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The Ideas of Investing in Real Estate as Suggested by Jason Halpern

The one quality that separates the true investors from the rest of the people is their ability to see a gap in the market and their innovativeness in filling that gap. To be successful as an investor, you also have to be willing to do some gambling. When you have done your due diligence, knowing that there is still a chance of failure in whatever initiative you are taking part in gives the investors that fear factor that they need to be successful in business. Jason Halpern started his investment journey several decades ago working for his father’s real estate company. He decided to quit and go work on his own company a few years later. He is now one of the most sought after developers and his busy schedule includes travelling from New York to Miami on an almost daily basis. The company that he started with a meager capital bse is now worth half a billion dollars.

He has made collaborations with several other businesses to create real estate property. These include his current project to take the Wild Turkey Bourbon and make condo units out of it. The deal is to try and get 338 condos out of the project. Another project that he was part of is the conversion of the Madison Heights Cinema into condos, a project that was done in conjunction with Madison. The madden real estate company is another partner that he has invested with in the past.

Jason Halpern: with Production

He admits that failing is part of the investment process. He gives an example of a time that he thought a deal had come together only for it to fall apart at the eleventh hour, costing him a lot. He says that the mistakes have helped him be sharper in business and to always hope for the best while expecting anything.

Jason’s Background

Jason’s Family

Jason comes from a home of real estate developers. When he is not busy at work he likes to relax with his family and other friends and business associates. The success that he has had in real estate makes him very smart investor.

Becoming A Better Capital Strategist

Sam Tabar is claimed to be one of the best in his legal field working as a capital strategist and an attorney. Sam has worked very hard to establish a good name for himself and also plans to make sure that all the customers he serves are happy. It is very true that getting your field in a legal field is not that easy, and therefore it is fascinating to see that Sam Tabar has managed to accomplish so much.

News about Sam Tabar

Sam is currently working in New York, and he has witnessed many doors open for him from his great talents. He is an excellent attorney and at the same time a business person who has helped him to work in business development and capital strategy.

Sam has also managed to work with Arps, Slater, Skadden, and Meagher & Flom LLP and during that time, Sam managed to bring the group to an amazing height in business development. He desire for success and love for his job is the main reason that he has been very successful in helping clients.

Tabar also worked with another group known as SPERX, but it was at the time that he decided to move to Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he became the head and Director of Capital Strategies. At Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP Company, Sam Tabar decided to go back to legal work and gain more experience because he loved his work. Sam had to work with Hedge funds and compliance issues while working with the company as a senior associate. It was during this time that Sam managed to create a name for himself, and he is now claimed to be one of the best from amazing work he did for the company.


Tabar is a prominent capital strategist and attorney who graduated from Oxford University with honors. He also joined Columbia Law School and served as Associate Editor for Business Law Review of Columbia. His primary specialty is in legal field where he has offered advice on private placement memoranda, employment issues, investment management agreements, side letters and regulatory issues.

Highland Capital Management To Buy Off Argentina’s Debt

The long awaited return of Argentina to the European stock market is almost here. The country is returning with a huge sellout of $12 million which will cover all the debts the country has with a couple of creditors like Paul Singer. Highland Capital Management a hedge fund dealing with stock in different holdings is one of the firms that have made a promise through its co-founder James Dondero to buy Argentina’s securities. The country is undergoing reformation with its current president who is determined to make a huge come back to the stock market after the experienced period of debt by the poor management of the former president.

James Dondero says that once the lawyers are holding the case drop off the ban, the country will with time regain back its status like other American sovereign countries. Dondero seems to be running with optimism that most likely once the creditors are cleared off their debts there is a high probability of them getting back into partnership with Argentina. His hedge fund Highland Capital Management is one of the top holds of Argentina notes worth $4 billion. For the past six months, Jim says that the notes were able to help recover the firm partially from the losses made in the energy sector holdings.

Jims experience in the financial credit analysis industry warrants hi such a move. Apparently with his Highland Capital Management Dondero has always taken tough investments that are pressuring like niche products. Such investments have made his hedge fund obtain great success in the financial analysis industry. Jim founded Highland capital management in 1993 and was working as a credit manager back then with the American Express. His financial credit analysis career started after his graduation from the University of Virginia; he joined Morgan Guaranty Training Program and grew to be the most effective financial credit analyst.

Jim has also received financial certification in addition to his dual majors in accounting and finance. He is a certified CMA, CPA, and CFA analyst who has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry. He is also a financial advisor and chairperson at Nexbank and has been trusted to partner in more than 12 public and private institutions as a board member. His optimism certainly could lead Highland Capital Management to greater heights especially once Argentina makes the long-awaited comeback to the market. Jim has also been awarded recognitions for his products at Highland capital management especially the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO).

The Mark of Respect: Why Making a Wikipedia Page is Important for Business

Creating a Wikipedia page is the gold standard for any business or brand, so while it is impressive to have one, it is also a necessary tool if you hope to do business. Even if you’re just starting out, or have been around for a while, the respect that a Wikipedia entry can give you is worth its weight in gold. Not only that, but it gives potential customers and business partners a way to become familiar with your brand on their own terms. 

