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Jeunesse tackles both productivity and sleep with AM PM Essentials

In today’s advanced, technical economy, productivity has never been more important. For companies, worker productivity can give them the competitive edge they need to stay on top of the competition and deliver results for their customers and shareholders. But for the individual worker, the stakes can be even higher. In the ruthless modern labor force, beating out coworkers on productivity measure can mean the difference between landing the $200,000-per-year management job or ending up at the soup kitchen.

Jeunesse Global, one of the most innovative and important manufacturers of health and beauty products across the planet, has taken up the challenge of tackling the issue of workday productivity with its AM PM Essentials multivitamin. Research has shown that workers are most productive, by far, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. After lunch, average productivity drops off dramatically.

AM PM Essentials taps into some of the most potent natural sources of energy and stamina in existence. The multivitamin contains vitamins A through E, including B6 and B12. It also contains key energy-boosting and focus-enhancing ingredients that help keep workers going strong even after the lunchtime crash. While there is no magic bullet for staying on top of one’s game throughout the day, AM PM Essentials can form part of a total-health approach that can allow workers to stay at optimal levels of productive output throughout the entire workday.

But as with most sources of natural performance enhancement, one of the serious problems that AM PM Essentials would entail is allowing the user the ability to fall asleep at night and get a good night’s rest. That’s where the PM part of AM PM Essentials comes in.

Formulated with natural sleep-inducing supplements, PM Essentials allows users to wind down at night, getting a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed and ready to face the day’s challenges head on. With this combined system of daytime performance enhancement and nighttime sleep enhancement, AM PM Essentials may be the only multivitamin currently on the market that recognizes the equal importance of sleep in maintaining high levels of productivity throughout the workday.