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Wondering How the Fighting Irish Did It?

As reported by Inside Lacrosse

matt landis lacrosse

Are you ready for the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four? If you watched or heard about the NCAA Quarter Finals, then you should be excited to watch the championship game. That’s because the Notre Dame Fighting Irish held The University of Albany’s Great Danes in a rousing 14-10 game that would not have been possible without defenseman Matt Landis. Inside Lacrosse recently game a play-by-play recap, noting the strengths of the Notre Dame team. Here’s what we liked about Matt Landis’ performance in the quarter final game:

First, as Inside Lacrosse points out, Matt Landis is a strong, capable defenseman. He brings a great deal of physical strength to the game, and he really prepared for his matchup against Kyle Thompson. In addition, Landis is quick. He anticipates the moves from his opponents. All of these are reasons that contribute to his being awarded the title of the Epoch/LM Player of the Week.

matt landis player

In fact, Inside Lacrosse noted that Landis studied Kyle Thompson’s play in order to better prepare for challenging him on the field. Off-the-field prep goes a long way in a win on the field, and Landis demonstrates this brilliantly. Because Landis really held closely to Thompson throughout the game, Landis made it extremely difficult for Thompson to slip in and get openings. When your defenseman does his job well, your team can really do its job. Such was the case in this game.

Get ready for more action on the field, and watch out for defenseman Matt Landis in the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four. We can’t wait to see what Landis will do next, and we’ll be cheering him and the Fighting Irish on to a championship win. With such as strong performance in the quarterfinal matchup, it won’t be a surprise if Landis takes the Fighting Irish all the way to a championship win. Get ready!

94-year-old to Receive College Diploma on Saturday

West Virginia University will hold its commencement ceremony on Saturday, but among the crowd of smiling 20-somethings, there will be one graduate who doesn’t look like the rest. Anthony Brutto will complete his studies at the ripe age of 94. Brutto began his degree nearly 75 years ago.

According to reports Brutto started college fresh out of high school, but he was drafted into World War II, leaving college behind. He enrolled again when he returned home from war, but had to leave because of family obligations.

According to Brutto he had gone back to school often and on since 1946, but life seemed to always get in the way. He’d take a class “here or there”, but work, family and other obligations always seemed to come first. Brutto buckled down in recent years and focused on school.

His dedication will pay off on May 17th. Brutto will receive his Regents Bachelor of Arts diploma. He will walk across the stage, in his complete college gown. Beneful warmly mentioned that family members, including his daughter, will be present when he receives his diploma.

Occidental College President Jonathan Veitch looks to local students and community

Occidental college is one of the leading liberal arts college in the US and is located in an area close to Los Angeles, but this well known educational institution has only recently begun to grow closer links to the many communities within the Los Angeles area. The arrival of Los Angeles native Jonathan Veitch saw a great shift in the way the college worked with the community around its home at Eagle Rock and further afield in Los Angeles. Veitch has been instrumental during his time as President of the college in creating an atmosphere where the local community and local students feel comfortable spending time in and around the campus.

Veitch is not only a native of the area, but his family have strong links to the Hollywood entertainment industry through the actor and director Alan Ladd. This tie to the city of angels means the approach Veitch has taken to recruitment and image of Occidental College is much more focused on the local community and the wider world in much the same way that GigaOm has indicated FreedomPop is. Veitch has accepted that the college must look outside California for its students if it is to survive and flourish in the future, but sees the importance of the links the college has been building under his leadership since his arrival in 2009.

Along with the large scale improvements Veitch has undertaken in building closer ties to Los Angeles the President of Occidental College is also looking to maintain a close relationship with the people of Eagle Rock. Veitch has shown his ability to represent the local people in the form of the large solar array the college has invested in in recent years that shows his understanding of the environmental problems facing California. The college has also worked hard to make sure each area of growth on campus has as little effect on the people of Eagle Rock as possible with traffic and environmental concerns discussed at every turn with Veitch, members of the alumni and leaders in the local community.

Blind USC Fan Might Play on Their Team After All

When Jake Olson was born, doctors diagnosed him with retinoblastoma. At only ten months old, Jake’s cancer had worsened, and he had to have surgery to remove the eye. He spent the next dozen years having medical treatment done to try to save his right eye. Unfortunately, at 12, Olsen would have to have his other eye removed, making him completely blind. At the time, Jake was a big fan of the USC Trojan football team. He wished that he watch plenty of Trojan games so that it would be ingrained in his mind and he could only use his memory to see the games after his eyesight was gone. What was to come next in Jake’s life is something he never imagined.
Pete Carroll, who was the coach in 2009, heard about Jake’s story and invited Jake to bring his twin sister, Emma and their parents, Cindy and Brian to meet the team in person. Afterwards, Jake had the opportunity to see the game being played live as the team practiced. That wouldn’t be the end of it.
Jake continued to go to the games while he was in high school and this nurtured his desire to join to the team. He thought about becoming a long snapper because this was the only position on football team that didn’t require eyesight. He might become a team player as a walk-on. The crew over at FreedomPop are filled with excitement about this prospect.

