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Sergio Cortes Takes It To The Top As A Michael Jackson Impersonator

Talented musical artists are hard to find these days, and that’s why Michael Jackson was a prize when it came to his talents. Michael was a singer, dancer, producer, actor, and was one of the best musicians ever. Michael is the type of person that many people like to imitate, especially since he had so many talents. Many who try to imitate Michael Jackson will wear some of the unique clothes that Michael wore, and these clothes are nothing like anyone else has ever worn. Many of Michael’s clothes have gone on display in museums, and these are the same types of clothes that Michael Jackson imitators might wear.

Michael Jackson imitators will likely wear the glove that Michael used to wear, just so they can imitate Michael Jackson properly. There’s more to be Michael Jackson than just dressing like him because one has to know Michael Jackson and his music to imitate him well. Sergio Cortes is number one when it comes to being a Michael Jackson impersonator. The reason why Sergio is the best is because he can do almost everything Michael used to do. Sergio has been all over the world displaying his talents as a Michael Jackson impersonator, and Sergio has even been on television as a Michael Jackson impersonator as well.

Michael Jackson was so beloved that many were sad to learn that he passed in 2009, and that’s when Sergio became somewhat of a replacement for the late singer. Although Michael can never be replaced, Sergio looks a lot like Michael, and Sergio’s mannerisms favor Michael as well. Those who want to see a Michael Jackson show can’t do so anymore because Michael has passed, but Sergio puts on a Michael Jackson show that is unbelievable. Sergio has put on several shows where he dances and sings like Michael Jackson.

Anyone who is lucky enough to see a show that Sergio puts on, whether it’s in Brazil or anywhere else in the world, they’ll see how well Sergio does as an impersonation of Michael Jackson. Sergio has studied everything that Michael Jackson has done, and he can do many of the same dances too. Sergio has even taken it upon himself to learn all Michael Jackson’s signature dance moves, and he’s even re-created some of the moves as well. A true Michael Jackson fan will know a genuine Michael Jackson impersonator when they see one, and Sergio Cortes is definitely genuine.