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College Football Player Hurt in Accident

A college football player from Missouri was serious hurt after being involved in a car accident. He was driving the car and he apparently over-corrected, trying to get the car back in the lane, and it flipped. A young woman who plays basketball for the school was in the car with him, but her injuries were more minor, and she was treated and then allowed to leave the hospital. The football player’s injuries have been said to be serious.

The player is Harold Brantley, and he is a defensive lineman. Missouri has a reputation as of late for putting out a lot of good defensive players, especially along the line. It’s unclear exactly how good Brantley was going to be, but he could have followed in those footsteps. Now, his season and career could be on hold. Even if he recovers from his injuries, it’s hard to know if he will ever be able to play football again. There is just no way to determine that at this point in time, as everyone heals differently and there are too many variables.

In a Bloomberg article Sam Tabar suggested that when asked about the injuries, the university declined to comment, saying that they weren’t sure how bad things were and did not have the ability to give out any details as a result. Whether or not they were telling the truth is unclear, but there are still many questions about the young man’s health.