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Create Openness with Video Visitations

Securus Technologies as reported on PR Newswire offers incredible products and services to currently incarcerated individuals and their family members. With ever changing and increasing technological developments we are witnessing in the United States and the industrialized world as a whole, every facet and niche is quickly receiving its own attention in this area, and the prison system is no exception. Securus America Technologies has created an opportunity for inmates to communicate with their loved ones by way of video visitations.
IN order to take advantage of this incredible breakthrough in communication family members of inmates need to simply download a free application, found either on the Google Play Store or through the Apple Store, which allows them to have linked in live video conferences with inmates currently serving time in prison.

The application is simply called Video Visitation and contains interesting features such as the ability to have WiFi connection access to anywhere in the world as long as you can connect to the internet. It provides crystal clear video capabilities, pitch perfect audio and minimal lag or pixelation during visitation calls. This application not only allows you to enjoy your time with your loved one behind bars, but it makes visitation time a no hassle task, allowing you to bypass wait times and aggravating body checks and pat downs.

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Securus Technologies has produced an incredible product that not only makes your time apart more bearable but also more convenient. You can enjoy the closeness of open face-to-face communication without having to worry about dealing with the painful atmosphere of the prison system. If you have a loved one currently serving time you owe it not only to yourself to download this free application, but you owe it to them as well.

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