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InnovaCare Health Inc. Under Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare offers managed health care services to people in North America and Puerto Rico. It operates leading health plans such as MMM Healthcare, Inc., and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. Its membership base includes more than 200,000 persons, served by a network of over 7,500 providers. The company creates models that are sustainable, can integrate with advanced technologies, and are cost effective. In doing so, they provide access to quality healthcare.

InnovaCare Health Inc.’s Priorities

The company’s major priority is the patient. In the present different and varying health care structure, the company tries to synchronize quality and innovative care to patients all across the region. They work every day to accomplish their mission of redefining healthcare management.

Reforming Payment Methods

To achieve healthier lifestyles, better care, and smarter spending, InnovaCare joined the Local Action Network that seeks to move the U.S. health scheme toward reimbursement models based on quality before quantity. Local Action Network offers a channel for the public, non-profit, and the private sectors to learn and contribute to labors in renovating the nation’s health system. It was in March 2015 that Local Action Network was launched by HHS to drive alignment in payment approaches.

Career Background of Dr. Richard Shinto

InnovaCare CEO, Dr. Rick Shinto commenced his medical career in Southern California working as a pulmonologist and internist. Afterward, he served as the Medical Management Commercial VP at MedPartners from 1996 to 1997, and later left to become the CMO for Cal Optima Health Plan based in Orange County, California. Dr. Shinto also worked as the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company. That was before working at NAMM in California, where he served as Chief Medical Officer. Before joining InnovaCare Health, Shinto served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Aveta Inc.; that was from 2008 to 2012.

In 2012, Dr. Rick was awarded the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award. He won the award thanks to his demonstration of excellence and success in areas such as innovation, personal commitment to health care service provision, financial performance, and business development. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

Career Background of Penelope Kokkinides

Presently, Penelope Kokkinides is the CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) at InnovaCare, Health, Inc. She rejoined the company in June 2015 where she had previously worked as the Chief Operating Officer. Penelope also worked as the Vice President of Clinical Operations and Chief Operating Officer of Aveta Inc. Additionally, she had served at the Center Light Health Care as the overall management and strategic director.

Rona Borre: Anything But ‘Borre-ing’

Businessperson Rona Borre is currently best known as the CEO (chief executive officer) at the company named Instant Alliance. She has been with the company since 2014. The company is based out of Chicago, Illinois.

Rona Borre has also served as the CEO


Instant Alliance

The company was established to enlarge the technical workforce solutions for Instant Technology. The company was created to expand into accounting and financing. They offer potential customers a number of different options related to the consulting and human capital services. The company specializes in staffing that will help businesses grow, expand and prosper in the future.


Instant Finance

Since August of 2014  Rona Borre has also served as the CEO of the company known as Instant Finance. The business operates in the greater Chicago area. Instant Finance specializes in financing and human capital requirements.


Instant Technology, LLC

Prior to the above two positions, she became the CEO of another business. She has headed Instant Technology, LLC since November of 2001. She still holds all three positions to date.


Sapphire Technologies

Her prior positions also include working for Sapphire Technologies. Borre served as the senior account executive from April of 1996 through November 2001. The company is located in Chicago.



Team Alliance

Her first job, however, was as a recruiter and account executive for Team Alliance. She worked there from April 1995 through March 1996. TA is also a Chicago-based business. Based on



Borre credits her success to her education. She first attended the University of Arizona in 1991. There she studied business administration with an emphasis on marketing. She earned her Bachelor of Science in 1995.

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Jason Halpern: Innovative, 3rd. Generation Real Estate Developer

Jason Halpern is a third generation real estate developer. Since 2010 he has been in control of JMH Development, the family business. The company has been doing commercial and residential development in New York for more than 50 years. Currently JMH Development has over $500 million invested in projects throughout the region. One of their latest developments is the creation of 340 luxury apartments by the transformation of a former warehouse located at 184 Kent. As part of a project called the Townhouses of Cobble Hill JMH Development has also provided the greater Brooklyn area with 9 luxury townhouses.

Because of his family’s background in real estate development Jason Halpern is very different from many of the other developers working today. For one thing he is committed to developing innovative new commercial and residential properties all over New York. Plus he has also made developing historic buildings something of a niche. He has a unique vision and foresight to make innovative changes to the structures. Halpern is passionate about returning these buildings to their former glory and is cognizant of their historical meaning and significance to the communities in which they are located.

