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Jeff Aronin—CEO and Leader of Paragon Biosciences

JJeff Aronin is the CEO of Paragon Biosciences. He received the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award. He is known to be unstoppable, enthusiastic, focused, passionate, and most of all, he has a big heart (Thenewsversion). Jeff Aronin has a passion for helping solve rare diseases with advancements in science. Some of his skills were cultivated when Jeff was the CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a company that he started in the year 2000. This means he already has extensive experience as a leader.

Mr. Aronin’s mission focuses on patients coming first. Jeff believes that a person is part of someone else’s heart. He develops a mission plan for each son, daughter, mom, dad, child, grandfather, grandmother, and individual. He understands that every person has a family and a community of people surrounding them, who are also affected by the illness of the person.

Jeff Aronin’s team looks forward to his leadership. His ideas, and his inability to get into a rut, allow his team to be completely comfortable following Jeff’s every step. Jeff’s team describes him as collaborative. He knows how to talk to his employees and delegate responsibilities when necessary.

Jeff Aronin also has infectious energy and enthusiasm that sets onto other people. To maintain the ultimate quality in business, he makes sure that his followers are extremely motivated. He knows that the people working for him are not robots—they need to grow their own skills and their own potential while working.

Despite working long hours at Paragon, Jeff Aronin has an incredible ability to balance business and family. Jeff’s wife Lisa and his three daughters are, as he puts it, his foundation. Jeff also enjoys philanthropy. He is driven to make the world a better place. He believes that science can be used for the benefit of humanity. When Paragon develops new drugs, seeing someone get better is the end result Aronin looks for.


Troy McQuagge’s Unprecedented Leadership at USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group LLC. Before joining USHEALTH Group LLC, he used to serve at Allstate where he participated in many departmental roles including leadership. Besides, this was at the beginning of his career so he had to do what any other young and hardworking employee would do. Additionally, Troy McQuagge also influenced the growth of Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. through his hard work and constant commitment to achieving the firm’s goals.

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His ambitions and endless passions began when he joined college. During his studies, he committed himself to ensuring that his efforts paid off. At the University of Central Florida where Troy McQuagge enrolled, he pursued an undergraduate degree in Legal Studies under the faculty of Arts.

In a recent news publication, Troy McQuagge was named by One Planet Awards as the Gold Winner due to his excellent managerial skills at USHEALTH Group. One Planet Awards was formed with an aim of appreciating business leader across the globe after accessing their performance. The performances of these CEO’s reflect in the profit hat their companies make after annual sales of their products and services. Thus, Troy McQuagge being awarded The Best Chief Executive Officer of the Year.

For organizations and companies to contest for the accolades, they are expected to make applications which are approved through nominations by the officials of One Planet Awards. The laurels can be competed for by any organization in the world regardless of whether they operate as private or public entities. The companies that go for the nomination include both charitable organizations and those that run profitable businesses. For One Planet Awards, it really doesn’t matter if the firms operate as small scale or large scale. Entrepreneurs who are accomplishing success with their start-ups are also free to take part.

During their recent event, Troy McQuagge appreciated One Planet Award for honoring him with the prestigious accolade. He was privileged to be recognized as the world’s CEO. Humility and selflessness being his most valued attributes he took the laurel to USHEALTH Group LLC and celebrated the successful achievement with his employees. Since his first involvement with USHEALTH Group, he has had the support of his employees and USHEALTH Advisors. Thus, it was only fair that their share in the celebrations.

Under his able leadership, USHEALTH Group has realized unmatched successful achievements and he is positive that the company is destined for greater opportunities. Despite the stiff competition in the health insurance industries, Troy McQuagge is confident that the company will make it. One of the profitable approaches that he has invented at USHEALTH Group is the provision of health insurance covers at subsidized prices. With this, the company will excel in providing quality healthcare to the citizens of the United States of America.

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The Wonderful Workings of Waiakea Water

Young entrepreneur Ryan Emmons, the founder of the famous Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Brand, had no idea that one of the healthiest sources of water in the world was in Hawaii, where he frequently spent time with his family. Upon this discovery, he decided to launch Waiakea, and share it with anyone and everyone. Who needs gold, when you have water? Right?

Only a few years later, the iconic Hawaiian volcanic water brand now finds itself sitting where it belongs, on the top shelf in the bottled water world. The company is now ranked 414 on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing businesses in America. Not only was this one of the goals of Emmons when he first launched the brand, but he is doing it without changing his original vision. Sometimes, companies seem to sell-out or change their identity a few times before finding out what works the best. Waiakea has made it look easy to stick to what they believe.

The award-winning brand has proven that success can come while maintaining its moral and social convictions to its customers and the planet as a whole. The pure alkaline water is created through its natural environment. There is nothing added, or changed, only pure water filtered from the snowmelt and rain atop the Mauna Loa volcano peak. Waiakea prides itself in being aware of their surroundings and taking care of the environment that is naturally providing them with their product.

Along with sustainable packaging and sourcing, they have successfully started regional reforestation projects to save the environment and ensure that it continues to thrive. They are not only aware of nature, but people as well. Waiakea has not ignored the startling fact that over 700 million people lack access to clean water. With that, they have responded to the need of this crisis by donating over 650 liters of safe drinking water for every liter they sell. This comes out to be over 5% of the company’s value. Waiakea is proving to be a leading example of how to successfully run a business and help the world no matter the cost.

