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University Of Texas Students Want The Jefferson Davis Statue Removed From Campus

University of Texas students think the statue of Jefferson Davis represents intolerance and racism. More than 1,500 students at UT agree with the student body chief of staff that brought the complaint to the dean. A spokeswoman for the university said they are taking the request seriously, but want to do more research before they agree to remove the statue.

Jefferson Davis did own slaves, and he was the president of the Confederacy. He is also part of American history. He did his part to make the Northern states aware that the Southern states were not being treated fairly when it came to land rights and economic growth. The North was more industrialized than the South, and the North wanted to keep it that way.

Owning slaves was a very big issue, but there were other issues that prompted the South to fight. Davis should be remembered because he fought for a cause that had many facets to it. The South was considered racist because of the slavery, but Reuters reports the North was guilty of racism and inequality too.