Jason Halpern

Another outstanding thing about Jason Halpern is his ability to quickly develop a rapport with the stakeholders in the communities in which he does his projects. Whether they are city officials or neighborhood residents his open, honest communication style enables him to break down pre-existing barriers and settle on development plans that please everyone involved. He is guided by the principle that it’s essential to respect the community you are working to develop. This helps him to decide on the direction the development should take and what best suits the needs of the community in which it’s built.

Over the past five decades JMH Development has developed a stellar reputation. In Westchester County they’ve developed Class A commercial space in the millions of square feet as well as putting up hundreds of apartment buildings. Jason Halpern has inherited all of this and is using his foresight to acquire and develop many pioneering properties using the expertise he gained from working with his family.


Halpern is also committed to sharing his time and resources in support of charitable endeavors. He’s made significant investments in Westchester Medical Center’s Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The Level I Trauma Center has the staff and facilities to handle open-heart surgery, reattachment of severed limbs, burn victims, life threatening internal injuries, orthopedic surgery and complex emergency neurosurgery. It also offers services for children and pregnant women. Jason Halpern and JMH Development also donates $20,000 to fund global water projects every time someone signs a contract at their Three Hundred Collins development in Miami.

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Chua Continues To Forge Ahead in Business

Bernardo Chua is one of the best businessmen of his time as he has combined helping others with the intention of raising profit. Bernardo Chua is the proud owner of Organo Gold, a company that creates delicious beverages such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. What makes this company unique is the fact that Bernardo Chua does not only try and sell these products, but he makes thousands of partnerships along the way. Mr. Chua is intent on using Organo Gold as a means of not only offering a healthy product to the four corners of the world, but also by involving the consumers in the selling process. The inexpensive distribution method of selling the product not only creates revenue, but also creates a salary for those that love to sell or use Organo Gold.

Since Organo Golds creation in 2008, Bernardo Chua has expanded the company even further to expand revenue my hundreds of millions. This company has become so popular to buy products from and to sell from because of the fact that this is an honest company with the sole intention of making the world a better place. Bernardo Chua and his love for coffee are what started up the idea for Organo Gold. Mr. Chua, with his extensive knowledge in business, decided to make the company stand out even more by developing each product into a health-oriented product that is delicious, inexpensive, and offers various health benefits to the consumer of the product.

The special ingredient that Bernardo Chua has been able to incorporate is called Ganoderma, an herb found in China that has been used to cure various ailments. Bernardo Chua, during his travels in China, found this herb and knew at first sight that this would be the basis of his entire company. Never before, had Ganoderma been used in global products that specialize in delicious and healthy products. Ganoderma has been scientifically proven to help with weight loss and improve the sleep cycle. This is accomplished by increasing the oxygen levels in a natural way and to also fill-up the stomach without eating.  Follow Bernardo on Facebook for more information.

Businesses Need To Take Reputation Management Seriously & Fix Bad Reviews


Online reputation management work is something all business owners and managers should look into. Decades ago, quelling customer discontent or dealing with a bad public relations issue required a minimal amount of work. Things are not so easy these days. The internet has changed how bad information is addressed. Simply put, something posted on the internet is not going to go away without prodding.

Even the way online reputation management is handled has become more complex. Eliminating or responding to negative comments won’t cut it anymore. Instead, a very deliberative and targeted strategy designed to engage in total online reputation management.

A variety of reasons exist as to why reputation management has to be taken seriously. Among the most important reasons would be to keep control of the messaging. Customers may write bad reviews. No business is capable of preventing this from occurring. Not taking steps to mitigate the effects of bad reviews or allowing bad reviews to craft the primary message about a business would be an unwise strategy. Once a message is lost, a business cannot effective brand itself in the eyes of the public.

Poor branding combined with poor messaging is going to effect sales in a very negative way. No business is going to survive if it cannot generate a proper amount of revenue. Ignoring a reputation crisis is hardly going to allow time to heal the problem. Being proactive and dealing with the situation is a must. Among the best ways to do this would be to hire professionals who are capable of doing a solid, comprehensive job.

The Search Fixers are available to help those who are struggling with undesirable search engine results. The Search Fixers will go right to work on improving what Google and the other search engines reveal. With the Search Fixers on the job, those querying the search engines might not come across a host of harmful negative items.

Business owners should always be in control of the marketing of their enterprises. Keeping the reputation of a business in the public’s good graces falls under this process. Seeking the help of those capable of delivering such results is definitely advisable.

