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Sanjay Shah brings World Music Stars to Autism Awareness Charity Gig

The 2016 Autism Awareness Festival in Dubai was made extra meaningful by Sanjay Shah and his not for profit organization, Autism Rocks. This is because Autism Rocks made it possible for people willing to support children with autism to do so and also to attend a concert featuring Flo Rida and Tyga.

To celebrate Dubai’s Autism Awareness Festival, Sanjay Shah Denmark and Usha Shah organized a charity concert aimed at creating autism awareness among youths. To attend the event organized through Autism Rocks, one had to purchase event tickets sold at DH 50 per ticket.

The main objective of creating an awareness about autism is to make people knowledgeable of the needs of people suffering from autism. Sanjay and Usha Shah reiterated that Autism Rocks was formed to sensitize people on how to treat and interact appropriately with persons with autism.

The need to create an awareness for autism arose from the family’s personal contact with autism when their son was diagnosed with autism.

After Sanjay Shah’s son was confirmed to be suffering from the behavioral disorder, the couple deliberated on the best ways to help him and other children like him. While many charitable organizations provide financial support towards research on autism, Sanjay and Usha agreed to go a step further and become part of their awareness campaigns.

Autism Rocks was formed to expose the issues that face those affected by autism. While they were told that autism is still incurable, Sanjay and Usha decided to create more awareness for autism in order to attract more research to its causes.

Autism Rocks has so far raised over £600,000 from charity concerts since its inception in 2014. The organization has successfully organized concerts featuring world renowned stars such as Prince, Michael Burble, and Drake. Sanjay Shah reveals that the idea to create Autism Rocks was inspired by a meeting with the American rapper Snoop Dogg.

By bringing Flo Rida and Tyga to perform at the event, Autism Rocks sought to appeal to the youths. Usha Shah revealed that the event was important because it targeted families. Apart from music performances, the event also included a variety of outdoor activities to keep children captivated.

Sanjay Shah is a retired hedge fund manager and broker. Since 2008, he has been the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Markets, a London-based financial service firm. The firm provides professional consultancy services, investments in professional sports, and proprietary investment.

Sanjay had previously worked as a trading agent at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Since establishing Solo Capital, he has managed to accumulate more than $280 million in personal wealth. He has also established other companies across Europe controlled under Aesa S.a.r.l.


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