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Creating A Positive Community With ClassDojo

These days technology education are going hand-in-hand like never before. The industry is now catering to educators and parents and wants to make sure that students are having the better education that they can have. Now there are many companies that are catering to the education market, with applications that work with educators and parents to make the educational experience top notch. Education technology investments are increasing in record numbers with the reach being $1.4 billion by years end. Educational investors and entrepreneurs are optimistic about the trends in the coming year but yet, many are taking some precautions in the way that they’re investing their money. However, this year is a great start for education technology startups many of them are increasing in number and are generating large amounts of revenue. One of the most popular educational applications and startups is called ClassDojo. Along with ClassDojo, many educational technology startups have one thing in common; they have a desire to create a fun learning experience for students and educators alike.

ClassDojo is a startup that has created a mobile application that makes it easier for parents and teachers to interact with one another. The ClassDojo application gives parents the ability to see what their children are doing in school when they are away from them. Parents can message their children’s teachers and ask them questions about how the children are doing. ClassDojo creates a positive culture within schools and classrooms. They create a positive community among the parents, teachers, and students. In response, two and three schools say that ClassDojo has made a positive impact on the education of students. ClassDojo is creating happier classrooms and they are building amazing relationships between parents and teachers. The application gives students a voice. Students are able to showcase their work and share what they’re learning with their parents. This application is allowing parents to be engaged in their children school work and their education. With ClassDojo, students and parents are able to communicate more effectively when it comes to the education and the future of the student.