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Perry Mandera’s Giving Life

Custom Cares Charities is a nonprofit charity that was founded by Perry Mandera, founder and president of The Custom Companies, Inc. Through this charity arm, The Custom Companies, an Illinois-based full-service transportation business, recently gave thousands of dollars to needy families during the holidays. But Mandera does not limit his philanthropy through to Custom Cares Charities. At the same time during the recent holidays, he also helped another charity in Illinois distribute thousands of winter coats to needy children in the Chicago metro area (

This is not the first time Mandera has helped with charities. In 2013 he helped with disaster relief after Illinois experienced destruction and loss of property because of tornadoes. His charitable assistance has also not been limited to Illinois. In the past, he has helped people in Mississippi and Louisiana who were adversely affected by Hurricane Katrina. And in 2017 he provided transportation services, food, and supplies to help with relief efforts for those affected by the California wildfires. Mandera also gives of his personal time. He is particularly passionate about coaching youth sports teams. He also coached adult boxers. Two of these have even competed in the Olympics.

Mandera is also dedicated to helping charities that in turn help American military veterans. He extends this charitable giving to his hiring practices, frequently hiring veterans to The Custom Companies team. Mandera’s has himself experienced life in the military. He served in the U.S. Marines during the 70s after high school.

Mandera also helps the Environmental Protection Agency solve transportation problems. He has led his company to fully comply with EPA’s transportation efficiency policies. He takes this extremely seriously and works with both EPA management and his own team to maximize these policies. And he is dedicated to finding even better ways of reducing the pollution put out by transportation.