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David Letterman and his Former Writers

The Late Night With David Letterman offered many wisecracks and hilarious jokes. The show is well known for providing viewers with at least two jokes prior to the actual program itself. David Letterman had wanted the writers for the show to be smarter and funnier than he had ever been. This show offered of lot of comedy power in 33 years. There were at least 90 writers that provided countless jokes. There were some writers who stayed for ten years or so. Others were only there for brief periods, but were Handy nonetheless. Dave Letterman was to give his approval for the monologue jokes. With every piece of comedy that was produced there was at least 100 pitches that were not produced. The Late Night and Late Show vets tell of their most remarkable and memorable rejections. Dave is pleased to reminisce about the long line of former writers. Dave Letterman offers much gratitude toward the writers that made this show highly entertaining. Reminisce and discover the best joke that were never aired.