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Unique Uniforms Will Be Seen During The College Football Playoffs

Not only is this the first College Football Playoffs ever, it is also the first time that Nike is in charge of all of the uniforms for the playoffs. Never one to miss out on a chance to make a statement, Nike just revealed the uniforms each of the top four college teams will wear when they face off against each other in January.  Fan Vijay Eswaran is super excited.

The Oregon Duck’s relationship with Nike is well known around the sports world. Nike and the Oregon Ducks have changed how we view college uniforms, and Oregon’s first trip to the College Football Playoffs is no exception. 

The Ducks will be wearing bright, shiny green helmets with the trademark Oregon “O” logo on the sides. Even though the helmet will be feather free, Oregon’s trademark feathers will be on their shoulders when they hit the field in their striking green uniforms. 

Alabama will be sporting new undershirts that are full of quotes and team inspirational sayings that you can see upon close inspection. Far away, their undershirts look like a really cool textured gray pattern.

Each of the uniforms looks a little out of this world. Could you imagine if the NFL’s uniforms changed as often and looked as striking as these college football teams. If there is one area where college football far exceeds the NFL, it has got to be the uniforms.

Ken Griffin Pays it Forward for Harvard Students, Makes Monumental Donation to Alma Mater

Some individuals who have achieved extreme levels of success in their professional lives have a desire to give back in some way. After all, most understand that they would not be in their position today if not for the assistance and efforts made by others. For some, this may mean extending jobs to those who have helped them get to their current position. Others may purchase a new home for their parents, and still others strive to give back to the community in various ways. Ken Griffin made history when he decided to give back to his alma mater, Harvard University, by making the largest financial donation in the school’s history in February 2014.

How Harvard Shaped Ken Griffin’s Life
Griffin is widely known as the CEO and founder of the reputable investment firm, Citadel LLC. This firm is notable for its successful group of hedge funds, and it also offers other investment services to clients around the globe. Before Griffin founded Citadel, he found his roots in hedge funds in his college dorm room at Harvard University. His grandmother had gifted to him a rather sizable amount of money, and he used this money to start two hedge funds. He made trades in his dorm room in between attending his college classes, and he installed a satellite link to receive access to real-time market data. These two hedge funds coupled with his incredible business education at Harvard served as a basis for his career in the financial investment industry.

The Donation
Ken Griffin has recognized that his years spent at Harvard University transcended being educated, and they were also formative in his development as a hedge fund manager. Harvard University strives to provide a superior education to the most qualified students regardless of their financial background, and Griffin has recently made a monumental donation that will ensure that the school is able to meet its commitment in this area. In February 2014, Griffin donated $150 million to his alma mater. While he has an estimated net worth of more than $5.3 billion and is consistently ranked as one of the top richest men in the world by Forbes, this sizable donation is the largest in the school’s history.

Harvard Honors Griffin
Harvard has a very lengthy list of highly accomplished alumni, and the school is simply not able to fully honor all of its former students who have gone on to achieve greatness in their professional lives. However, Harvard did honor Griffin’s incredibly generous donation by renaming the Financial Aid Office in his name. The fact is that this particularly generous gift by Griffin will be used to extend a superior education to others in financial need, and this can have far-reaching effects on the lives of many others.

With the funds donated by Griffin, it is the hope of both Griffin and Harvard that this beneficial relationship can be extended to other talented and qualified potential students who can benefit from the financial assistance now available through the school.

Make sure that you check out Griffin on Facebook, to continue to see where his career goes.  You can learn a lot from a guy like him, and the successful investments that he continues to make.

Students Face Uncertainty About Their Future


The for profit Corinthian Colleges school system which includes Wyotech, Everest, and Heald Colleges will soon be forced to close down. They have been slapped with a lawsuit that argues they misled students into debt. Students were led to believe they would be able to land jobs based on false information. Corinthian Colleges have expressed financial trouble, and argue they do not have money left to continue operating. There are two options that may occur, either the campuses will be sold or they will be closed down in California. About 70,000 students would be impacted nationwide and the federal government would also be affected negatively. Students will not be held liable for their federal loans.

