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Brief Explanation On How To Write A Better Article for Wikipedia

This is a brief description of how to set up an article written for Wikipedia on; layout, structure, paragraphs, and style.

How to lay your article out
An article should have a good layout for the reader to follow. Begin with an introduction and follow it with clear information pertaining to the topic. Do not include personal opinions only information you are able to back up with reliable sources. At the end you should bring the whole topic to a conclusion and include references or related stories.

How to structure your article
Begin your article with an introduction to the topic you are writing about. The following paragraphs will go into more detail so you only want to give an attention grabbing statement or two of what is to come. It is not necessary to title this area as, “Introduction”.

Smaller or shorter paragraphs are easier to read. A paragraph with three to four sentences is an easy read, unless the sentences become too long. It would be better reading too break them into four or five sentences in those instances. If they become to long you can break the information up into two paragraphs carrying the same information into the second. You should rarely, if ever, use one sentence paragraphs.

Headings are good way to create structure in your article. If there is a table of content it is especially easy for the reader to find specific areas of interest by looking for the header. Wikipedia has software available for the use in making headings under their “Help Section”.

If an image is located within an article it should be placed close or near the text it relates to. There can be a reference to it in the text also; such as (image shown below).

The appendice follows the articles with:
* Books or other material that can be found on the topic.
* Internet sites related to the topic.
* Notes and references.
* Recommended books or articles for further reading on the topic.
* Recommended websites to look for further information on the topic.

Articles should be precise about the topic and kept as short as possible. Keeping them around or under 50KB is preferable and if not it would be better to break the information up and create a second one. It is much easier to read and edit an article that is shorter in length.

The tone or style of all articles should be kept formal and impersonal.

In all, it may be easier to consult with someone at GetYourWiki instead of trying to go at making a Wikipedia business page alone. If you do decide to edit, you should definitely start slow and ask for as much help as Wikipedia editors will give you.