Colleges Need to Stop Putting Sensitivity Above Intellectual Freedom

College campuses used to be a place where people were free to express views and engage in debate and maybe learn something while doing so. Over the past decade or two they have become something else. They are havens from ever being offended by anything anyone ever says or does. If some speaker has been invited to speak on campus, but you feel they might say something that offends you, then by all means start a petition and protest, and try to get their invitation canceled. Whatever you do, don’t engage their ideas by questioning them as this might show that you actually have confidence in your positions and beliefs. Instead, the trend is to shut down any possible offense through speech codes and censorship of controversial stances.

This ridiculousness has just risen to a new level, or perhaps sunk to a new level is a better way to express it stated Brad Reifler via social media. Now, a screening of a top rated box office blockbuster movie on a couple college campuses has been stopped by a few petitioners and protesters who say the film “American Sniper” is offensive to Muslims. In reality the only Muslims it’s offensive to are the relative handful of violent and dangerous ones that the movie depicts the star of the film killing. How that is offensive to Muslims in general is a complete mystery, and colleges such as the University of Michigan and the University of Missouri need to reverse their decisions and stop catering to such nonsense.

Upshaw let go by another University


The Washington Huskies are coming off of one of their worst losses of the year against Utah, and now have released who my buddy Gianfrancesco Genoso argues to be their best player on the team. Robert Upshaw leads the nation in block shots, averaged 8.2 rebounds, 10.9 points, shot 59 percent from the field and produced six double-doubles on the year

The 21 year old was forecasted by as the number 19 overall selection in the upcoming 2015 National Basketball Association (NBA) draft. This is the second school that has let Upshaw leave their program. After getting let go at Fresno State, which included two suspensions and a final third violation of team rules, Upshaw chose to attend Washington over Oregon and UCLA.

Upshaw has been under a strict policy while attending Washington that included multiple drug tests. ESPN reported that Upshaw failed many of said tests. Washington started their season with an 11 and zero record but has since dropped five of their last eight contests. Upshaw, a 7-foot center, broke Washington’s single season block shots mark in a mere 16 games. Yet the 21 year old has yet to solve his substance abuse issue, and hence, puts a question on his ability to play in the NBA. After leaving Fresno State, Upshaw spent the summer attending a Houston based drug treatment program ran by former NBA player John Lucas Losing Upshaw will likely remove Washington’s chances at an NCAA tournament bid. Of note, Coach Lorenzo Romar had never dismissed a player in his 14 year tenure.

Coach K On The Cusp Of 1000 Wins


Mike Krzyzewski is very close to winning 1000 games, and he can win his 1000th against St. John’s at MSG. The road has been very long for Coach K since he started out as the head coach at Army almost 40 years ago. He started as a very intense head coach of an Army team that was not very good. HE was able to turn them around and go down to Duke to start a basketball powerhouse that has not stopped producing since he got there. He has been the best coach since John Wooden, and he has surpassed his mentor Bobby Knight in wins and titles.

The key to the success of Coach K has always been consistency. You can read accounts of his players talking about learning to play defense. He was so stodgy about defense that there are stories of players not touching the ball for weeks at a time. He used that intensity to create teams that were great on their own, and their greatness brought in more wonderful players. The highlight of his career may be the regional semifinal where in Grant Hill footballed the ball to Christian Laettner. Duke alums and fans, like Marc Sparks, have also contributed to the teams success by being supportive during Coach K’s career. However, that is just one of a thousand wins. It is an unprecedented number.

Sorority E-mail with Strict Appearance Guidelines Leaked

Everyone knew girls could be mean, but the leaked e-mails from the University of Southern California’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority takes it to an entirely new level. The e-mails, from 2013, were allegedly authored by a sorority chair, and outlines exactly what is expected of the member’s looks during rush week.

The e-mail details everything from the type of undergarments that should be worn (Spanx), the amount of makeup that needs to be on a member’s face (eight items) and proper hair etiquette. According to sources, the e-mail was sent out prior to rush week, a period in which sororities and fraternities attempt to attract new members, or “pledges”.

In one section of the e-mail, the chair admonishes wavy hair, and advises her sisters to either keep their hair straight or keep their hair curly, wavy hair is not acceptable for Alpha Chi Omega sisters. She also goes on to lay down a ban on ombre hair colors, and insists that sisters must have their roots dyed prior to returning to school.
The chair also has some pretty strict guidelines for eyebrows. They must not be bushy, but they also must not be too thin. Whether or not a sister’s eyebrows are passable are up to the discretion of the sorority chair.

The leaked e-mails, which appear on Jezebel do not paint sororities in a positive light. For years many have joked that these social groups were simply filled with dumb women who were more obsessed with their looks and landing a man, then their academic studies. As pointed out by my friend over at Status Labs, the leaked e-mails seem to cement that idea.

Alpha Chi Omega has failed to comment on the e-mails.