Thor Halvorssen was Born of Human Rights Activists for Human Rights Activism

In 2005, the then 29 years old Thor Halvorssen started the Human Rights Foundation in New York. Halvorssen was born in Caracas to Norwegian dad and a Venezuelan mother. Thor hails from a lineage of great men and women who provided leadership to their people at times of need. His paternal grandfather was on the front line in defense of his motherland, Norway, during the World War II. His maternal grandparents, on the other hand, were leaders in Venezuela and the Latin America at large. His mother died by the bullet after leading an anti-Hugo Chaves mass action. His father was detained in one of the Caracas prisons and tortured for speaking against graft in government. This lineage explains Thor Halvorssen’s unrelenting spirit in fighting for the voiceless in the society.

Teething Challenges Encountered by Thor and HRF

Mr Thor is the kind of man who will stand fearlessly against an establishment for the sake of human rights. He can take on any authority without worrying if the numbers are in his favor or not. His journey with HRF hasn’t been easy though. The pioneer chairman of HRF, Mr. Václav Havel, died about five years ago while his replacement, Garry Kasparov, was arrested and jailed for criticizing Vladimir Putin’s government. Funding, on the other hand, has not been as easy to come by for HRF.

Thor Halvorssen hasn’t been lucky either. He has been arrested many instances for rubbing authorities the wrong way. He escaped jail by a whisker for interviewing Thich Quang Do, the leader of the then banned the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam.

More about Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a graduate of the eminent University of Pennsylvania. Besides being the president at HRF, he also associates himself with other human rights organizations, such as Children’s Peace Movement and Oslo Freedom Forum. Thor Halvorssen on Facebook.

Thor’s activism has earned him respect across the board. Global broadcasting outlets like The NYC Times and The Washington Post have featured him. Television media houses, such as Al-Jazeera, have also covered Thor’s story.

Troy McQuage Acknowledges the Input of US Health Staff upon Winning The Coveted One Planet Award

In 2017, the chief executive officer of US Health Group received an award as the Gold winner of the coveted CEO of the Year One Planet Award. He stated that winning the award was an honor to him and his firm. He explained that the award was a testament to the remarkable job that US Health Group staff performs. US Health has won more than ten One Planet awards under the leadership of Troy McQuage. The One Planet Awards take place once a year and honor competitive candidates in businesses around the globe from both the public and private sectors.

Since his recruitment into the firm in 2010, he has achieved success by reconstructing the distribution agency. In 2014, US Health recorded increased growth and benefits from the improved health insurance marketing strategy. The firm is a Texas-based insurance company that covers the medical costs of patients earning a middle-level income in the United States. Troy McQuage and the administration team ensure that the company has a highly qualified staff to provide consistently quality services and products.

Troy began his career more than thirty years ago in the insurance fair. After his graduation from the University of Central Florida, he joined Student Insurance Division and worked his way to become the company’s president after a few years. In 1997, he joined UGA and as a top administrative. His tenure at the firm brought unprecedented growth and turned around a negative income. Troy has previously worked with Freedom Life Insurance and US Health affiliated enterprises as chief executive officer and president. According to statistics, US Health has recorded a growth of 1093 percent since 2010. Click here to know more.

Troy is a serial philanthropist with a keen interest in helping children. Apart from his generous donations, he regularly participates in campaigns by Semper Fi Fund Crisis Nursery located in Phoenix and Hope Kid situated in Dallas. Troy set up Hope Kid to help people in need. In 2011, he helped victims of the Katrina Hurricane with necessities such as food and shelter. Under the Hope Kids organization in Arizona, Troy provided shoes, clothing and baby formulas worth $25,000 in collaboration with USHA.


Clay Siegall and his battle against Cancer

Clay Siegall is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm. He is the co-founder of the firm that was established in 1988. On a recent interview with Ideamensch, Clay talks about his idea of creating Seattle Genetics. According to Clay Siegall, he saw the devastating effects of cancer on his father when he was still a teenager. After realizing the resources and tools that are used by cancer treatment specialists and oncologists, he decided to improve them so as to offer improved cancer treatment. Clay says that this is the main reason he started Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall also told Ideamensch that he seeks a lot of information from his co-workers so as to make himself to be more productive. An author, he has managed to write more than 70 scientific and medical publications. Clay is also involved with the Washington Roundtable which is anon-profit organization. Clay Siegall is a recipient of the Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, natural Sciences and Math. He acquired this ward due to his contributions to the research of cancer and also pioneering in biotechnology. The success of Seattle Genetics also saw Clay receive the award for the Pacific Northwest Ernst & young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Clay Siegall has worked in therapeutic drug development and cancer research field for more than 20 years and has acquired massive experience and skills. He formerly worked as the Senior Research Investigator at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical research institute. He also worked as the company’s Principal Scientist. Until April, 2004, Clay Siegall served as the Interim Chairman at the Seattle Genetics. He is also the former Director of the Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc and Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. Clay Siegall once worked at the National cancer Institute where he was a Biotechnology Fellow. Because of his efforts in the sector of targeted toxins, Clay Siegall received the Pierce Award.

Clay Siegall attended the George Washington University where he got his Ph.D in Genetics. He also studied at the University of Maryland where he acquired BS in Zoology. He is committed to see a society that is cancer-free.