The Role played by Stephen Murray in the inception of CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray was an adamant and well-known individual at the CCMP Capital group poof advisors. He was an American citizen who played a significant role in the private equity sector of the United States of America.

His main achievement at the CCMP was the efficiency at which Murray offered his services. He had a vast knowledge of the private equity sector as he had worked in companies under different positions. He passed away on 2015 March aged 52 years. He left behind four children and a widow. Above all, he left an investment leadership legacy that would never be changed.

Stephen Murray was raised in the city of New York in a suburb known as Westchester County. From being a humble boy, he graduated with a degree in Economics from Boston College in 1984 and later attained a master’s degree in Business Administration from Columbia Business School. He rose step by step until he was the co-founder of CCMP Capital and the CEO.

Stephen Murray had an experience working as a credit analyst trainee at the New York-based company known as Manufactures’ Hanover Trust Company where he proved to be hard working. He was also appointed as the vice-president in market buyouts sector at the JP Morgan partners in 2005. He showed that he could work along with private equities and still earn a profit to a company.

His work is mostly remembered as a private equity investor and analyst. CCMP Capital was cofounded in 2006 by Murray, and it was formed out of JP Morgan Chase in a manner to protect the welfare of the bank and avoid any potential conflicts with the investors (Please read more: Stephen Murray, The Great Investor and Deal Maker for CCMP Capital). The company where Murray worked before he died specializes in raising funds for capital and expansion of businesses. It is also involved in leveraged buyouts in the middle market.

Above all, he was a generous individual who supported various activities in the United States of America. His former schools were his major focused institutions where he made an enormous donation to improve the welfare of the institutions where he schooled. Above all, he is involved in other activities such as funding Stamford workshop and funding the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Arizona State. Read more: Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away

It supports the children aged between 3 and 17 by giving them fulfill their wishes. The children are mostly those suffering from life-threatening diseases. Such experiences have given encouragement and also give comfort to such children. He left behind one wife with their four children.

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Brian Bonar’s Upscale Restaurant Is Attracting Modern Foodies

Brian Bonar is a successful entrepreneur from Scotland who has built a restaurant empire in North County, California. His first restaurant was the bistro Bellamy, which is where renowned chef Patrick Ponsaty is currently working his culinary magic. Previously, Bellamy was Tango, and featured progressive dishes in an attempt to broaden the scope of fine dining in Escondido.

After the restaurant was renamed, Bonar searched for staff at one of his favorite eateries–El Bizcocho at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. El Bizcocho announced a complete overhaul, which was a good business move, except for the fact that the “soul” of the restaurant (the professionals who had been there for years) was let go.

Because of this, Bellamy’s had the pleasure of landing Trevor Da Costa for the front of the house, and former El Bizcocho book Mike Reidy was hired as the executive chef.

In addition to Bellamy’s, White Pages says that Brian Bonar is also the mastermind behind Ranch at Bandy Canyon ( The restaurant is on a 144-acre lot, and, Bonar is looking to turn the restaurant into a top-notch event space that includes a one-of-a-kind restaurant. However, he needs a marquee chef to pull it off.

In the meantime, Brian Bonar can certainly count on Patric Ponsaty to make Bellamy even more of a success. The French chef has also been tapped to take a leadership role in the kitchen at The Ranch at Bandy Canyon, and is sure to present refined French cuisine that will impress every guest who dines there.

Ponsaty has been compared to Thomas Keller in terms of his talent, but is much more soft-spoken and gentle. The Bellamy’s chef is also the 2012 winner of the Meilleurs Ouvrier de France, and was also part of the El Bizcocho staff before making the transition into Bonar’s thriving restaurant business ventures.

Sanjay Shay and Autism Rocks has Added New Trustees

Sanjay Shah has the Business Background
Sanjay Shay is the Chief Executive Officer at Solo Capital. He is also the founder of this financial service company. He is indeed a qualified businessman who has a large impact on autism. Business and financial experience is on his side.

New Members of the Board
The PRNewswire has reported the story of the newest additions to the Board of Trustees for the charity Autism Rocks. This is an organization that is growing in every way. Autism Rocks is highly involved with raising awareness and donations for autism. Included in this is research for this disorder. The two new members that have been appointed are Pete and Will Best. Mr. Shah, the founder of Autism Rocks, is very familiar with the Best brothers. Shah has known these two since their university days. He holds the belief that both of them have the experience along with the professional skills to greatly add to the goal and mission of Autism, Rocks.