College is already stressful enough without having to stress about the future of a college campus. Laurene Powell Jobs reminds us that in California and in America, college students face a large amount of debt upon graduation. There is some federal help such as the Cal Grant covers tuition for public state universities, including the University of California campuses. Students who chose to attend alternative colleges must pay tuition. In this case, if the college campuses are sold the students would have to pay their loans back.

Central Florida Grabs A Share Of Conference Title In Most Improbable Way

The University of Central Florida has something to celebrate as they captured a share of the conference title by winning a hard fought game over Eastern Carolina last night. The win did not come in the most expected of ways either.

With the final seconds ticking down on the clock and the scoreboard reading Eastern Carolina 30 UCF 26, Central Florida had no choice but to throw up a hail mary pass and hope for the best. They stood about 60 yards from the end zone. The quarterback backed up and chucked the ball deep down the field. To everyone’s, including Occidental’s Jonathan Veitch, surprise, it went right over the heads of the three Eastern Carolina defenders and right into the waiting arms of the receiver in the end zone.

UCF won the game in this most unlikely of fashions, and they propelled themselves to a shared piece of the conference trophy as a result. This was particularly unexpected since UCF was having to battle this one out on the field of their opponent.

Wins like this do not come often in college football (or pro football for that matter), so when they do they are certainly something special.

FreedomPop Offers True Wireless Freedom

With millions of Americans spending about $35 billion in mobile devices, voice calls and wireless data usage, there is a strong focus on capturing market share. Wireless service providers have tried all manners of promotions and gimmicks for the purpose of bringing in more customers, but many companies fall short when it comes to truly delivering a low cost solution to their subscribers. The use of mobile devices sharply increasing across the United States is sharply rising along with how much people are paying for wireless service, and there’s only one company that is truly dedicated to giving customers value and convenience without sacrificing quality.

FreedomPop operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means that it acquires allotments of voice and data wireless airtime from major carriers. By smartly managing operating budgets and pricing, FreedomPop is able to offer customers incredible deals that involve free wireless voice, text messaging and data plans to a certain extent. The rest of FreedomPop’s offerings include modern devices that are very reasonably priced along with special apps and features that appeal to a great spectrum of customers.

When Free Means Free

One of FreedomPop’s most attractive approaches to doing business consist of paying attention to the needs of their customers. More than 20 million Americans are using their smartphones to make international calls, and FreedomPop is very aware of this usage pattern. To this end, the company offers 100 minutes of international calling through its proprietary Free Talk and Text mobile apps. It is important to note that this generous offer involved true, phone-to-phone international calling and not a gimmicky instant messaging situation whereby both wireless users must use the same app.

FreedomPop recognizes that smartphone penetration is not quite 100 percent in certain markets such as Mexico, China, Brazil, and India. In these nations, landlines and feature cell phones are still significantly used, and thus not all fancy mobile apps are popular. By giving customers 100 free minutes to call their loved ones and associates overseas, FreedomPop proves that they are a company that seeks to benefits customers from all walks of life. In addition to these free international minutes, FreedomPop also offers international phone numbers to U.S. customers for just $8.99 per month; this allows people overseas to call a local number that will ring in the U.S., which means major savings to those living in developing nations.

Quality Mobile Devices at Low Prices

For example, refurbished iPhone 5 devices that have been restored to look and function as if they were brand new cost just $349. Customers who prefer Android-powered devices may purchase affordable Samsung Galaxy smartphones and even advanced devices such as a privacy phone that protects against hackers and snoops, personal Wi-Fi hotspots, on-the-go wireless internet solutions, and even an attachment to turn iPod Touch media players into iPhones.

In addition to purchasing quality wireless devices at very reasonable prices, FreedomPop customers get amazing perks such as free wireless internet service and low-cost voice and text messaging plans. This offer even extends to new customers who bring their own devices over to the company. For younger customers or those who are really budget conscious, FreedomPop also offers their own low-cost smartphones that are a welcome improvement over the old “dumb” feature phones of yore.

See below if you’re interested in trying out the free app:

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