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Troy McQuage Acknowledges the Input of US Health Staff upon Winning The Coveted One Planet Award

In 2017, the chief executive officer of US Health Group received an award as the Gold winner of the coveted CEO of the Year One Planet Award. He stated that winning the award was an honor to him and his firm. He explained that the award was a testament to the remarkable job that US Health Group staff performs. US Health has won more than ten One Planet awards under the leadership of Troy McQuage. The One Planet Awards take place once a year and honor competitive candidates in businesses around the globe from both the public and private sectors.

Since his recruitment into the firm in 2010, he has achieved success by reconstructing the distribution agency. In 2014, US Health recorded increased growth and benefits from the improved health insurance marketing strategy. The firm is a Texas-based insurance company that covers the medical costs of patients earning a middle-level income in the United States. Troy McQuage and the administration team ensure that the company has a highly qualified staff to provide consistently quality services and products.

Troy began his career more than thirty years ago in the insurance fair. After his graduation from the University of Central Florida, he joined Student Insurance Division and worked his way to become the company’s president after a few years. In 1997, he joined UGA and as a top administrative. His tenure at the firm brought unprecedented growth and turned around a negative income. Troy has previously worked with Freedom Life Insurance and US Health affiliated enterprises as chief executive officer and president. According to statistics, US Health has recorded a growth of 1093 percent since 2010. Click here to know more.

Troy is a serial philanthropist with a keen interest in helping children. Apart from his generous donations, he regularly participates in campaigns by Semper Fi Fund Crisis Nursery located in Phoenix and Hope Kid situated in Dallas. Troy set up Hope Kid to help people in need. In 2011, he helped victims of the Katrina Hurricane with necessities such as food and shelter. Under the Hope Kids organization in Arizona, Troy provided shoes, clothing and baby formulas worth $25,000 in collaboration with USHA.


PodcastOne and Edison Research Results of Network Brand Studies

During the last half of 2016, there were comprehensive studies done, by Edison Research and PodcastOne, to take a look at the results that advertising can bring. There were five major brands dealing with five different categories and products. These studies showed that there were significant and positive impacts for podcast advertising dealing with the recall of specific messages, a recall of the brand, and the listeners intent to buy the recalled item.

The key findings of the studies showed that there were over 60% of their listeners that had a recall on a post-campaign grocery brand, which increased 7% in a pre-study finding. For financial services, the findings increased by 47% in the pre-study and by 37% in aftermarket car products, 24% in regards to lawn and garden products.

The awareness of some specific messages for aftermarket products was increased by 60% from pre-study findings. Casual dining increased by 76% over the pre-study findings.

Edison Research in 2016 conducted three different studies for PodcastOne to access the effectiveness of podcast advertising of five national brands. They not only used well-known brands but some lesser known. Some of the well-known were launching new messaging and the other not so well known were interested in trial and increased awareness of their products.

There were surveys run online with the audiences of different podcasts. The surveys were done pre-campaign and again after the products had run the advertising segment for 4-6 weeks. The same method was used in each case, showing that the podcast audiences were listening to the brand messages aired and were showing an increase in considering or in purchasing these brands.

Due to their methods of doing these studies, it allows them to gage the audience’s reactions in a before and after scenario. The research showed that podcast advertising has a very large impact on a lot of the key effective measures used.

The Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz stated that the focus of PodcastOne has all along, been to verify, independently, that their format is providing an enhanced brand impact that goes beyond any traditional advertising formats. Their multi-tiered formats used to integrate advertising and measurement are validated by these studies and the positive results show that they work.

Norman Pattiz is a hands-on person who says that there are no typical days to his work week. Being a small company he works along with everyone else in ad sales, and talent acquisition and whatever else may need his expertise that he has gained through 40 years of experience.

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