A Clear Understanding of Autism Rocks
Autism Rocks is an organization that is considered to be an invitation-only live concert charity. The idea of this is to raise awareness, ensure that research is in place, and obtain donations for Autism. This organization has grown all through the world. Autism Rocks is located and based in London. This lifelong disorder has the following characteristics:
* development difficulties of social relationships
* difficulties with communication skills
* the disorder affects one in 68 children on a yearly basis

Shanjay Shah is the Caring Founder
Shanjay Shah is the one who founded Autism Rocks. He founded this in the year 2014. He is an individual who fully participates in philanthropy. He had very personal reasons for starting and founding Autism Rocks. He has experienced first-hand the effects of autism. His son Nikhil had been diagnosed with autism. Mr. Shah saw the need for assistance for this affliction. There are many families who have children with this disorder. These are families who are in need of support. He felt a need to take action and play a role in assisting these families while providing funding for the research of this disorder. Solo Capital and Autism Rocks are priorities for Shanjay Shah. Business and philanthropy are intertwined in many ways.

The Incorporation Threat Looming Over Lake Tahoe Has Finally Passed

The Reno-Gazette Journal recently published an informative article highlighting the problems the Lake Tahoe community and tourism industry have been going through. Lake Tahoe has had nothing but bad luck for the last for years due to political, civic and weather problems. The weather has not been favorable to the area, and the area depends on snow and cold temps to extend the business season and attract tourists. The major problem affecting the area has been the political pressure to incorporate the area with powerful backers behind it. Many business owners have been on edge because of this threat looming over them for years now. In their eyes, incorporation of the area would greatly impact the political climate and change the civic landscape for the worse.

Fortunately, Lake Tahoe and its ski resorts, other businesses and residents have had a stroke of great luck on both fronts. It appears business is about to pick up in a big way for the area. The weather has finally been favorable after a long four years. There has been an early set of winter storm for the area, and cold temps have arrived early so the winter wonderland stays intact. The favorable weather has allowed the resorts to open up early, and the early opening of the resorts will result in an overall economic boom for the area because many business unrelated to tourism benefit off of the influx of tourists to the area. In addition to the favorable weather, the backers of the incorporation push have decided to pull out of the deal. This has helped everyone in the area sleep easier.

Andy Wirth has been especially vocal about how harmful incorporation would be to the area. He is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which means he is the owner of one of the biggest ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area. He even stated in the publication how harmful the incorporation would be for the area. Andy Wirth loves Lake Tahoe and the community, and he devotes his life to helping it.

Not long ago, Andy Wirth almost lost his life in an accident. Since then, he has become even more active in the philanthropic community. He was already dedicated to improving the community’s environment, but now he also donates his time and money to wounded Navy Seals. Andy Wirth is a generous business man, and he loves to give back to his community.

The Success of James Dondero in the Stock Market

With the transformation of the new year from 2015 to 2016, the stock market is looking similar to how it looked at the beginning of 2015. However, there is one difference between the two years which is that the stock market investors have changed their psychological attitude towards investing in the stock market.

With the mini-crash in 2015, there is now a cautious and uncertain outlook among investors. Though the first half of 2015 was calm and full of optimism, the happy attitudes disappeared between August and October during the mini-crash. One of the biggest uncertainties that investors are now looking into is the uncertainty of oil. Though the price of oil dropped extensively, the amount of uncertainty for those who had invested in oil, grew. There are expectations of the Domino effect which means that there may be possible hits to other countries that are all over the world.

Though the year of 2015 brought on uncertainty, there is a new sense of optimism and a new silver-lining that is forming. There is now a certainty that there is now a new and greater possibility of gains that are coming for this new and prosperous year.

With this all in mind, it is now the question to ask of what to buy with the stock market being risky and weak. The best advice when it comes to buying stocks during an uncertain time is to invest in growing companies that will strengthen the stock market.

One of the finest hedge fund managers in the world is James Dondero who is a businessman and investor. Mr. Dondero is the current founder of Highland Capital Management which was founded in 1993. Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that offers solutions that are credit-based to both private as well as public institutions.

Jim Dondero has over 30 years of experience to offer Highland Capital Management and has developed many customized products to offer each client. These products include institutional separate accounts, CLOs, hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, as well as REITs, and ETFs. All of these products are top quality and have pleased thousands of customers.

Jim Dondero and his team at Highland Capital Management are dedicated to providing the best advice no matter the state of the stock market. Mr. Dondero tailors the advice based on both the individuals as well as the expected outcomes of this rocky stock market.

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