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Joseph Bismark Has an Unconventional Background


When I think about businessmen and women, I think of those who were raised in a certain way, those who grew up in a home where they were encouraged to get a good job and earn good money. When I think of businessmen and women, I don’t think of people who spent time in a monastery. When I think of those who grow up to businessmen and women, I don’t think of children spending time living their lives as monks. It seems that business people are expected to grow up in a certain way and to gain a certain kind of education, but not all business people are alike.

According to what I read about Joseph Bismark on the WordPress blog Bring On The Random, he is one individual who did not grow up in the traditional way, yet he has made a name for himself. Joseph Bismark has a very unconventional background, one that includes time spent in a monastery as a child. This man spent time learning about religion when he could have spent that time learning about the business world, yet he seems to be doing just find with the life that he is now living. This man spent time worrying about his spirituality more than his education, yet he is doing just fine in the business world, today.