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Perry Mandera: Founder of Customs Companies, Inc. Donates

Gang violence is a leading challenge for the Chicago community. As a result, the government established Illinois State Crime Commission that works in tandem with the police department. Apart from being an executive in the transport industry with extensive experience, Perry Mandera is actively involved in the ISCC activities. The goal of the commission is to establish a good rapport between members of the public and law enforcement officers hence joint fight against juvenile delinquency and crime in Chicago. An acute rise of crimes by young people in the region necessitated the establishment of the non-profit organization. The ISCC also conducts training and no-cost seminars for the law enforcement agency in line with handling under-age crimes considering they cannot be prosecuted.

As a way of supporting the anti-crime initiative, Perry Mandera actively participates in the seminars organized by the commission. The seminars cover numerous topics including event security and management, martial arts, and firearms. Besides, the commission also addresses issues regarding sex, alcohol, and drugs among the young. ISCC is instrumental in the Chicago community by not only empowering law enforcers with skills but also suggesting changes in policies concerning crime.

Perry Mandera began his career soon after high school in 1975. He worked as a truck driver for the Marine Corps Reserves. This had significant contribution to his growth and investment in the transport industry. Mandera’s professional achievement is primarily attributed to his long service in the transport industry where he worked in different departments hence well acquaintance with industry’s structure. At some point, he established a transport firm but later sold it. This added to his experience and expertise in the transport industry.

At an early age, Perry Mandera was involved in community service. He served for four years as a committeeman for the Republic ward. During the four-year term, Mandera founded the Custom Companies, Inc. Since its establishment in 1986, the transport company has steadily expanded. Today, Customs Companies, Inc. posts a minimum of $200 million every year. Led by Perry Mandera, the company helps not only business corporations but also individuals by providing employment opportunities both in Illinois and across the country.

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