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Autism Rocks GoFundMe Campaign by Sanjay Shah

Adults and children who deal with autism struggle with the same issues…understanding. In order to understand more about the condition, research is necessary. The Autism Rocks Campaign on Go Fund Me was created in order to fund further research. The funds raised within this campaign will go into a trust that supports the Autism Research Centre, which is based at Cambridge University. The research done thanks to this campaign will help adults and children better understand both the cause and effects of autism.

Autism Rocks has already funded 15 long-term research projects, all of which are ongoing. These projects aim to create methods to identify autism as early as possibly including predicting who will develop the condition. They also study interventions and support to help individuals who will deal with the condition throughout their lives.

Sanjay Shah is a hedge-fund manager who created the Autism Rocks Campaign. He’s an entrepreneur who wanted to do something to help autism research advance, but wasn’t quite sure what to do. Since he began his mission, he has persuaded superstars to play at gigs benefiting his cause. When the idea first hit, Shah was intimidated by the thought of asking stars to play for a cause. But he found that once he explained the money goes into the Autism Research Trust, even the biggest names signed on to help.

Sanjay’s desire to help fund research comes from his own family when his child was diagnosed with autism at age 2. Nikhil was unable to speak and could not sit still or remain focused on anything for more than a few minutes. As a family, Sanjay Shah wanted to do more for autism research in order to help his own family and others that struggle with the same issues. He has stated he doesn’t want to change his son, he loves his family the way it is. But helping others gain access to knowledge surrounding the condition has become an important goal.