Wikipedia is included in the top five search results when a brand is entered into a search engine, and for good reason — Wikipedia gives an overview and the history of a brand, important events, awards, and other relevant information. It’s both a sign of cultural significance and a resume of accomplishments, packaged in an easy-to-read format for inquiring minds. And for a fledging brand or business, Wikipedia business page creation can make all the difference in doing business with desired clients.

For professionals and businesses, the best  Wikipedia writing service for making a Wiki page is Get Your Wiki (found here:, a site known for their professionalism and commitment to excellence.  I first found their site on their Twitter. Follow their profile to get the latest news about their business.

Their Wikipedia business page creation done by their veteran writers and editors, you are employing a team that will monitor and update your page as needed with a level of excellence that is unparalleled on the market. And when you use this service, you are guaranteed that your Wikipedia page will be in the top four matches when searched for by business name.

Lime Crime Is Taking The Makeup World By Storm

Lime Crime is taking the world of makeup to a whole new level with the power of ergonomically design cosmetics. This line of makeup is known for providing users with some of the most beautiful and most unique types of makeup in the industry today. What most people don’t know about Lime Crime is that the brand did have some humble beginnings when they just got started. Doe Deere’s inspiring and fulfilling story is what has allowed for her to grow and attain the success she has while inspiring countless women to do the same.

How Is Lime Crime Is Taking The Makeup World By Storm?

First of all, the company has been helping people in other parts of the world with their makeup. Different stores throughout different countries are providing the products found within the Lime Crime brand. This is what makes them so unique with what they do. They are amazingly powerful on handling all aspects of beauty. People from around the globe are enjoying the power of Lime Crime and their makeup. This is what’s making them such a huge phenomenon across women of all ages wanting to express themselves through cosmetics. Everybody is using their makeup because of all sorts of reasons like their color and their vegan ingredients.

Most people love Lime Crime because they have everything you will ever need on Urban Outfitters for a good look at night. Lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, eye shadow, lip liners, and all sorts of products can be found in their makeup line. Lime Crime is known for providing users with only the best products at the most affordable prices. They love to give their products at prices that everybody can afford.

Who Is Doe Deere?

Some people can be skeptical of Doe because not many people are aware of who she is exactly before they know the brand. To get a better idea of who she is, you will come to find that Lime Crime truly knows how to provide unique products and items that can benefit you in the long run. Doe started this company with just a couple bucks to her name. She barely had anything behind her or a huge group of people investing in her products when she started. It was all a quick blur that eventually turned into a seriously huge business that would catapult her to a new level of success in just a few years of her life.

What makes Doe so unique is her desire to never give up, and through her trials on getting this company to become what it is today, she is inspiring women and even men with her abilities and perseverance. What makes this company so unique is Doe’s approach to makeup creation. She makes sure that everything is made with only the best ingredients and the right items for successful creation. The brand is extremely successful and known for giving women color and the chance to show who they really are through makeup. Lime Crime truly is taking over the industry.

Susan McGalla Branches Out in the Branding Business

Susan McGalla may be one of the most sought after executive in the corporate world. She has worked hard to become a branding authority in the retail industry, and she has also allowed herself to expand her branding skills in the athletic world as well. I have always found this interesting because she has taken her skills outside of her comfort zone. Everyone that has seen her resume knows that she was already a retail expert. She could have easily stayed in this arena and gathered millions in earnings over her career span. With this knowledge handy Susan McGalla still made a decision to endeavor into an unknown world of athletic branding, and she has been quite successful as the Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. That is why she is one of my mentors and favorite females in the corporate industry today. She has managed to thrive and build an even better resume for herself because she has been able to take chances.

I believe that McGalla is one of the best when it comes to building consumer loyalty through branding. I am a marketing major and I have been very impressed by how she was able to turn American Eagle into a company that made billions. This does not go unnoticed in the corporate world. With her great success in this company she was able to branch out even further and eventually transition to CEO of wet seal. There are a lot of females such as myself they’re trying to break into the corporate world. Many of us are simply looking for some type of light or guidance to get us into this area. Fortunately, Susan McGalla makes a point to speak to females and encourage women in conferences. This allows her to tell others about her challenges. There’s a lot that comes with being a female CEO, and Susan McGalla as the wisdom to help others that are trying to navigate their way down this rocky road.

Many people may assume that the world of female executives is growing at an alarming rate. There are many females that have taken on roles as vice president and corporate executives for Fortune 500 companies, but there are still many challenges and barriers for women that are interested in acquiring these roles. That is why Susan McGallas is such an important piece in the glass ceiling puzzle that confuses so many females that are trying to enter this arena. Susan has the ability to shed a light on the things that are crucial to success. She also has the ability to pinpoint those areas that can hinder success.

As someone that will soon enter into the workforce I look for sources of motivation. I am thrilled when I come across successful people that are willing to show others the secrets to success. That may be the primary reason that Susan McGalla appears to be such a great example of what women can do if they are given opportunities.