs cleaning can use this company to get top of the line cleaning.

Handy is easy to use and can make it easier to find somebody to help you in your home. The problem with some people is that they don’t know the basics of the app. The best thing to remember is to make sure that you go through their basic instructions and learn how to use the app in terms of making payments and booking handymen.

Handy is known for their top of the line professional staff on hand. Making it possible for ordinary people to join in, you will find that they do expect for their handymen to be pros. This is why some people cannot join their team because they have such high expectations.

If you are looking for a simplified app that makes it easy to find such talented people to help provide cleaning, Handy is the best place to be, especially since the app is used by countless cleaners around the nation. You can easily find somebody to help you out and come down to your home or establishment and provide some cleaning. Handy is famous on the web for their variety of people on their staff, and thousands of happy customers prove they have only the best on their cleaning team.

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Worker Classification Lawsuits Spell Doom For Homejoy Inc.

Homejoy Inc. – the San Francisco-based cleaning business that was started by Adora and Aaron Chung in 2013 — is filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

The company announced on its website five months prior to the Chapter 11 proceedings that it would be closing its doors. Homejoy Inc. raised nearly $40 million in start-up capital from such hefty investors as Google Ventures and First Round Capital. The company initially opened as a home-cleaning service but soon expanded to five countries and added home repairs.

Within a few short months of opening, Homejoy Inc. ran into a number of problems that not even their celebrity pitchman David Hasselhoff could fix. Many of the company’s woes can be traced back to a number of class action lawsuits.

Homejoy’s competitor, Handy, is still humming along despite the onslaught of suits plaguing several service industry corporations. Founded in 2012 by Harvard University roommates Umang Dua and Oisnin Hanrahan, Handy provides both home-cleaning and repair services in 28 U.S. cities, as well as Toronto and Vancouver. Handy has a seamless booking process and offers competitive salaries to its over 200 workers.

Handy has recently received $50 million in funding and added additional services including plumbing, furniture assembly, painting, moving and electrical. All service professionals are screened and fully vetted. A 100% money-back guarantee is promised to any customer who is unsatisfied with the services.

Unfortunately, companies like Homejoy are being ensnared in similar worker classification lawsuits that have befallen companies such as Lyft and Uber. Workers feel that they should be classified as employees rather than contractors, and companies are resisting because employee classification would drive labor costs up sharply.

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Handy’s New Tipping Feature

Handy, one of the hottest phone applications out today, is a place like Uber where home cleaners — instead of drivers — can list their services. Handy currently operates in around twenty-five areas around the world. This is because there is a grueling application and screening process that all applicants must go through to get listed on Handy.

Home cleaning professionals are now able to receive tips through the application that owners can give after coming home to a clean home. If they are impressed or think the cleaner went above and beyond their duties, they are able to receive tips through the app instead of from client to cleaner.

Handy was founded by two roommates that attended Harvard College in Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan. Handy originally started when the two founders could not easily found someone to clean an apartment, home, or other type of living space. Handy is so popular partly because it is free to browse but even more so because of the high-quality cleaning services that the average cleaning professional will provide.

Clients do not have to pay Handy any money for using the app or booking cleaning services, as only the cleaners themselves have to pay around a twenty percent service fee for using Handy to book their services. There are few other places where home cleaners can list their services for hire other than classifieds in newspaper or around bulletin boards, but these methods do not offer nearly as much exposure as Handy does.

Cleaners are much more likely to receive tips when there is an option to offer gratuity rather than paying it in person. Apps such as Lyft and Uber have experienced this after implementing the option for customers and clients with the ability to leave a tip on the app rather than in cash, in person. Many people do not think about tipping as the price to use Uber or Lyft is pretty high, especially if somebody already owns a car.