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Sawyer Howitt as an Exceptional Racquetball Player

Racquetball is gaining popularity all over the world due to its amusing and competitive aspect. This has made it attract a person like Sawyer Howitt, who is an upcoming talented player from Portland, Oregon. He started playing racquetball in Lincoln High school where he won numerous matches and has now become a very promising member of The Racquet Club in Portland. Sawyer Howitt is a businessman and part-time student. His father is the founder of the Meriwether group.

Although Sawyer Howitt gained most of his skills while on the high school team, his unique abilities improved significantly while playing for the Portland Racquet Club. He got to the national scene after gaining more experience through practice. There are very many people who have commended his skills and exceptional valor in the game and predicted that he is going to represent the nation in Racquetball Men’s Olympic in the coming years.

During the Oregon High School State Championship, Sawyer Howitt finished as runners-up and even though he did not win, he displayed a stunning performance that has now matured meaningfully. Sawyer Howitt has continued to develop his skills to make the most of the coming 2017 racquetball events.

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On multiple occasions, Howitt has matched Gavin Usher and John Curley, both of whom were finalists at the 2015 National doubles. It is due to his consistency in sportsmanship that we see Sawyer Howitt as the next racquetball sports icon. Howitt might even surprise the world by becoming the greatest racquetball player of all times.

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